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Updated on June 3, 2010

God is content with the progress of humanity, because God is always content and always believes in positive outcome

Try to think on the following way: the God, or Divine cosmic intelligence created all universe and all of us, with all our powers and weaknesses. That creative intelligence, which is all-knowing and all-powerful is completely aware of our possibilities...and obstacles we have on the way to our personal/group concept(s) of perfection or consciousness development. And He/She/It cannot judge us, for the way created us. Judgement is human concept, connected with needs of protecting human society from criminal deeds; on the contrary, creative intelligence gives us always chances to develop, progress and change our behaviour when this behaviour does not serve to the highest good of all.

When we spread around our negativity it returns to us sooner or later, so we have opportunity to learn the lesson. It is called karma, or Law of attraction (read more in my Hub): what we saw, we rip. We have opportunity to change the way. Always. If not in this life, then in next one. It is very educational and effective Law. When we spread our positivity, the same returns to us. So we know the difference. And can choose. No need to be punished, or be thrown in the eternal flames of hell...Concept of eternal Hell is connected with typical human instinctive reaction: when someone makes us many troubles, we somehow like to wish that this person just disappears from our life...forever if possible.. It is human fear&hate reaction, not the Divine way.

Creative intelligence is unconditional love and always gives chances for improvement the whole every living being on this planet, to every living being in the whole universe, in all dimensions. Life is eternal and ceaseless, there is no end as such.

Whatever we think about God - Cosmic intelligence - eternal vital force which rules whole this universe and our lives, it/She/He does not behave like grumpy old man who would just suddenly say: "OK, children, I am sick and tired of your stupid noisy games, now I will punish you for all sins. Who has been naughty, has to go to eternal Hell, so I can take the rest and have peace and quiet days at last. The rest of you can go to the Paradise, but please, do not be too noisy up there..."or something like that. This is concept of mean man or woman, not the concept of almighty, all-loving and compassionate intelligence of Divine.

During the known history, parts of which we can find in old religious books and scripts, we can see that a lot of humans could not understand the loving and compassionate nature of Divine intelligence, and were seeing Divine like it/He/She has human behaviour (f.E Jehova was full of revenge, just because people were not ultimately obedient to him, Zeus was extremely polygamous, Hera jealous, Egyptian`s god Seth full of aggression...etc) .On the contrary, f.E. Jesus was embodiment of forgiveness, tolerance, love and peace for all, Buddhist`s Avalokiteshwara essence of deep compassion for all living beings, Kwan Yin as well etc... let us learn from the positive examples.

Religious books and scripts were written by humans, and rewritten many times, changed and adjusted... that is the fact none of us can deny. And none of gods was not personally written any book, always was human mind and hand involved. Prophecies about the end of time, coming soon... are pure human imagination, based on fear or lack of understanding.

More about that subject in my Hub. ...Prophecies of Revelations?No way: FUTURE IS OUR CREATION AND OUR RESPONSIBILITY: Individual&Global

By my knowledge, for creative Divine intelligence is more interesting that we use all our powers, talents, knowledge and love to make the life on this gorgeous planet better for all and more holy, healthy and cooperative, then to throw us in the Hell or Paradise and just lock the doors behind us forever. Creative intelligence does not give up easily and believes in positive outcome, always.

Anyway, life is eternal experience, conscioussness which created us and creates us developes all the time, and part of that development is free choice-making, or free will. We are made from the same supstance as our Creator, so our consioussness lives forever, and developes forever, and is creative all the time. There is no end, no death, no final destruction,what exists in this universe is life only, because we just change and choose different levels of existence, different life-experiences, and develop our conscioussness. There is no possible end in that progress, we always live, whatever choice we make.

We are so called "sinners" because of our neurobiology only...

The most addictive game we humans play here on the Earth is addiction to Fear. As a product of this feelings (when the level of adrenalin rises up), we create Aggressor-Victim relations between each other, and the products of it are animosity towards the others, having enemies, revenge, hate, wars....etc. Sometimes we hate our human-brothers so much, that we would put them in hell forever (taking life in this incarnation is not enough). Of course in the name of God. This game we should stop to play, it is ours, not God`s one. God is Love and Forgiveness. And Patience and Understanding. And Peace and Tenderness. And never, never, punish. But we can punish ourselves. In the God´s name again.

