I was married at Panera Bread

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    nataliemarie71posted 7 years ago

    I just published a hub page telling the story of how I got married at a Panera Bread.  It is a fun loving story with a happy ending!  If anyone is interested please read it, and maybe you could share your wedding stories with with me, allow me to write a book of short stories about them. If you have had a unique wedding please let me know and maybe I can tell the world about yours and mine?

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    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    My wedding, itself, wasn't all that unique (although it was perfect for what I wanted, tiny church wedding, perfect dress, just close friends and relatives, and a get-together in my mother's house/yard).  What was a little unique about it was that I had begun to adopt my son as a single, working woman when I was going out with my eventual husband.  We decided we'd like to adopt together, so we put together a quick wedding (two months' notice) in order to do that.  The priest thought it was nice that we adopting a little boy, so he broke a few rules when it came to giving us the date and letting us skip a few things they usually require.  (I'd asked the social worker if we should wait, and she said we should do what we thought was best.  That meant, though, we'd be back to Square One with the home-study.   Finalization takes years anyway, so by the time we got married my son was just three; so this adorable little boy in his adorable little suit was, in many ways, a highlight at our little wedding.  Finalization occurred a few months later.  It was as if everything went our way when it came to the wedding - perfect weather, etc.  I found an absolutely beautiful dress "off the rack" at a bridal store.  It was the only one I liked that much, and it fit me perfectly - no altering. 

    Since my sister was to be the maid-of-honor, when we got the date we needed to announce it to her immediately.  She lived in a remote area for the summer and didn't have handy access to the phone.  As a result, we had to call a not-too-nearby neighbor, who drove past my sister's cottage in a pickup truck, yelled out from the road that her sister had a wedding date, and led to my sister's leaving her vacation area a few weeks earlier than planned.  smile

    As I said, it wasn't, I guess, all that unique - but it was a little unique, I think.   smile

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      nataliemarie71posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think that is a beautiful story! I really think the part about your sister was great! If I could write a book of stories about weddings, would I be able to use your story?