What does this dream mean? help!

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    birdflying2569posted 14 months ago

    What does this dream mean? help!

    I have liked this guy who I dated, but then stupidly broke up with him. last night I had a dream where I went to some beach house with all my classmates in the dream me and my ex (crush) touched hands and fell on top of each other. it felt so real but then.. this guy who is very close friends with him thats I barely know or barely talk to, we were talking in the dream and we were swimming and flirting  we went under water and he kissed me and it felt amazing. then we went back to my room and made out and I jumped on him. I don't like this guy or kno him too well but I felt a connection..HELP!

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    Diana Leeposted 14 months ago

    The dream more than likely expresses your waking feeling of not connecting with your ex. Maybe its time to move on. Dreams are fun to try to find your own meaning to as everyone is unique in what a dream would mean. Many articles and books have been written on the subject. There are websites dedicated to searching for meanings to our dreams.