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What will the world be like in 100 years? I DO BELIEVE IN HUMANITY!

Updated on June 3, 2010
City of DAMANHUR, The town of light, in Italy
City of DAMANHUR, The town of light, in Italy

From the bottom of my heart, I do believe in humanity. My heart tells me everything is going to be better, people wiser in the next generations.

There is an important psychological secret in that topic:

I believe in humanity, because I believe in myself!. When I did not have trust in myself, I did not trust to humanity either. I have changed very much last years, changed my priorities, transformed my negative visions into positive once. If I could, everyone else can.So many people are changing themselves, changing their beliefs, becoming more sensitive to the needs of other living beings, to the needs of our planet, they are changing their visions of future.

We live in very interesting universe: whatever we see, and believe in, it starts to materialize, sooner or later. Our brains are very sophisticated instruments which create our material reality by power of their electromagnetic waves. Our brains, our visions are the strongest creative force we can imagine. There is nothing what can overpower that. EVERYTHING WHAT WE NEED FOR CHANGE THIS WORLD IS WITHIN US...IN OUR VISIONS.

It is very important to have appropriate visions. We are creators, we should create the best for us and future generations...and the other living beings on our planet. We have responsibility and power do do it for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.






I will repeat: This Universe where we live is INTELLIGENT and ALIVE and reacts on our thoughts, emotions, beliefs... What we imagine, and believe in, we MANIFEST in our lives. Our thoughts and emotions have electromagnetic power, and they magnetize and shape themselves into material reality.

We are all connected, what we think, feel, imagine and manifest in our lives, INFLUENCES all our surrounding, and everyone else on this planet.

There is many millions of people on Earth today who have positive visions and work together to create patterns for fulfilling the highest human ideals about peace, love and mutual cooperation and tolerance. There was never so many of them in history of humanity. It is big light net of positive vibrations, in which any of us can enter and consciously become part of it. This energetic field is full of creative visions, and I know that this power of positive intentions can create only THE BEST FOR ALL.


Extraordinary power of our visions, emotions and thoughts is proven, by very famous Dr Masaru Emoto, and his test and proofs on frozen water. We really have ability to heal this world!


Human fear is our biggest problem, because it forces us to see the enemy in other human being, so we fight or run instead to cooperate, what is nonsense because we are all part of One Cosmic Intelligence who has given us freedom of creation.

We have such reactions, due to the our primitive part of nervous system, which has not changed last 100.000 years. We need to MAKE AN EFFORT; TO REACT ON MATURE AND COMPASSIONATE WAYS, and we need to use newer, more developed part of our brains, for overcoming old primitive reactions of our nervous system. That is the reason that is of main importance to stay relaxed, when we are balanced, we see and create nice happenings.

Our duty is to overcome our fears, and concentrate on our most idealistic visions...and send love to all planet, and let ourselves to imagine the best for future. That electromagnetic waves will help to shape better future for all humanity and our beloved Earth. In these electromagnetic wave is unbelievable power. Let us use it!

IT IS FREE, always renewable, already within us...PERPETUUM MOBILE which moves and shapes our world.

Sunrise above the Earth, NASA
Sunrise above the Earth, NASA


Vision of brighter future is already here. Many people have choosed to be creative and useful for future of humanity, and already started to create better world.

My vision of future is the following:

1. People living in the eco-cities and eco-villages

2. Using renewable energy sources, as well as energy from the Universal field. which do not pollute.

3. Due that, people will be much more healthier, much more connected with the nature, so they will be able to live much longer and happier.

4. Humanity (or at least a bigger part of it) will learn a lot about power within themselves, so they will be able to expand their consciousness towards the good for all, towards the compassion and understanding the others. This massive process already started. Nobody can stop it any more. Expansion of consciousness makes people able to see and do things from completely different perspective: for the highest good of all.

5.Expanding of consciousness will make us more powerful to change our own lives and more compassionate towards other living beings on Earth...that means no killings any more, just respect to the every form of life. Because we are all part of the One Wholeness.

7. Expanding of consciousness will remove prejudices and create peace and cooperation among people on Earth. We have so many challenges and problems to solve, there will be no time for fighting. A lot of work has to be order to secure our existence on Earth.

