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When things go wrong with the Ouija Board - The to do's and DONT'S

Updated on May 20, 2011

Be Careful Who and What you Summon!!!

I was 14 young and stupid and played with the ouija board non stop... 1 day it worked I've never done it since and have harsh words of warning to anyone meddling or using the Ouija board. It aint a board game you can play without respect, know how and a lot knowledge on how to handle the things that do go bump in the night.

Myself and 3 friends got a response 1 evening.... the bare lightbulb above us exploded showering glass, my mates mobile rang while switched off from a flat battery. The room went cold and the feeling we got I'll never forget. We wanted to run but we were all frozen to the spot I don't know what the others did, I closed my eyes and screwed them up tight and stayed like that for eternity. A vase smashed at the back of me my friend said it flew across the floor into the wall and shattered like the bulb I didn't know at the time but a bit of the shard of pottery from the vase had embedded itself into my back at the bottom. My friend had a cut above her eye from the lightbulb shattering. My friend moved to the phone on the otherside of the rom and rang home, she screamed down the phone I have no idea what went on then but her mum and aunty turned up apparently they had to climb through the kitchen window to get in, we were all just frozen stiff something was in the room you may think I'm strange but until you experience something similar don't judge. It was bad evil I was sweating but the sweat was cold it was as if what ever it was it was just circling the room something would move or smash every so often, It felt like someone was breathing on me stood above me I could feel a prod in the side every so often I'd say the same went for my friends they kept screaming I was too rigid to scream. Lou my mates mum and Sarah my friends Aunty came into the room after shouting us for ages to try to find us, they opened the back room door they screamed and Lou swore like I'd never heard her before. She stood each of us up made me open my eyes, spoke in a really soft safe voice that made me feel secure I opened my eyes I could see Rachael in front of me with a gash above her left eye she was white no colour in her face at all. She was stood stiff and rigid starring at me scared to death.The room had a really bad smell like dank really old tobacco and ale. Lou and Sarah made us sit back in the original circle around the board, Lou bobbed in between us pouring SALT around the board I started going way weird I felt so sick and lightheaded my body felt mega heavy like I had to lie down my arms were too heavy to hold someone's hand. I started to let go of my friend Caroline's hand. Sarah screamed at me "don't let go" Lou was shouting stuff like I banish thee from thine lives I banish thee from this room I banish thee from this world to where thy came from in the name of God in the name of the father, the son, and our holy spirit. Don't ask what happened after this no clue, but i'm told what happened We were taken out of the house the board was broken into 3 salt was poured \ll over 3 pieces and the board was set alight after the fire had gone out Sarah again poured loads of salt into the ashes then just let the wind scatter it. We had to tell Stuart's mum what had happened in her house we had to pay for the damages and had to attend the blessing of her house needless to say I had 3 stitches in my back Rachel had to havew her gash glued and yeah got grounded for 6 months did 3 then my parents had enough and couldn't wait for me to go out...

You have to remember - Poltergeists are easier to rid of than demons. You have to do the following-

- Don't give the entity negative energy or fear, they feed on this. ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE

- NEVER GIVE IN, take control of the situation do not give in, stay seated around the board in the exact same place you were in when the unknown was summoned. Push the pointer to GOODBYE.Tell the unknown they are not welcome and to return to where it came.

- stay seated hold hands and if the occasion is needed chant your own banishment "we banish thee ....etc etc" (always add they are not invited into the house)

- Use salt where ever possible white witches use it regulary, it is the salt from the earth and has healing properties. Sprinkle around the board constantly .

- after banishment sprinkle salt across the board in a big X shape wait until you feel a change and are sure the unknown is back in the board.

- Take the board away from the house or place the unknown was released, set on the floor cross with salt again,

- Do the banishment again in the circle holding hands. (add the words "no longer earth bound able to harm....."

- The hard part if the board is wooden - IT MUST BE CUT INTO THE AMOUNT OF PIECES THAT ARE IN YOU'RE CIRCLE! if you did the board with 5 friends then it has to be cut into 5 etc.

- Each person must take their piece cross with salt banish then set alight..

- If this is possible and it is STRONGLY recommended have the place blessed where the unknown was summoned.

- Also have a prayer in you're circle with the same person that blessed the place, this maybe also be a blessing for each of you.


- You don't banish and close something then re open it, you will get something bigger stronger and very very ticked off... be warned it's noway by any means a joke people can get seriously hurt. The consequences of horrible things happening is 100% real and true.

- At Halloween, go trick or treating or watch a scary film, don't do a board!!!

