What are some of the most annoying habits you have witnessed?

  1. Happylovejoy profile image98
    Happylovejoyposted 22 months ago

    What are some of the most annoying habits you have witnessed?

    Does someone chewing loudly annoy you? Or when someone press on the pedal when you signal to change to their lane? Do share!


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    gmwilliamsposted 22 months ago


    (1) People asking the same question continuously although a definitive answer was given the first time.
    (2) People who take care of complex business at the bank right before closing time & you are waiting in line to be served.
    (3) People who take an inordinate amount of time to order food. That sets me in a Hunnic rage.
    (4) People who talk on their cellphones loudly in a restaurant.
         (a) People who talk on their cellphones while walking. I have
              been bumped into many times because of this.  I glance at
              them w/ a demonic vengeance.
        (b) People who talk on their cellphones, revealing their most
             intimate, personal business.  I really DON'T WANT or CARE
             to hear, so please.......BE QUIET!
    (5) People who take ALL DAY shopping for one to two articles.  C'MON now, are they THAT SLOW!
    (6) People who are short of money, arguing about the item at hand while there is a VERY LOOOONNNNNG line.  Oh please, if you don't have the money, DON'T BUY!
    (7) People who drive.......S-L-O-O-O-O-W.  Others have things to do & places to go you know!
    (8) People who DON'T get it w/simple explanations.  Oh dear God in heaven (making slapping noises right now)!
    (9) People who give very na├»ve explanations to things.  That really GALLS me!
    (10) People who are passive-aggressive. What?!
    (11) People who come over unannounced( making noises of a more violent nature).
    (12) People who call you at the middle of the night when you must sleep in order to function properly at work( making very violent noises at this point)!
    (13) People SMACKING while they eat.  This ISN'T the zoo!
    (14) People exhibiting less than wholesome habits/mannerism(interject what you want here)!
    (15) People who are L-O-U-D (where are thou manners & culture)!