Attraction Retraction

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    Liberateposted 7 years ago

    I'm 16; And Alone in A World Of Darkness; It's Broken me Completely; Though I'll Continue Trying To Find Faith And Reasons To Live; Even If Heartless People Continue To Feed Of Misfortune Of Others; And They'll Continue To Feed On Agony; I'll Just Continue To Pray I'll Be Uninfected.

    Though; My Students Have All Stated This To Me...

    "If This Beautiful Girl Wanted To Have Sex; Would You Do It?"

    Honestly; I'd Rather Die Then To Give My Virginity To A Person You Know Nothing About; I Believe Every Girl Is Beautiful; No One Should Call Anyone Else Ugly...

    Though; I'll Watch TV; And These Semi Naked Girls Shall Appear; And It Has No Affect On Me; I Couldn't Care Less; I'm Just Thinking... "Why Would You Sell Your Body On TV? Don't You Have Pride?" Or "Seriously; This Is A PG Movie; Why Are They Giving Sexual Activities?"

    Though; Even If I'm Unable To Find A Relationship; Please Don't Result To The Conclusion Of Me Being Homosexual.

    Personality; Gothic Girls Get My Heart Racing; Even If I'm Your Average Small; Thin/Abs; Type Of Person; I Find Gothics Unbelievable; Too Much Beauty On My Opinion.

    Though This Shows; Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder; And Anyone Can Be Beautiful In Eyes.