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My Human Our Spirituality & Religion

Updated on December 1, 2013

Relax, It's All Love

There is nothing to fear in information. Relax the need to defend right or wrong, to define evil or heavenly and cloud your conscious mind with pre-conceived judgments, making it impossible to gain any genuine understanding of the perspective presented. There is no need on your part to believe or be convinced of anything. It’s another human perspective to add to yours to contemplate and grow from.

The sunflower accepts the sun and the rain without judgement. It reaches to be its best, working with the environment it has, to grow to its fullest potential. This is also our duty.

Missing the Forest Looking at the Trees

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

DON’T FREAK OUT! I’m going to quote the bible a few times in this article; it is for reference not conversion. I’m not Christian. There will also be science references, yet I'm not an Atheist. I am Kukata Kali.

We tend to live in our little worlds, only looking out to see what the “news” has to say about what’s happening. If you step out a little further, you see a whole other world outside your own then many other worlds filling that; individual minds that have their own valid thoughts and perspectives.

Take a moment to appreciate our own right to exist, our own right to be born here on this planet at this time, in these varying forms.

We walk in groups and labels by choice, but we are indeed our own beautifully created being. With souls calling out to each other to express what’s inside them. We should all be doing that. When I hear, “Be yourself” or “Do you” this is what I envision.

The New Law

· Jeremiah 31:32 (KJV)

Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the Lord:

· Jeremiah 31:33 (KJV)

But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

Applying Words to What we Read

Will be our God” huh? I wonder if that was a reference to a future moment or if that is a direct statement of our wills; meaning what we feel to do, be our God, or be our expression of God. We can then be his/her people, or a part of our total oneness connection to each other. This is love; our connection to the whole; God is love.

For more on love click here ~> My Human Our Love

So now, biblically speaking, we are under a law that is written in hearts (love/compassion) and in our inward parts. Inward parts is vast, but I want to put some focus on our minds. Our heart and our minds are linked by more than just definition and it’s a very important connection. Your mind is what you use to gain an understanding from your emotions. Your understanding of emotions (your knowledge), and what you decide to do with them (your wisdom), will then be your Spirit/God expressed.

For more on emotions click here ~>My Human Our Emotion

Intuitive Beings

God the Brain, Heart & Mind

When we are in alignment with our godlike selves or the part of us that is inspired (if you will) by God, we can feel this beautiful system flowing inside us. We feel the intuition ahead of time, make decisions based on what is properly beneficial at the time, and walk away feeling delighted by the experience. It is then very easy to feel this very same cycle in others. From the heart to the mind, to the action, the process can't be seen with our eyes. It's a spiritual, energetic, or vibrational experience.

We can't see our brain, however it is a tangible substance, whereas the mind is not. Our mind is not our brain. The mind feeds the brain our intentions. The human brain is easily convinced and fully supports what the mind tells it. However, when our emotions are not properly directed, they intercede the communication from the mind to the brain.This limits intuition and focuses on the needs of the emotions instead of the needs of our spirits or higher selves.

For more perspective on God click here~>My Human Our Human

The brain is the physical human way of transmuting the information from the heart and the mind.

Wait…The mind knows before the brain? Yes, this is called intuition. It is the mind and the heart working together to understand. It starts before we even have our experience here in the physical world. Even science has proven now that you know what’s going on moments before it happens.

Many religions, traditions, spiritual practices, ancient text, and teachings passionately express the importance of the heart, heart chakra, love and compassion. The open heart has always been the only way to connect with God or other beings. Ironically, keeping our hearts open while interacting with each other, we could solve most of the worlds problems in a moment. Honoring the God, spirit, source energy, or light, in all of us will allow honest communication, empathy, and action when something goes wrong. That's why the law, or what governs us was put in our hearts.

What is Light?

Light Beings

Your heart is the first physical thing that perceives your environment. Don’t you think we should also then respond to our environment in the same manner? With an open heart.

We are human. Hu-Man-Being

Hu(e): Varying states of color generated by light.

So our state is light, with the color or vibration of man, existing.

So when I now hear about the "Enlightening" process, I know that means to find the light within. God always did call him/herself the light in the bible. Also, if you've ever heard of the chakras, it brings a bit deeper understanding.

Here's an awesome Hubpage explaining the Chakras ~>elderberryarts Chakras

*Please check out Bill Nye (video to the side), he really helps you remember some of the stuff you may have forgot!

