How do you cope with losing you best friend( Maggie my dog)

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    Maggieandmomposted 19 months ago

    How do you cope with losing you best friend( Maggie my dog)

    I had to put her down to sleep today due the fact that she had cancer and was in some much pain, she was unable to sleep and she was over eating and drinking because of the pain. I took her to the cancer Dr.   and was told nothing could be done , her cancer spread to her skin into big wounds that will not heal, she was my best friend , my baby , my world and I just dont know what to do with myself , I just want to be her and I had been thinking all day that I want to go to sleep to forever . Am I wrong to feel this way, I find no comfort in anyone or anything.

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    threekeysposted 19 months ago

    Oh could you say its wrong to mourn the loss of Maggie your loved pet. I am so sorry...with any loved or cherished one you must feel as if you are missing a part of yourself...just be and take each moment as it comes...just think Maggie is now relieved of her pain...she is at peace and in the "garden where you will meet" one day (whatever the garden means for you). Take Care Maggie's mom.

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    Cissy1946posted 19 months ago

    I am sorry for your loss and understand both how you feel and how difficult this choice is to make. Try to be comforted by the fact that you gave Maggie the greatest gift anyone can give another living creature, freedom. Freedom from constant unending pain, freedom from hopeless waiting for death, and freedom from causing the one she loves the most the pain of watching her go through all this.
    One of the saddest things you'll have to face is that if you get another pet you'll probably have to face this decision again someday. But that's okay because they love you and you love them and the time you have together will be precious and when they have to leave Maggie will be there to play with them. That's what I tell my pet friends who I've had to let go. I hold them while they're injected and tell them all the playmates they'll have when they get where they're going. They won't have any more pain and they'll never be hungry or thirsty or unhappy. It helps--a little
    Another thing I do is write about my friends. If you enjoy writing, think about Maggie and write her a thank you letter for being your friend and companion. Include some of the good times you had together and some of the bad.
    Like with people, you'll always miss her but once the acute pain of grief passes you'll be able to remember all the good times and the fun and the silly things that all dogs do.