The Real You

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    Elevensticksposted 6 years ago
    When we are around different people we always act differently. I really don't understand this concept. The person in the penguin costume is mean and I am so care free and font gVd to worry about other people's judgements. Granted I consider
    Yawls an attractive woman it Judy interests me to how different Deccan act when you will know that no one knows who you are. This can be relAted to many different circumstances.

    I have been very interested in this man who I met while getting my cell fixed. He is extremely intriguing and just makes me let loose and be myself. This is very important to me because in my workplace it is extremely business professional and the transition that I made from college to the real world was overwhelming.

    Noe that I have finally found someone that I can trytly be myself around it so refreshing! I enjoy acting like I was jb college again and just hanging out on my free tome. I advise any relationships to strive up gave this a shot because being real with someone that your interested in will only benefit both of you smile.

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      dianne143posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      God bless you