Do you have a pet that does some weird & funny things?

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  1. sugz profile image68
    sugzposted 13 years ago

    Do you have a pet that does some weird & funny things?

    I have an 8mth old black kitten called rightnow he just jumped on my knee an has his paws on my hands while i'm trying to type..
    last week he managed to move the mouse on the laptop,, i even got a photo of it. He also watches the cartoon channel on tv.. he plays in the bath an chases the plug up an down the ends. He divesinto plastic shopping bags and lately has been jumpin up, hooking his claws on the curtain and boucing off the wall.. just to get my attention... lil-poop!

    What funny things does your pet do?

  2. leni sands profile image67
    leni sandsposted 13 years ago

    My cat, Max, isn't a kitten anymore but still tries to sit on the laptop while I work - thing is it is not the lap top he really wants to sit on - it's my lap.  He wants my full attention!

    We got him from rescue as a 9 month old kitten and from day one he earned his name Max as in 'Madmax'.  He used to charge around the house at full speed bumping into everything so we bought him his first toy - a bungy jumping parrot.  It hung over the door frame tempting him to play but in the end we had to take it off him because he wouldn't stop running and jumping at it.  We thought he'd have a heart attack or something because even though he was out of breath he wouldn't stop.  we only allowed him to play with it for about an hour a day eventually he broke it and we couldn't get another one anywhere.

    Max only watches telly when the nature programmes are on with birds or mice are the subject.  He used to go round the back of the telly to see if the animals and birds came out there or he'd sit on top of it trying to catch them.  We bought him a video years ago 'specially for cats that had animals on it and it was hilarious watching him react to it.

    He also likes the sound and feel of plastic shopping bags and loves being carried around in them and if you bring a cardboard box into the house he can't wait until you've emptied it before he wants to get in and it doesn't matter how small the box is he will still try to get in.  Mirrors are still a fascination with him he really wants to fight that other cat!

    He's nearly fourteen now and still has mad half hours charging round the house, up and down the stairs (usually before going in his soiling tray).  He also loves the smell of bleach??? I have to keep him out while I am cleaning and then he goes mad to lick, sniff and cuddle my hands so I have to make certain they are absolutely washed off before I fuss him. 

    He brings smiles even laughter to our faces every day.  It'll be a sad day when he goes...!?!

  3. 4elements profile image65
    4elementsposted 13 years ago

    I actually have 3 cats, but the newest one we rescued from a shelter, her name is sophie and she is white, with a grey streak on her head. I had a table cloth on my kitchen table and she would grab it with her front paws and then swing her back paws to hold it and make her body swing back and fourth. this was a first for me to see a cat entertain themself that way. I also have a cat named Mydnite, he will only drink water with his paw. He dips it in the water bowl and then licks his paw, weird. Very seldom will we see him actually put his face in the bowl. Another thing he did, there was some water on the floor infront of their bowl, he went grabed my daughter's jacket dragged it to the bowl and put it on top of the little puddle, and then he sat on it and proceeded to paw his water. I love my cats though!

  4. sugz profile image68
    sugzposted 13 years ago

    OMG i'm PMP-GAP - peein my pants getin another pair..

    i got some photo's of bourbon drinking from the tap ith his paw the other day, omg he is sooo funny.
    that table cloth thing is kewl ay 4ele.. burbie does that on the curtain.. an leave little paw marks on the wall.. cleaning time for the open homes each saterday is really fun.. he litterally goes from room to room an swings on the curtains. i havne't got the heart to tell him off tho, i just laugh an he knows he can get away with it even when i yell NO.

    the day i catch him cleaning water up with my clothes tho.. i'll use him to wipe the walls LOL he uses my coat, i'll use his! lol

    yes leni.. i agree, it will be a sad day when max passes.. but you should have a few years left yet.. active cats usually live until they're about 17 to 20, well here anyway.. just keep his checkups at the vets upto date, his worming an his teeth an he will surprise you smile

  5. sir_tallest profile image58
    sir_tallestposted 13 years ago

    Damn you really have cool pets.....all mine wants to do is eat and sleep and she thinks it's a really cool trick

  6. chspublish profile image76
    chspublishposted 13 years ago

    We had dog, a mongrel cross between a labrador, a greyhound and alsatian, who could 'play' the piano. We'd simply say to her 'play the piano' and sh'e reach up and bang her paws up and down. I never saw a dog enjoy herself so much. Both the noise and the attention from us was intense.
    The other thing she did rather well was close a door. On command she would put a paw to the door and bang it shut. The resounding noise would have woken the dead, but it was worth it to see her happy expression.
    She particularly liked her head to be rubbed and would sit beside whoever and nudge the person's elbow in such a way that the arm would fall around her body. The ecstatic look on her face was amazing.
    She was also good at determining who derserved her attention when two people were arguing loudly. She would inevitable go to the person who was losing and deserved the support. Her empathy was inspiring!
    She was a great goalie and had no problem catching the ball before it reached the goal. It was almost impossible to score. Her skills as a field player were equally impressive. It was impossible to get a ball off her.
    She died last year and we miss her greatly. There is a great silence in the house.

  7. randomcreative profile image87
    randomcreativeposted 13 years ago

    Aw, cats are the best!  We have a walk in shower stall in our master bathroom.  Lately, our cat has really enjoyed walking in there and drinking water from the floor.  If there isn't any water in there, she wants us to put some in for her.  I wrote a hub earlier this week about unlikely household item cat toys: … m-Cat-Toys


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