Is it right for most of the people to believe that there is your true love out t

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    Izoto chegezposted 5 years ago

    Is it right for most of the people to believe that there is your true love out there?

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    LCallposted 5 years ago

    This is a very complex question which I don't even have a confident answer to. I truly believe I have found my soulmate, so in that sense I'd say it is right to believe that everyone has their "one true match." I think it's possible that one could find happiness or attraction to many different people, but I think there is one person among all those people who you fit with best. I'm not proposing this as in "God made everybody a second half and you have to go out there and find who it is". But imagine this: You line up a hundred people in front of you who you could possibly click with in some way, someone you have at least one thing in common with, someone there would be a chance of you marrying. Now, out of those people, you would have different success rates and rates of happiness. This would all depend on you though, not fate. It would depend on the circumstances, the timing, the events that have shaped you up until that point, how much work you put into the relationship, etc. I believe there is one person out of that 100 people who is the "most right" for you. The person with whom you'd be the happiest (though happiness is totally subjective, so that's another complex aspect of relationships). So, in this sense, I guess I do believe there is a "one true love" for everyone: that one person they happen to find, with whom they give their all and happen, by chance, to live happily ever after with.