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What is the ultimate anniversary gift.

  1. manthy profile image77
    manthyposted 5 years ago

    What is the ultimate anniversary gift.

    Been married for 13 years.

  2. MarieAlana1 profile image71
    MarieAlana1posted 5 years ago

    The ultimate anniversary gift depends on you and the love you put into it. Let's say that you go engaged at a very special place. Then, working hard to take your spouse to that place again and with roses in hand might be the answer to the question. Although, this is true, it would be different if you got engaged in a place that turned out to close down or had something bad happen to it. Then, that might not make the best anniversary gift. Another idea is to make something for your spouse that your spouse has been wanting. If your spouse knows that you worked hard on it and put a lot of love and care into it, that might be the "ultimate anniversary gift." It all depends.

    One thing is sure though, the "ultimate anniversary gift" comes from the heart.

  3. Rosemay50 profile image77
    Rosemay50posted 5 years ago

    It all depends on your budget. The traditional gift for the 13th anniversary is lace. Perhaps you could return to where you spent your honeymoon and buy her some sexy lacy lingerie, remind her she is still that beautiful woman you fell in love with. 
    You could also renew your vows and buy her a dress with lace attached or lace around the boquet.
    Or a lace engraved crystal vase and 13 red roses, one for each year.
    Happy anniversary in advance, what ever you decide I hope yuou both have a wonderful day.

  4. MissJamieD profile image71
    MissJamieDposted 5 years ago

    Anniversary gifts should be sentimental to the people in the relationship. Instead of each of you buying something for the other, plan something together. Go somewhere together, vacation together. If you want to buy something, make it something that is near to their heart or the heart of your relationship. To me, an anniversary is not like a generic birthday, it's a symbol of your love so you should treat your special day as such.