Simply what does this dream mean? A ferocious, foaming at the mouth, hungry, gho

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    Clearwood22posted 7 years ago

    Simply what does this dream mean? A ferocious, foaming at the mouth, hungry, ghost-like, black cat.

    I thought this could help. I often see the supernatural in a certain hallway/stairway most of the time, but other places also. Please help, I woke up to tears and twitching. I' 14 now, but when I was a 5 year old, I had awful night terrors constantly repeating my death mostly one way. I prayed to God saying "Dear Lord, out of anything, could I please just have this one wish? I wish these dreams would end. I will never ask for more." Over the past year, I have been losing my faith in God. I don't even feel him there anymore. Please help. I will be patient. I woke up to tears and twitching.

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    heavenbound5511posted 7 years ago

    I would pray over my sleep and bind up all night terror and witchcraft in Jesus name. I would pray sweet sleep over myself,it is one of his promises, God promises His beloved sweet sleep.
    Use PS 91: and pray it.
    Plead the blood of Jesus over your house and property, up over the doorposts and lentils, in Jesus name.
    Also make sure you don't own any occult or witchcraft items, movies, games or some other stuff that opens doors to demons.
    Also I always make sure I have no unconfessed sins to God. I ask Him to forgive me of the things I know of any and all others in Jesus name.

    I have many pages on prayers, evil spirits, demonic house, plus more that can also help you. Stay prayed up and seek God for your calling. Is 58 & prayer will help answer the question what has God called you to do. I think you'll also find freedom from this attack learning and seeking about what God has put you here for. You start to understand why your being attacked and what gifts you have from God to make you strong in Him. Than the enemy won't stand a chance against you. … nce-Prayer … NS-Prayers … its-Prayer … an-spirits

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    misty95posted 6 years ago

    We create our dreams from our own fears. What has scared us before, can kill if we let it.
    Every dream, a part of our intelligence will create any being it likes to scare you, control you by fear, family,  friends, they are all you.
    You have to realize only you can walk back into all these dreams as you have taken darkness of pains, through fear.
    You, with learning, can master all dreams seeing why your mind created them to start with.
    We have an aspect called the shadow, a nasty part we have to learn to master, work with. It with you can create any mind dream, good or bad to teach you.
    ! . The cat is the animal self, apart of you, the fight for life. This is why it was foaming, angry for not knowing what to do.
    2. The ghost part of it. Fears. Although I am a spirit guide.  Trying to teach on the light of spirit.

    Use your imagination, know you can walk back into these dreams, It works like this. Walk to the cat in mind, at the same time, maybe have a ten ton block, simply, land on it, made of spirit matter that makes it vanish.
    How would you kill any one this side if they try'd to do something horrid.
    Thats what your cats just showed me. As I can look in to dreams in a layer of all auras, on the spirit webbing. ( your higher mind gave permission).
    You have to fight fears the same in mind dreams, the same as you would in life.