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mending her heart lately on valentine day with romance

Updated on January 17, 2010


Why choose to mend her heart lately? You may ask at this point. My standard answer for this is, to wet her appetite. This will create an aura of romance in the air this valentine.

I have come to realise that women like pleasant surprises to come their way lately. Did I say only women, sorry everyone. Imagine when you have lost hope of getting something and all of a sudden find that same thing in your possession. I bet your head will surely swell, mine will equally swell. Hehehe!

You can even create an artificial quarrel and then go ahead to make plans to tantalize her lately. Note that this is just a suggestion that needs to be applied with caution. What work for me and my lady may not work for you. Also note that it is not all the things that women appreciate go have at the eleventh hour. Those essential and necessary things needs to be provided on the spot else, you will loose them forever.



Taking her out

You can buy tickets to see a movie or ticket to visit a unique restaurant and tock it away where she will not see it and act as if you have no plans for the valentine. When you come back from work, relax change over into your night wear, head for your bed and invite her to join in the bed. This will make her feel as if you didn’t care about her.

Then slowly get up from the bed, head for the tickets and slowly hand it over to her. She will feel like young toad just placed into water after a protracted period of drought. You may want to be sure that she is the type that love going to see movies or going to restaurants before employing this technique.

Buying her gifts

Irrespective of the kind of gift bought, you will get more romantic effect when you delay a bit in presenting the gift. I once bought a valentine gift that is meant for my woman and hid it in her own house weeks before the actual day. (This happened while we were still dating). So, I visited her on the Valentine’s Day with an empty hand. You need to see the look on her face. She looked so ugly on that day (I hope she doesn’t read this) LOL! As usual, I demanded for what I normally eat and was served with her delicious food.

After spending the time with her, I headed for the door to see what she will do and saw the look once again from her face. That was when I then exclaimed and said oh! I almost forgot something and moved straight to where I kept the gift, handed it over to her and stayed back to watch the film. You can’t imagine how happy and lately tantalized she was. In fact, that was the day I realized that she was truly sexy and romantic.

Writing a poetic SMS

Poetic writing is a way of expressing inner feelings and thought. When this comes too early, the effect might be lost but, when reserved till the eleventh hour, will be valued more.

Making her proud

I wrote a blog post about my sweet heart on her birthday and directed her friends to read the post while still pretending I forgot that her birthday was coming. I even tipped her friends to make comments on the post. Haven believed that I completely forgot her birthday, she yelled at me that evening when I came back from my office. Trust me; I didn’t even feel remorse for what she was saying. All I did was take my bathe, ate my food and went straight to the computer, booted the system, launched the browser and oops, the blog post I opened.

Quietly I left the screen and headed for my bed. Then from my bed I called her and pleaded with her to help me shutdown the system. It was not up to two minutes before I heard her scream my name and rushed me with all the love she has. And do you know what; the rest was romantic upon romantic stories. Can you beat that? I mended her supposedly broken heart lately and was richly rewarded with her love and romance in abundance.

Now, will you still ask that question, why mend her heart lately on valentine day to get romance. I know a lot of people will be saying at this point that am greedy. Well, they can say whatever they want for all I care is that it worked and will still be working. Just being little creative and lovely will make you enjoy your valentine beyond your expectation.

To your newly found way of making her feel loved and cared for lately!

Happy valentine



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    • chinweike profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Thanks G Miah, I remember you were the first person that ever commented on my hubs here. Thanks for commenting and for the encouragement

    • G Miah profile image

      Gous Ahmed 

      8 years ago from Muslim Nation

      very nice hub, some good techniques used to mend someone's heart.

      Thanks for sharing.


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