Please pass on the caution,especially to teenagers etc whoem like to dabble and dare, o something good and help them not to go through HELL


Ouija Board Poltergeist

Be Prepared.... Ghost Guides


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    • Hazel B profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Stockport, Cheshire. U.K

      Do you have a paranormal team near you that you could talk to?

      The main thing is not to panic, trust me been there. IF anything is around and im not saying there is or isnt. Your post doesnt give specific details about what happened during the Ouija session. But i can say, fear and anxiety can cause a great feed for things. Nobodys hurt from what youve said in your post. IF something is there its possibly residual.

      Crystals can help and offer protection kept in a pocket, by a bed and in rooms of the home. Without knowing your location its extremely hard. For example the history of your area/your home. Some places have residual energies from the past. That can be moved on. BUT by PROFESSIONALS genuine one's do not charge. Although you may want to skip & seek help of a priest to bless the home. For peace of mind. I know this is easier said than done, the main thing is to be calm... relax dont be afraid to tell them to leave. But be firm. Sooo.... talk to someone google a reputable!! para team/crystals black onyx, rose quartz, tigers eye is known for protection.

      Even the lords prayer & rosery beads ive resorted to in the past. Also imagining yourself surrounded (in a bubble even) of white light when you close your eyes. Its grounding yourself FIRST. So you dont feed anything with panic. Dont light any candles unless they're blessed. If your scared for your mum while she sleeps result to salt. But plz dont panic.

      Keep in touch.

      Hazel B

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I need help please. I was very stupid and did a homemade ouija board last night. Nothing happened. I regret it completely and have a terrible feeling of dread. My mother woke up to the sound of a child crying and saying 'mummy' . There were no children around. She then walked to the shop just two minutes down the road and came across a dog which was barking at her like crazy, it had one blue and one brown eye. Then walking back a cat crossed her path, it had one normal eye and one milky white eye where it had gone blind. Are encounters with animals like this maybe a result from me doing the board? I'm terrified I've released something that wants to hurt my mum I just don't know what to do, please if anyone has any advice I would be really grateful.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Has anyone had a spirit manifest and latch onto them physically?

    • profile image

      Hazel Brookes (author of above hub) 

      3 years ago

      Ssingam your right it is the Planchette, which of course could be almost anything. A coin, a made Planchette a pice of anything & yes the ouija board can be made from anything at all. Wooden bought one/plank/card/paper.

      It also has a lot to do with energies. For reference only I was referring to (ouija board) in the sense of as shown in the picture, at the end of everything if somebody passing took interest and asked what a group/couple of people are doing... They themselves would reply a Ouija board no matter what it is made from.

      Jethro - thanks for taking the time to comment. Everybody has their own opinions about what is or isn't around them. Energies has a lot to do with everything. Until something's happened to yourself that you can't explain with science it's hard to relate.

      After recent experiences in my home I've come back to read comments on what I wrote back then. I don't regret anything I've written just maybe gone too far in depth with advice for some people to accept and take. 2 years of things happening I couldn't take no more and felt kinda helpless so a Paranormol Investigative team came out to see what was going on, their sceptics who were Professors and reassuring at the time, said they could settle everything with an explaination about every action. What they caught on camera/with their equipment/witnessing/hearing.

      I was really mad at them they'd promised me an explaination for everything but just sat around my dining table pale & took ALL their camera equipment video footage gadgets lazer dots/line machines frequency machines that did nothing but go off constantly sounding like an old school fire alarm, which was probably the reason my own fire alarms and CO2 alarms set off all in 1 go, interrupting the neighbours upto 3doors doors up and even down from my house. Outcome... Quieter but the problem never got solved. The only things that changed is my bedrooms no longer an icebox when the heatings on full blast and I feel a bit more comfortable in my own room. (My radiators in my own room were fine and boiling hot to touch... Just in case anyone were to ask if they were broken sorry)

      It happens that on rare occasions I can take photos of myself in the mirror or selfies and they turn out fine. The rest of the time I'm blurred with either I've been told it's a black orb floating past me or dark shadow what looks like attached to my face or body.

      :-D you try getting somebody to stand next to me at a wedding/family function or even night out to have their photo taken. Their imagaton has run riot with them.

      I stand by my initial point it's safer not to mess with a Ouija board no matter how it's made. I appreciate if you've read this of myself rattling on about present events & apologise.

      Thanks hope everyone is well.

      Hazel xxx

    • profile image

      Satiel K. 

