funny things said in the bedroom

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    rando27posted 7 years ago

    the other day I wasn't in the mood for long sex and knew my wife was not in the mood at all, I just took her aside and said"you look so good I'm just taking this" and moved her over to the couch and did so...I took care not to draw it out but just went ahead and had my orgasm, and she says " you done already?" Me "yeah" her  " wow , that's impressive", the funny part was she was not being cynical , as she would rather that it not take too long a lot of the time, I laughed saying that that was kinda backward, in the early days its like if you go for a long time with out orgasm then she would have said wow thats impressive, or thats what I want to hear when I take time to get her hot and then make her cum before I have mine then she should say wow thats impressive, but now its all backward, we both had a good laugh.