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If you were a woman instead of a man (or vice versa), what would your life be like?

Updated on March 13, 2013

If you were a woman instead of a man (or vice versa), what would your life be like? That's the question asked by teacherfidel.

Here is the link to the question and answers if you are interested.

What? I'm A Women Now!

Since I'm a man I guess I'm going to transform into a women for this article. Poof! I am woman!

First thing I notice are my hormones are running wild. One minute I'm happy, the next I'm mad and finally I'm going to cry. Don't ask me why, I have no real answer. Plus, if you keep asking me I'm gonna rip your head off!

I'm a Wreck

The second thing I notice are my looks. I'm overweight, need my hair done and my makeup isn't on. I know that I am judged by others by the way I look. I'm embarrassed, right now I look like dog poo. Where's the bathroom? I need a couple hours to fix myself up.

Remember Cross Your Legs

The third thing I notice is I'm not comfortable in my clothes. My bra strap is cutting into my skin. My thong is creeping up my butt crack. My pantyhose have a run in them.My heels are killing my feet. Wearing a dress is a pain. I keep forgetting to cross my legs when I sit down, giving everyone a free show!

The Curse

The forth thing I notice is I have a visitor. I hate unannounced visitors. What? You mean this happens once a month? Oh curse the life I've chosen. I guess I should be happy. I'm not with child. I can't even contemplate going through that! The cravings. The pain of birth. The joy of giving life to a child. The diapers, spit up, no sleep. Ahhhhhhhh!

You Mean He Lives Here?

The last and most disturbing thing I notice is the guy I'm sleeping next to. Oh what a nightmare! Snores like a mack truck. When he's awake he wants sex. He's not good at sex. I have to fake orgasms or his manhood is insulted. He's a baby when sick. Ignores me when sports are on. Plus, if he farts under the covers and shoves my head under them again, I;m gonna kill him. If I ever agree to this sex change experiment again, I'm going to be a lesbian.


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    • mrpooper profile image

      mrpooper 6 years ago

      @QudsiaP1.......I don't offend easily Lol. Glad I made you laugh. That's my goal. Make people laugh.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 6 years ago


      I will refrain from commenting any further on this hub cuz I might offend you. :P

      Well written though, left me in tears from laughing.