      3 years ago

      I am currently going through a Oujia board experience myself with a friend that rathers to be called Anonymous, just yesterday he bought the board, We did it and we met a folk that anmes himself "Luke Wayne" He said he drowned at 18, 58 now. Was a musician, Anyway, We said our goodbyes and he said "No, Lonly" So we promised to meet up today and talk again, I am going over in a few minutes to try and close this Seance, Any reccomendations for me to do? he said he wasnt a demon, But Spirits DO lie sometimes. Thanks for reading, THIS IS 100% TRUE! DO NOT THINK I AM LIEING ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE!

    • Hazel B profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Stockport, Cheshire. U.K

      Sophia - Hi thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes unfortunately it happened, no I don't go around talking myself... do you honey?

      I take the topic serious and shared an experience.

      Anyone that takes the time to ask a strange question and remark like that... does fantasise through life. Good Luck to you good health & happiness honey.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Just hope what you are saying is true, spookey!!! Well, people just lie for God knows what, people talk to them selves fantasizing throughout life... Smh! I hope you not one of them...

    • profile image

      Someone somewhere 

      5 years ago

      My friend and I want to try ouija board, will sprinkling salt, burning sage and putting a silver coin on the board keep the bad spirits away? We know that this is dangerous but were really curious and want to try it! Also will the spirits stay with us even after we've said goodbye?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I once played with a made up ouiji board that I made up of paper me and my aunt were board so we decided to expirament so we starer playing it was daytime my aunts daughter was we try to make the coin move but nothing happen so we called it aunt told her daughter to stop pulling her hair but when she looked her daughter was sleeping she looked at me sort of freak out but we ignored it.after that things go so much worse it turns out it was a young girl ghost that was haunting us I saw her when I was crying once I ran out of the room my mom couldn't sleep cuz she would hear footsteps so she would have to sleep with the tv on.i starrer having really bad dreams of my boyfriend choking me in my room.i once went to sleep and I starer hearing all these voices in my ear some sounded evil and some human at the end we moved but it really taught me a lesson.hope this can help someone who might be curios DONT DO IT ITS NOT WORTHED U LOSE SO MUCH MORE!!!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i used it .when i was 14 .it was very scary

    • ssingam profile image


      5 years ago

      Ouija is a wonderful tool and gift from god. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I feel I must tell that it is not the board but the planchette that is filled with spirit energy. The board is just that a board. You can make it with a piece of paper and a sharpie if you wanted. But the planchette is what is charged and moves.

      "As the character of the persons heart is, do they get good or bad messages, and the true or untrue, for they bring a like influence about them." - Little Ouija

      Be well

    • profile image

      Donny Rozzelle 

      5 years ago

      [quote]8192 characters left.[/quote]

      You have made your position pretty proficiently...

      Outstanding tons of beneficial facts!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These have nothing to do with demons or god. These people are just ignorants about how bioenergy works ou. When 4 people hold one in-animated object, it moves or it follows the dominant thought in those 4 people. Mostly, it is because of the fear inside that subsides and take charge. So things happen randomly or negatively. Regardless of your experiences, there is no plausible evidences for ghosts or devils which were the case of idiocy of the past. How many of you handles this case with a proper scientific tool? I know many would say this and that because they are all injected from someone and follow the same dogma without questioning it or without having any evidence.

    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • Hazel B profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Stockport, Cheshire. U.K

      Please Please do NOT TRY THIS!!!! this woman was wrong to advise you.... the worse of the worse demons can act the nicest, you do not know this woman's true background. Please if the only advice you take is to respect this and not play around . From you saying it worked but made no sense you have already come into contact with something extreamly bad.. It is not a game to have a game with the board tease the unknown then see which one of you had the worse luck over the next few daysabout . If you feel so strongly about the Ouija board then hire a professional that know what they are doing can keep you safe research her and speak to past customers of hers that could say "wow was an experience!" others may say "nothing happened was boring only there 10 minutes cost us a fortune and session was over..." Please stay safe - Hazel B

    • Hazel B profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Stockport, Cheshire. U.K

      The best circle of protection is ALWAYS ALWAYS salt ... but as you so very rightly put it you talk to something else..

      Also a good cleanse of the home with a smudge can not do any harm just please watch your smoke alarms xxx much much love & safety Hazel B xxx

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I did 1 2 day ago it work from wat i no but a lot ov it dint make sense and when we ask it if its a good spirit it says no but we have had a lovely women talk to us very nice wat is the best way to get good spirits and wat to ask them plz let me no by comentin on this thanks

    • PennyCarey profile image


      7 years ago from Felton

      Wow that's scary, great hub.

