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Aries Man and Libra Woman

Updated on March 6, 2011

The Aries man and Libra woman are sun sign opposites, and they are both cardinal signs. In most cases these two will find themselves in the midst of a great physical and emotional attraction, as many do with their sun sign opposite. But be wary because what often starts out as flash and fireworks can dissolve into pettiness and bitter interactions you'd rather avoid altogether. Not that this is necessarily going to be the case, but you should check the natal aspects to see which direction the two of you are leaning in. This may be the start of something beautiful, or perhaps not, so read on to learn more about this couple and how they interact.

Aries Man

The Aries man wants to be well thought of, and well liked. This can make Libra woman a complementary partner because she's naturally thoughtful and friendly. But this is not always the case, and Libra woman can be cold, calculating and aggressive in ways the Aries man is not expecting. This is because he's a direct and open person, whereas she's more contained and passive in her methods. This can lead to Aries man feeling as though she's gone behind his back and pummeled him upside the head with a blunt object, which could spell the end of any romance in a matter of seconds. Why? Because under it all, Aries man is a little boy and he needs to feel safe and loved, admired and adored. Libra woman will provide all of this and more until she's pushed over the edge, at which time she can turn into a viper and attack him when he least expects it because he's too naïve and trusting, whereas she's more pragmatic.

Libra Woman

The Libra female finds the Aries man's boyish insecurities endearing at first, but they will quickly grow old. She's a strong willed, determined woman beneath her feminine and delicate charm and most men never see her willfulness until it's too late. If she really likes him, she'll lead him to a better place without his even realizing who's in charge, but if she starts to grow tired of his childish ways, she will simply school him and that will be the end of his poor little ego. That said, there can be fireworks in the bedroom and if they learn to build on that connection, the relationship can evolve into something both feel happy with.


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