Why should a man always ask a girl out?

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  1. mahsa setareh profile image81
    mahsa setarehposted 2 years ago

    Why should a man always ask a girl out?

    Why is it a tradition that men should ask a girl out first? Is it due to pride or honor?


  2. Mithun Nair profile image61
    Mithun Nairposted 2 years ago

    No, I'm afraid not. Life has a way of wearing us down, especially where our hearts are concerned.

    Unrequited love. Bad relationships. Bad endings to otherwise good relationships. Infidelity. Rejection.

    All these things can take a toll on us and any one of them, especially when coupled with some degree of shyness can make someone more than a little angry about approaching someone new. Possibilities and opportunities of meeting someone new, no matter how attractive we might find them, slip through our fingers and pass us by.

    The more it happens, the easier it becomes. It's trendy - and not in a good way.

  3. profile image53
    peter565posted 2 years ago

    It is just how thing work, maybe it is male pride. I would definitly say no if a girl ask me out, but mostly just because, it make me feel like she is wearing the pants in the relationship if she ask me out

  4. profile image0
    LoliHeyposted 2 years ago

    A woman wants to know that the man is interested, and she wants to be won over.  If the guy gets asked out, and he says yes, the girl will never know if he is just being nice, or if he would have ever asked her.

    1. Mithun Nair profile image61
      Mithun Nairposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      This same situation is applied vice-versa also.

    2. dashingscorpio profile image88
      dashingscorpioposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Unfortunately for most men they assume if she said "yes" the attraction was mutual. However the reality is she may not have had any other plans or the activity he suggested sounded fun. She said "yes" to the date but not to him! He's a prop!

  5. Happylovejoy profile image95
    Happylovejoyposted 2 years ago

    Guess it's just a social norm that has been developed over the years, although there are more girls nowadays asking guys out..

    Can't help but imagine though how guys react when a girl they like ask them out..(do they giggle like we girls do? =P)

  6. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    Now days I don't think men always have to ask a woman out.
    It sometimes depends on the circumstances and how frequently they interact with one another. For example if they're in the same classes or work together and one is aware that the other has a favorite singer or whatever in common. Either one of them might mention the event and ask if they're interested in going...etc
    In fact these days a lot of men go out of their way to make it seem as if they're just suggesting "hanging out" as oppose to having a "date".
    They'll casually mention something "off the cuff" thereby if they get rejected in their mind it was the activity she said no to and not (them).
    Whether you're a man or a woman it takes courage to ask someone out on date. Traditionally women who asked men out were thought to be either "easy" or "emasculating". However a lot of guys welcome having the pressure taken off of them.
    With regard to (why) someone says "yes" to date you'll never really know. Generally speaking men only approach women for dates whom they find (physically/sexually) attractive. There's a "romantic" interest.
    They often make the mistake of "assuming" the woman said (yes) to date because the feeling is mutual. His reason for asking and her reason for going may be different!
    However she may have said "yes" because he seemed nice, the play or concert sounded like something fun, she didn't have any other plans, it's a "free meal" why not? and a host of other motives.
    She may have no intentions of ever getting romantically involved with him and she does not find him physically attractive. He's just nice.
    Making assumptions and lack of clarity of intentions causes mishaps!

  7. Kiki Estime profile image35
    Kiki Estimeposted 2 years ago

    A man should always ask a girl out, because he the one chasing the girl. I know time has changed, but some women like a gentlemen. A men who pursue her and pulls chairs out for her. I like when a men takes the lead.

  8. DH Reviews profile image56
    DH Reviewsposted 2 years ago

    It is because men are supposed to be dominant. It could also be to show chivalry.


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