Who created love?

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    stas karimovposted 15 months ago

    Who created love?

    Nature has created animals. The animals do not love each other. Animals do not hate each other. Why people may love or hate?

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    Aryak Senposted 15 months ago

    Hey Stas , its good to see you come up with a question which is very much infinite.These days men are used to ask and answer finite questions hovering about the real world.Anyway , according to me there is nothing as love.Hey,you need to admit this that whatever you do (almost) has an implicit connection to libido.Animals were programmed this way to ensure the survival of their species.But we the humans are unique.We make love so as to  sort of ignite and kindle our libido.This helps us to reproduce and ensure our survival.Moreover this false love helps us to create a social delicacy which implicitly helps us to protect our young ones and our partners.This is ,however ,not seen much in animals.
        Stas , to be frank , I believe that  human emotions are false......but they are at the same time necessary for our protection.       Human emotions are very much abstract.Logic and emotions don't really go hand in hand.
             The truth is that humans hate those things which are against them and humans love those things which are profitable for them.We are unique.Be proud that we have this abstract compliment analyzer built in us , so that we can love what is safe for us and hate what brings us into dangers.Animals(mostly) are devoid of this specialty.We are one of a kind!

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      stas karimovposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Hatred can destroy any harmony. Different philosophy creates struggle and hatred. Animals do not create egregors. Everyone in mankind has his own philosophy. And this philosophy can be dangerous for us. Yes, we can`t love something what can harm us.