We Are Energy & Vibrational Beings

Once we are aware of our choice to create our moments we must consider how we affect the environment around us.

Much like your own body is comprised of a bunch of little particles that are practically intangible or full of empty space, yet joins in way that creates something that feels solidly real by most perceptions, so exist our created realities.We send out into the world, through our thoughts, words, and actions our vibration, reflecting our spirit or energy. Then that spirals into other humans vibrations and we are on our way to creating the circumstances we are living in right now in this moment. Most of what we feel about other humans is an empty idea because you do not know what is inside of the other human. Only the small part that feels to connect; the love is real. All else is a beautifully created illusion.

If we focus our attention (intention) on our perceptions of what's seen and solid, we lose truth of our being, as we are made of mostly unseen things.

Just as we are energy or spirit being expressed though our being, our creations (lives) are our ideas being expressed through our creations. It's how we are made and it's how we create. Considering that, take an honest look at your relationships with everything around you.

Start with your relationship with your vehicle of conscious exploration; your body. How do you treat it and what do you feed it? Do you tell it loving affirmations or limiting statements? Are you giving it things that come from the vibration of the earth or of synthetic materials? Are you working toward your passions or complaining about working for someone else's?

Next move over to your relationships with humans and take a look at how you contribute to those. Do you feed them authentic loving connective ideas or heavy stories of the past without solution? Do you give love freely or based on condition? Do you judge their interactions or attempt to gain an understanding of them?

How about other beings like animals or plants? Everything has a vibration. How does the vibration of your words sound to your organs, pets, children, mates, or friends? What vibrations are you allowing around you in your precious moments of creation?

None of these things are wrong necessarily, particularly if that is what you are consciously intending to create; to learn from or exist in the experience. As long as your heart is open and you are considering what your energy is contributing to your environment. You are mixing with energies (spirits) around you and creating something new with each moment of your existence. Make it as beautiful as possible. That's how we change the vibration of the planet and our collective consciousness; simply by being our most awesome selves.

*Please take a moment to watch this deleted scene from the movie, based on the book The Secret. It really helps make clear what's being said here.

Real & Romance

If we look at a partnership (marriage) the Spirituality part would be the pull to be together (love) and the work to build a solid foundation (compassion) in order to have a reason for the ceremony.

Religion would be the ceremony or wedding. There is a whole lot to discuss about the wedding. Rules and regulations, what everything should look like, times of all the events and where they will happen. At times the ceremony becomes so important that the marriage is ignored. Sometimes we find ourselves so excited about the possibilities of the wedding itself, we don’t much care who we get married to. Anniversaries are just moments of, "Whew! We made it another year!" Instead of, "Look what we've accomplished this year. Let's celebrate!"

This is the loss of the spirit of the relationship. When two love ambitious spirits are ready to grow, the environment won't much matter to the outcome. Anything that becomes an obstacle can be overcome by the tenacious intentions of their combined spirits. Keeping their intentions based in their truth and adding imagination to it creates the magic that is a powerful relationship. The most successful relationships have a focus bigger than just them being together. They have some form of a community benefit. Whether that be music, activism, or child rearing; something keeps them focused on their benefit to the world, and that makes wanting to work it out more important. They are aware of their connection to each other, so their hearts are open. Because their hearts are open, they connect easily together and to the world outside of them. They flow soothingly together, making changes when needed and hard decisions without fuss. They live what their marriage is about and there is no need for them to be reminded of their bond. They always feel it.

When the combined intentions are not clear, for example, one human is monogamous and the other is not, or one is focused on living their dream and the other is focused on making a living, one wants a baby and the other doesn't and there is no honest communication, the relationship stops growing and it usually fails. Talking about the problems are difficult because everyone is on their own agenda. They are disconnected from the world (as a couple) as they cannot even connect to themselves fully. Even if they look to the world to be an ideal couple from the outside, you can always tell something isn't quite right and sooner or later, you will see the internal issues exposed. It will be evident through what they create together.

Balance with Romance

The spirit of something is the authentic genuine expression and connection to all things. It is what lives and does not need to be reminded of any laws or vows. Spirit lives what it is. If you want to know it or experience it, all you have to do is feel it. It can be picked up by intuition and is projected by intention; as intuition and intention have a sort of "call and response" to each other. One puts out, the other picks up.

