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SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR 2012 - Common Sense

Updated on January 17, 2011

Common sense is the most important survival tool

Many people believe in the theory that the world is going to end in the year 2012. There is even movie filmed about that topic, so now we have Hollywood version of possible events as well.

Many of us ask ourselves do we need to take all these predictions seriously? Is it Earth really in danger of being suddenly annihilated by some unknown cause that our governments are hiding from us?

My opinion is that humanity spends to many time imagining how to end this world, instead of facing and solving present problems, so let us analyse all theories concerning 2012 with calm mind. Calm mind and common sense is certainly the most important survival tool any of us needs.

Why people have chosen 2012 for end of the world?

The ancient Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Many have taken this to mean that the Mayans believed that this date would bring the end of existence on this world. However, this is not so. Like modern calendars, the Mayan calender is a way of keeping track of time. The Mayan calendar was never meant to be a predictor of the future any more than the calendar in your and mine office is meant to.



One of the theories says that Earth will collide or be affected by passing by of a planet known as Nibiru (Tiamat) in 2012, resulting destruction of Earth and humankind.

According to this theory, the planet Nibiru orbits our Sun once every 3600 years, making it difficult to observe. Some claim its existence is supported by ancient Sumerian writings, that are more than 2500 years old. This theory had been popularized by Zecharia Sitchin, who earned a lot of money and gained very big popularity through his books, and at first he predicted that Nibiru will come in 2003. When Nibiru did not arrive in 2003, neither in 2008, its arrival was postponed for 2012. And will be postponed again, because Nibiru will never arrive. Vivid imagination of creative people is sometimes to vivid, obviously.

People who have knowledge of ancient languages, also claim that Zecharia Sitchin´s translation of ancient texts is not correct. He was carefully adjusting translation to his theories, while not being objective, so take his writings as inspiring ones for your mind, but they are in high percentage - just fictional.

Can governments really hide something so big as Nibiru from us? No way, and up till now nothing similar to "mysterious planet that is approaching the Earth" was noticed. All objects spoted in the sky since this theory became interesting, were not planets. NASA and government could not lying to us about Nibiru because they would need to conspire with tens of thousands of astronomers, both professional and amateur, around the globe to keep the secret. That is really impossible, because not every astronomer on this world is working for NASA.

Orbit of Nibiru is very strange, on the way that cannot be supported by any astromical law. That is the reason authors of Nibiru hoax, added a new part of Nibiru fairy-tale :

It is said that Nibiru (Tiamat) is actually a huge spaceship, and that the individuals within this spaceship are those known as the Anunnaki, who have seen themselves for so long as the true rulers of planet Earth, and it is time for their return.

If the Nibiru is spaceship, then its orbit would not be so geometrical, members of Anunnaki race could arrive whenever they want to. For so developed race it would be very unpractical to travel hidden in something what looks like planet, and follow such precise path. Why would anyone in this Universe do something so stupid?

No further comment.


How to virtually destroy the Earth and humanity, further theories

Planetary Alignment:

Some theories predict that a coming planetary alignment in 2012 will start a chain reaction that will cause strange weather and destructive events on the Earth. The first problem with this is that there is not going to be any major alignments of planets in 2012. Usually such alignments have no impact on our planet.

Alignment with the Galactic Center:

There is also some worry about an alignment that will happen with the Sun and the center of our Galaxy. Earth, Sun and Galactic Center will be temporary aligned in 2012, but this is actually happening every December without any consequence. Any other fear coming from that like that "our solar system will somehow be moved to the violent center of the Milky Way, where it would be swollen by giant black hole in the middle of it" is just nonsense. Such events are impossible, we are too far for something like that. Actually 30.000 light years too far.



Solar Magnetic Shift:

Are the magnetic poles of the Sun are going to flip in the next few years? Yes, actually, but there is nothing to fear. It is a natural process known as the solar cycle so every 11 years the magnetic poles of the Sun flip. This coincides with what is referred to as the solar maximum, the time when there is the greatest appearance of Sun spots, solar flares, and other solar activity. But solar maximum might not happen until 2013 , it can happen even later, so the both happenings will probably not occur at the same time, even if they do, they cannot cause any doomsday events.

There are theories that this can be followed by solar storm, but there is no reason at all that we believe that mentioned solar storm will happen in 2012. If and when solar storm happens, it can cause problems with communications. But this is far from any apocalyptic event.


Earth’s Polar Shift:

The Earth`s magnetic poles have reversed multiple times over geological history, so this process is natural. We cannot predict exact time when will happen although it will happen once for sure. Very possibly we are not too far from that natural event.

But when shift once really occurs, it certainly would not cause the Earth to start spinning in the opposite direction or flip the whole Earth upside down - which are both outcomes believed by some theorists.

Actually, after this happens, we will feel much better, because present instability of magnetic poles is not so pleasant.


An Asteroid Will Collide With Earth:

This is a fear popularized by several disaster movies in the last couple decades. So please, do not belive in everything you had seen on the movies.

NASA does a great job of cataloging and monitoring the large objects in our solar system and nothing like that is on horizon, we would know it years before arrival so would hopefully be able to prevent the colision.


Climate change and ice melting


This is certainly topic of our highest concern, but we will not be floating in arcs like Noah in 2012. Up till now, level of sea has not risen up, actually is lower then it was 100 years ago. But impact of climate change is certainly very big, will be even bigger in the future and does present huge challenge for humanity, because is 95% men- made.

Only self-destructive power is actually within us. There is nobody attacking us, except our own lack or responsibility and childish behaviour that is causing us troubles.

What people made, people should be able to stop in order to remove themselves from process of self-destruction. Planet certainly needs healing and care - not our sick apocalyptic visions  we get while reading various books and watching movies on which their authors earn millions of $$.

So let us focus on important and press our governments to change the laws that support greedy appetites and business that brings richness to very few and destruction for majority of life here. At least we can believe in positive outcome. If we want that our children and grandchildren continue to live here....actually they will have, because humanity still do not have any another planet where we could escape.

Let us believe that new circle of Mayan calender will bring positive changes, and new, healthier level of consciousness. Future is our responsibility and certainly we do not deserve self-created Apocalypse, neither in mind, nor in reality.

We write future of humanity NOW.






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