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The Royal Wedding.....

  1. kliverman84 profile image61
    kliverman84posted 6 years ago

    In regards to the recent wedding of the prince and Kate, I'm honestly not interested. It's a nice thing, a wedding and all but to broadcast it on almost every channel, I feel it's alittle much. My question to you all is how do u feel?

    1. lilian1 profile image61
      lilian1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I loved seeing the wedding of Will and Kate after all the sad news on the news recently it made a big change to see a happy wedding ...

  2. ajuvr profile image67
    ajuvrposted 6 years ago

    hope the couple may live in private

  3. jay_kumar_07 profile image61
    jay_kumar_07posted 6 years ago

    Wedding and Royal wedding.Which one you are considering

  4. profile image0
    hawaiihibouposted 6 years ago

    Hi from Hawaii:

    I watched it too and enjoyed it too and loved it. I dream of my own wedding too and it'll happen someday soon. Take care and can't wait to read more of your hubs too.