Humans that identify themselves as practicing some type of spirituality, generally feel very clear on their connection to the creator and the creation. They have no problem honoring all of the beings we co-exist with as they can understand them to some degree, because they can recognize the same spirit that lives within them. There is no need to refer back to any rules or guidelines in order to live a beneficial life.

They are not so caught up in any stories that they are waiting for something in order to live fully, or escape some impending doom, when the doom of ignorance has always been here. They know the importance of expressing their own individual spirits and so they do, with passion and joy.

Also, there is a common awareness that what they do affects the whole of us. Therefore they give their best to the world everyday with an open heart. Karma ideals are welcomed as nothing done is intended to harm.

Romance is the imagination or fantasy created in the mind, that keeps the idea of our creation at is highest point of awesomeness. When you have an intent set, you visualize how awesome it will be. Then you work at creating that with all of your energy, doing so knowing what ever happens, it's the best path to your desired outcome; faith. The stories created out of romance spark the emotion and make understanding way easier. This is nature of mythology. Mythology takes the spirit of an idea and makes it beautiful, tangible, emotionally charging and therefore motivational for the spirit. However, what it does not do, is hold the spirit of the message on its own.

The story of Peter & The Wolf means nothing if you never learn not to lie. We can argue and fuss over the meaning of the story, where it was located, if Peter was White or Black, and if the story is stolen. However, the message of not telling a lie, still remains the same even after all the drama of the romance has gone beyond recognition of the original meaning.

There needs to be a clear line to the spirit or source energy of a thing so that the romance makes sense to the creation, or so that the religion has something to firmly stand on.

Keeping it 100

All religions, religious organizations and societies come from some type of ancient or older concept(s), created by our ancestors who were expressing what they saw and felt from the earth, the cosmos and beings, along with the symbols, signs, and structures they created to express themselves. We've connected ourselves to all the symbols, structures and signs. We judge, fear, and separate ourselves from each other because of the romance, meanwhile the spirit goes ignored when so many of the ideas are saying the same thing.

Most of us, if we're honest with ourselves, haven't even researched the idealism's we adopt and yet we attach all of the organizations rules and regulations to us. Then we wait for someone else to tell us we're wrong or we fight all new information, even when it feels wrong to ignore it, just so we can feel comfortable in a group.

If you recognize humanity as your group, you will never feel alone.

We are made from a source creator, we create, we matter, our world needs us, we need each other, and we are nothing if not powerful and brilliant. If we use our hearts and our minds to find every f*cking reason on earth and beyond to connect to each other, we can create the paradise that is given to us, right now. Turn off your T.V. (unless that is your thing of benefit) and get up and live your passions. That is your creator calling out in you to express what they gave only you to express. Get damn busy! I love you~

Did you make it though the article without judging the writer (me)?

See results

A Bit About Me

My intentions are never to make anyone or any group feel anything save love; connectivity. My views come from a perspective of years of Bible research, books (non-fiction & fiction), documentaries, movies, and teachers of all kind; from bumble bees to scientist. Growing up around the internet made this very real and easy. I've researched numerous religions and spiritualities and I give this advice. If you are going to really intentfully learn about a group, get to know or have some experiences with the humans that classify in that group. Groups are general and humans are precious. The humans inside the group always contain their truth, not the group.

What I have to give to the world is what you read in my words; my spirit expressed. Never would I expect one to agree with it all or believe any of it. You can only take what you need to grow and leave the rest. So feel free to challenge these ideas an start intentful dialog that can assist us all in growth.

My love for human beings is one of my biggest gifts.

I appreciate the ability to interact with you in this way. I hope you receive my spirit and energy well.

Thank you.

Kukata Kali

Great Read to Understand Oneness


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    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      6 years ago

      Thanks Kiryas & Joel. Indeed it is one way to look at things...for now :)

    • manatita44 profile image


      6 years ago from london

      A sincere an honest approach full of light and wisdom.

    • profile image

      Kiryas Joel 

      6 years ago

      Words of wisdom! And undoubtedly a treasure trove. I loved the lucid content which definitely is an extension to another perspective each one of us can have.

      Thank you for sharing this.


    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      6 years ago

      Thank you both so much and thank you for being moved to comment. Much love to you both!

    • SliceOpie profile image


      6 years ago

      This was a deep article! I liked it ;)

    • Yolanda Marie profile image

      Yolanda Marie 

      6 years ago

      You are such a brilliant expression of Light!! Thank you for your words. Right when I think I've analyzed things as deeply and abstractly as I could, you suggest yet another perspective!!


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