my first love.

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    parisspanic21posted 7 years ago

    i was open about my sexuallity since the 7th grade.i hate when when kids asked me r u gay?
    really bitch? do u really have to ask?
    i grew up flamboyant and very girly.
    talk,act,and walk femenine.
    while in middle school classmates were so mean to me.
    one in particular called me lots of names and made fun of me.
    he lived about 7 houses away from me.
    about everyday he stoped by my house for our lovely passionate sex.he always told me
    "iam straight, when iam with u we can hook up or whatever, but once im at school pls donnot talk to me.
    what a bitch?
    well we were together from 6th to 10th grade.
    i experienced everything with him. i miss him at time because he was my first puppy love.

    1. Mandar Sal profile image58
      Mandar Salposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      life is abt experience. so dont dwell on the past and embrace the present.
      love and let your self be loved my present.

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