Our negative reactions are product of our primitive neural system (reptile brain) which has not change in last 10.000 years, and reacts quickly on every possible dangerous situation from our surrounding (f.E. snakes, wild beasts, etc). The point of reaction is to create feelings of animosity towards possible danger, so we can run or fight. Primitive neural system (reptile brain) does not make difference between real and possible danger, it just gives strong warning in the millisecond of time, without any analyse, which is connected with the more developed, advanced parts of our neural system (as neocortex) which needs much more time to react.

Primitive neural system does not know for understanding and compassion, it is just warning system, binary system which understand + and - only (good for you, danger for you. It)s logic is the following:What is good for you is part of yourself, what is bed for you- this is not you: is danger or enemy.)

Advanced parts of our brain are much more developed: are compassionate, able to change focus towards situation, able to analyse, able to involve all our human values, and able to transform possible dangerous situation into the creative one, they like to cooperate with others, but we have to make an effort tu use it.

World changed in last 10.000. years, but primitive neural system of humanity reacts the same on every stressful condition and situation, and even worse: stores the data of it (in amygdala). We have a lot of stressful situations daily in the modern world, so primitive neural system has a lot of work to do, actually far to much for its potential, and too many data to collect and store... If someone depends on data stored through the primitive neural system, result is fear of everything and everybody, anger, hate, arguments, killing, wars... When we use our more advanced parts of neural system, we react on completely different way, our human duty is to teach ourselves how to consciously use power of our brain to transform fear into love, and do not see danger and enemy where there is not present: because it is just illusion which our primitive neural system creates.

Due to that illusion of limbic system, we make "sins", we react on the "wrong" ways, we get involved into "victim-aggressor" games etc. But Cosmic intelligence / God is very aware of our big challenge: we need to overcome our instinctive reactions and implement love and goodwill instead. So it cannot punish us because of our biology, it teaches us through the law of karma/law of attraction, and gives us all motives, possibilities and time to change our behavioural paths. Cosmic intelligence, or God is so full of pure Love, that something as punishment just cannot exist in God`s mind. We are beloved dreams of that intelligence, which always support us and always gives us opportunity for spiritual evolution and further development.

Interesting and clear explanation about evolution of human brain from Wikipedia:

Our brains comprise three distinct structures, representing three evolutionary periods.The oldest, deepest, and smallest area is the reptilian brain.The reptilian brain controls the heart, lungs, and other vital organs. It enables aggression, mating, and reaction to immediate danger.

Mammals evolved the limbic system. This is the middle layer of our brains, surrounding the reptilian brain.The limbic brain also produces emotions. Emotions facilitate relationships. Mammals, unlike reptiles, care for their young. Mammals evolved brains hardwired for mother-child and other relationships.The most common reaction a reptile has to its young is indifference; it lays its eggs and walks (or slithers) away. Mammals form close-knit, mutually nurturing social groups-families-in which members spend time touching and caring for one another. Parents nourish and safeguard their young, and each other, from the hostile world outside their group. A mammal will risk and sometimes lose its life to protect a child or mate from attack. A garter snake or salamander watches the death of its kin with an unblinking eye.- Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, and Richard Lannon,A General Theory of Love, 2000

The cerebral cortex (or neocortex) is the newest, outermost area of our brains. . Humans-and only humans-have an enormous cerebral cortex.The human reptilian brain and limbic system is similar is size and structure to other animals. I.e., our ancestors evolved a huge cerebral cortex, while the older brain areas didn't change.

The cerebral cortex learns new things.imals with little or no cerebral cortex act only as their genes program them to act. Animals with a cerebral cortex can find new foods, survive in new environments, or change their mating tactics to improve reproductive success.The human cerebral cortex goes beyond learning new foods and survival skills. Our brains can think in abstractions. We communicate via symbols (e.g., language), consider the past and future, and sacrifice our personal interests not only for our families (as other mammals do) but also for ideas (e.g., honor and country).

Conflicts between brain areas lead to relationship difficulties.[]In a conflicted brain, the older area wins. In contrast, an individual with an integrated brain-i.e., who uses his or her whole brain-solves relationship problems.

