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Aries Man and Virgo Woman

Updated on March 6, 2011

An Aries man and Virgo woman may be able to have a good solid relationship but unless the natal aspects are highly favorable, this is a somewhat fizzled matching before it even gets started. It's not possible, it's just not probable. The Aries man needs big drama to feel like he's living life to the fullest, and the Virgo woman simply isn't built to sustain that sort of energy depletion on a regular basis. Not the ordinary Virgo woman, at least. If the Aries man has something in his chart that makes him more subdued than the average Aries, or if the Virgo woman has some fire in her chart that makes her more capable of handling the Aries zest for life, then this may work. But do check the charts well in advance!

Aries Man

The Aries man is very good at taking the reins and getting things done. And that's exactly how he likes it, thank you very much. He also needs people rallying around him, particularly those he loves. This could prove to be an issue where Virgo woman is involved, because she's a good deal less excitable than he is and he'll likely take her subdued nature and a distinct lack of interest in what he's doing -- and him. And once the delicate Aries male ego has been bruised, it's quite difficult for a Virgo woman to nurture it back to health, which could lead to Aries man seeking out a woman to mollify his hurt feelings. Therefore, Virgo woman would do well to at least pretend she's more interested than she actually is in whatever kooky thing he's schemed up today.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman, if you want to keep your Aries man happy you need to be careful with that hypercritical nature of yours. He takes it to heart much more than anyone you've ever known before. Any criticism of his plans or his work will be taken a personal criticism of himself and he may not be able to cope with that from the woman he loves. So whatever you do, be sure your delivery is kind, or you may drive him right into the arms of another woman who will whisper lies into his ears. And while you're not the most passionate woman on the planet, do try to make him feel like a champion when he's in bed, because he will certainly always try to live up to that standard, and he'll do so as much for you as for his own ego.


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