Eco-city Damanhur in Italy
Eco-city Damanhur in Italy


An ecocity is a human settlement that enables its residents to live a good quality of life while using minimal natural resources.


Its buildings make best use of sun, wind and rainfall to help supply the energy and water needs of occupants. Generally multistory to maximize the land available for greenspace.


It is threaded with natural habitat corridors, to foster biodiversity and to give residents access to nature for recreation.


Its food and other goods are sourced from within its borders or from nearby, in order to cut down on transport costs.

The majority of its residents live within walking or cycling distance of their workplace, to minimise the need for motorised transport.

Frequent public transport connects local centres for people who need to travel further.

Local car sharing allows people to use a car only when needed.


The goods it produces are designed for reuse, remanufacture, and recycling.

The industrial processes its uses involve reuse of by-products, and minimise the movement of goods.


It has a labour intensive rather than a material, energy, and water intensive economy, to maintain full employment and minimise material throughput.

-Ecocity definition written by our Urban Ecology Australia

Ecocity Builders

They are many plans and projects for a lot of eco-cities, all around the world, many of them are already started to be built. Creation of better future, already has its firm foundations. In the next few decades, this world will change...for the good of all. We do not need to worry, but we have to involve ourselves and our talents in the visions and projects which will create better world for all of us.

There is nothing nicer or more sacred, when one knows that is here to bring hope, and realistic ideas for positive outcome for the best of all.


The Federation of Damanhur

The Federation Of Damanhur, often called simply Damanhur, is a ecocity, and spiritual community situated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy about 30 miles (50 km) north of the city of Turin. It is located in the foothills of the Alpss in the Valchiusella valley, bordering on the Gran Paradiso National Park. The community has its own constitution and currency.

Auroville, India
Auroville, India
Auroville, India
Auroville, India

Auroville ecocity

Auroville is a universal township in the making for a population of up to 50,000 people from around the world. Presenting at the Ecocity World Summit is Lalit Bhati, an architect, urban planner, and resident of Auroville. Auroville aims at becoming a model of the ‘city of the future' or ‘the city the earth needs.' It wants to show the world that future realizations in all fields of work will allow us to build beautiful cities where people sincerely looking towards a more harmonious future will want to live. Below is a 360° view of Auroville, showing the partially constructed separate yet harmonized industrial and residential neighborhoods spiraling from the open center.What a beautiful place!

Findhorn eco-village

The Findhorn ecovillage is a synthesis of the very best of current thinking on sustainable human settlements. It is a constantly evolving model providing solutions to human and social needs, while at the same time working in partnership with the environment to offer an enhanced quality of life for all. •a pioneering ecovillage since 1985•UN Habitat Best Practice Designation•a major centre of adult education serving 14,000 visitors a year from over 50 countries•ecological footprint is half the national (UK) average•55 ecologically-benign buildings•4 wind turbines•a biological Living Machine sewage treatment system•UK's oldest and largest Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) system•numerous solar water-heating systems•comprehensive recycling scheme•publisher of UK's first technical guide to ecological housing•own bank and community currency

Damanhur, Auroville and Findhorn are growing comunities in the last few decades. But they are not alone, they are many of them around the world, to give us paths and patterns for creating paradise on Earth. There is so many love and so many effort around the globe... HOW CAN ONE NOT BELIEVE IN ALL THAT? And teach the children about love, cooperation and highest good FOR ALL OF US!!!

Plans for SETIA ECO- CITY, Johor Bahru,MALEYSIA

Plans for SETIA ECO CITY; Johor Bahru, Maleysia
Plans for SETIA ECO CITY; Johor Bahru, Maleysia


Dongtan Eco-City - Chongming Island, near Shanghai, China: This massive $1.3 billion development is being deemed the world's first eco-city. The development, which is about 1/3 the size of Manhattan Island, will house three eco-friendly villages. Energy to power the community will be derived from the Sun, wind, bio-fuels, and recycled organic materials. A quarter of the island will be an untouched ecological buffer. Rainwater will be purified for use and vehicles will operate on clean fuels.


Vietnam, Binh Duong
Vietnam, Binh Duong

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Realistic plans for world's first zero-carbon, zero-waste, and car-free city called the Masdar City. ($22 billion).

Masdar City Project

Dynamic Architecture



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