      One should never use a Ouija board in my opinion. Voted up and interesting!

    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 

      7 years ago from Mason City

      Good advice and information. When people use ouija boards it could be very dangerous and very scary. I don't have any ouija boards in my house. I had them before, but not any more. They can cause bad dreams and all kinds of trouble.

    • ErosRyder profile image


      7 years ago from OH

      I have had plenty of experiences with a Spirit Board. Most were harmless but one time I was doing it in the basement with my friend and he started crying and holding his fingers. I thought he was messing around and told him to stop. Then I started freaking out and holding my fingers. I felt a sharp pain like sewing needles were being pushed out from the inside out. Very freaky. I told him immediately to put his fingers on the pointer and move it to goodbye. From that moment on I don't do it without drawing a circle of protection and using sage to cleanse the air and board itself.

      I don't think anyone will ever talk to their relatives that passed away. You talk to something else, a demon or some kind of elemental. But never someone you knew. just my .02c. :) Love the post!!!

    • Hazel B profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Stockport, Cheshire. U.K

      More than 16 years later after my experience took place Tom, I have learnt a lot There is one factor that I cannot emphasize enough, and that is the motive behind your desire to contact Ghosts especially using the ouija. There are those who are mediums who want to be of service and help a deceased relative or friend. People who don't announce their gift nor charge like a circus act, who just want to bring peace to a ghost and help spirit move on. But trying to contact the other side as a game, a joke, to scare friends, or as most popular with a bottle of wine and a bunch of friends at Halloween. Making contact by Ouija is not to be fooled with, I don't pretend to know exactly the full damage it can do but 3 stitches at the bottom of my back was real enough for me. I have learnt from readings and more experience (as a spectater who always gets dragged in anyway) I could Hub about more ouija experiences but with no proof my hair grey turning experience maybe diminished as a scarey made up story. With a Ouija you could very well enter a world for which you are not prepared for and have relentless great consequences the first signal is nothing making sense and a lot of speeding around the board. The whole Paranormal subject from A-Z is always being studied Television Personalities to Professors not forgetting the different talents of Mediums, Mental Mediums, Trance Mediums, Physical Mediums and Transfiguration. With the many myths and legends some say the devil invented it and left for man to do what we are best at doing, playing around with something and not reading the so called instructions.Other myths say the board was created by 2 girls who claimed they was being haunted and could communicate by tapping and banging with the spirit, the skeleton of this spirit was found years later in the home of where the girls lived, who by that time had created the ouija board and had moved to mississipi. Where anyone that managed to get a response from the board went onto believe they were mediums. Or the story I choose to believe is that the ouija was patent by Elijah J Bond in 1891 with a strong curious mind of the paranormal and wanted answers as to what happens when we die 1 year later the rights were purchased by William Fuld in 1966 which later went to The Parker Bros. Unfortunatly Money out weighed everything The Ouija board outsold in Salem and other counties in America and became more popular than Monopoly. Different styles,patterns sizes everything now the ouija board can be found in most boarding schools and university dorms in america, the You Tube is full of clips. The idea when Elijah had first patent it was to get answers but became an amusement around London. People would travel to see the marvel and stories would travel far around the world of what this board could show you. Some would say fantastic entertainment if a few glasses were broke people paid more. Magicians copied the board and made them part of their act.

      Quite simply it is a tool made to ask questions by inviting a spirit into your space or home. But frankly 20 questions to something unknown that you have invited into your house I would say is pretty dam dangerous.You wouldn't let a suspicous stranger in your house, for fear of harm or taking you're belongings, so I don't understand why people play around with and taunt when doing the ouija board.

      In the company of a professional yes I would say that it maybe the only time if you HAD to or yourself wanted answers, but please check out your medium from referals from other people I recommend this is the best way...

      You may ask a few questions like when doing a Ouija good spirit like flowers so I have been told and warned many many times in the past to have flowers in a vase present and a bowl of water which every person must say a prayer over,this maybe the lords prayer or pray for protection this is then said to be "holy water" which can be spilt over the board a little to stop anything bad, myself these facts for me are a little too heavy for me to get into.

      Just always be aware and take care of yourself know what you're doing before you do it.

      Best Regards Tom

      Hazel B

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I've always felt the ouija could be dangerous but why was it conceived of in the first place? surely there's a purpose for it or it wouldn't have been invented. So when is it ok to use one? there are a lot of questions that can't be answered any other way-spirits see everything and know the truth. some things there'd no way for man to know...


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