In order to overcome imperfections of our neural system, we need to use our will, intention and find out which techniques we need to practise for integrating our brain parts. (meditation, visualisation, healing techniques etc)

In the nowadays, we created a lot of problems to ourselves and all living beings on this planet. It would be very fair that we sort out that problems with all our advanced technology, and create paradise on Earth for future generations: at first in our dreams, visions and imagination, by using power of pure Love, which is always much more stronger then any of fearfull nichilistic ideas, or tragical destructional movies in our heads.

Future is our responsibility: always was, always is and always will be: our main duty is to overcome our fears, and believe and create positive outcome. If we ask unconditional Love which resides in everyone`s heart - what is right to do, the annswer is always the same: be creative, send love to all, and create beauty and positivity. Power of Love always creates miracles, good will and joy. Power of Love inspired us for the highest ideals of humanity, let us live them. It is right time to start.

South Velebit, Stapina, Croatia
South Velebit, Stapina, Croatia


Algae a possible saviour in climate change fight

Jul 16, 2008 2:14pm AEST, ABC News

As the world mulls the question of how to satisfy a seemingly endless appetite for energy and still slash greenhouse gas emissions, researchers have stumbled upon an unexpected hero in algae.

So-called microalgae hold enormous potential when it comes to reining in both climate change - since they naturally absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide - as well as energy production, since they can easily be converted to a range of different fuel types.

"This is certainly one of the most promising and revolutionary leads in the fight against climate change and the quest to satisfy energy needs," said Frederic Hauge, who heads up the Norwegian environmental group Bellona.

The idea is to divert exhaust spewed from carbon burning plants and other factories into so-called "photobioreactors," or large transparent tubes filled with algae.

When the gas is mixed with water and injected into the tubes, the algae soak up much of the carbon dioxide, in accordance with the principle of photosynthesis.

The pioneering technique, called solar biofuels, is one of several novel methods aiming to crack the problem of providing energy but without the carbon pollution of costly fossil fuels or the waste and danger of nuclear power.

Studies are underway worldwide, from academia in Australia, Germany and the US, to the US Department of Energy, oil giant Royal Dutch Shell and US aircraft maker Boeing.

Once the microalgae are removed from the tubes they can easily be buried or injected into the seabed, and thus hold captive the climate changing gases they ingest indefinitely.

And when algae grown out in the open are used in biomass plants, the method can actually produce "carbon negative" energy, meaning the energy production actually drains CO2 from the atmosphere.

"Whether you are watching TV, vacuuming the house, or driving your electric car to visit friends and family, you would be removing CO2 from the atmosphere," Mr Hauge said.

Instead of being stored away, the algae can also be crushed and used as feedstock for biodiesel fuel, and any residues from this could be used as fertiliser.

"You kill three birds with one stone. The algae serves at once to filter out CO2 at industrial sites, to produce energy and for agriculture," he said.

Microalgae have other advantages including its ability to grow in a wide range of conditions and their high oil yield.

As attractive as it may seem however, the algae solution remains in the conception phase, with researchers scrambling to figure out how to scale up the system to an industrial level.

Shell, for one, acknowledged on its website some "significant hurdles must be overcome before algae-based biofuel can be produced cost-effectively," especially the large amounts of water needed for the process.

In addition, further work is needed to identify which species of algae is the most effective.

All around the globe people are changing the consciousness

Climate change is very good challenge for humanity, instead of war-making, we will be finally all together involved in implementation of "green" ways in order to survive on this planet. This is good reason for mutual cooperation among the all people on the Earth. It is always better to be creative then destructive. And we ARE able to do that task properly, if we cooperate and work together.

There has never been so many plans and investments for building eco-cities and green solutions all around the globe. People has started to create greener and more peaceful future already: this positive approach deserves all compliments, and all our positive support.

Instead of waiting for end of time, let us get involved into the world progress and concentrate on the best of our values, knowledge and technology. We are all part of the same Oneness, we have all support of all universal laws and powers in creating new future for all of us.

More about that subject in my Hub:What will the world be like in 100 years? I DO BELIEVE IN HUMANITY!

Plans for Floating Gren Eco-cities if level of oceans raises up in 100 years
Plans for Floating Gren Eco-cities if level of oceans raises up in 100 years
Future eco-city Ziggurat, UAE, 0 waste
Future eco-city Ziggurat, UAE, 0 waste

Life is ceaseless

Time will never end on this planet ,only if we discover new dimension which will replace it. Life is beautiful, challenging, miracolous and ceaseless: let us enjoy it and be creative and brave...

Love&Light to all.

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