The Focus Should Be On We And Not Me

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    timothy_mccorkellposted 7 years ago

    I've read through a lot of postings and comments and the me word seems to dominate most of the opinions. First, it's important to note that men and women have very different expectations of what they think sex should be.

    When it comes to sex the average guy is sort of like a child having a five course meal. They would rather skip the five course meal and go right to desert. Whereas, the average women would rather linger over the five course meal, and be in no particular hurry to get to desert.

    You can read all the dear Abby advice columns you want, but the plain fact is that men and women are made very differently. And it's only when couples adjust to that fact, that a relationship will really develop into something wonderful.

    If you keep in mind that it's we and not me, that sort of give and take will most likely lead to having the most fantastic sexual experience, that will be way beyond any pre-concieved expectations, either of you ever could have imagined.