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Astral Travel? Parallel dimension? A strange dream experience...

Updated on March 28, 2010

Several years ago I had the following rather interesting dream experience, or did I go astral traveling and wake up in a parallel dimension?! Please read on and feel free let me know your thoughts...

To set the scene...

I was living in France at the time, with my now 'ex' husband and our four children. During the early hours I had been woken up by my daughter Aimee, she'd got the beginnings of a migraine and was starting to panic a bit - as usual. I 'sorted her out', settled her into the bed in the guest room and eventually got back into my bed at around 6.45am. I dozed for a while, during which time I had a very strange dream involving my Mum. Then my husband's alarm went off at 7.00am. I stayed in bed trying to get back to sleep.

Suddenly I felt like I was in a tunnel, flying along at great speed.

I thought to myself "Wow! I think I'm travelling - I must stay with it!" I was thrilled as I'm very interested in Astral Travel, or Projection, and I didn't want to bring myself out of it by getting too excited. I seemed to be approaching the front of my house at an amazing speed and at a strange angle. As I came round the side, towards the front of the house, it was as though I was looking at a 3D computer graphic of the house. I came round the side, to the front, then zoomed straight up into the sky! I passed through some clouds and found my self high above England.

All the time I was thinking to myself "Stay with it, don't lose it!" I was spiraling down towards the earth in an anti-clockwise direction, wondering where I was going to end up.

I came down and down, flying quickly past Brighton and Eastbourne and thought to myself "I must be going to see my Mum!"

At that moment I heard my children.

They were calling out to each other and I thought I heard someone calling for me. In the back of my mind I thought "Aimee must be calling me, I'd better go and check on her." Also the children were getting ready for school and I really ought to be getting up. As much as I was enjoying this 'travelling' I was going to have to bring myself out of it and just hope that I could repeat the experience at another time.

I wondered how to bring myself back. I thought "I'll open my eyes and I'll be back." - but I couldn't open my eyes. "Now, don't panic" I told myself "I'll count to three, sit up - and open my eyes." So I did just that.

I opened my eyes, but something was wrong.

I was in my room, but it was different. It was the same - but different. It's difficult to explain but it was either back-to-front, or at a slightly different angle. I started to feel very nervous. I felt as though I needed some sort of protection. I have a beautiful crystal point which I used to wear most of the time, which is programmed for protection. I thought to myself, "I must put on my crystal!" I used to hang my pendants on the bedpost to the left of my head, so I knelt up in bed and turned to face the bedpost, reaching for my crystal.

Around the post was a mass of chains and pendants.

I thought "This isn't right, I don't have this many pendants, and why is the crystal hanging on a silver chain when usually it's on a leather cord?" It was all in a complete tangle and I was starting to panic, frantically trying to unravel the chains. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw the leather cord hanging round the bedpost, so I reached out for it. I tried to thread it through the crystal's silver loop and suddenly realised that I was holding a great length of strands of HAIR - not the leather cord. I dropped it in shock and thought "What the hell is going on?"

I was then aware of Aimee calling for me and I thought "I must go to her."

I got out of bed, feeling very disorientated, because although it was my room it was different. I stepped into the hallway and everything was the wrong way round, sort of at the wrong angle. I just kept wondering what was going on. I went to the guest room, where I'd put Aimee during the night, and as I walked through the door, I was looking down at the wooden floor and could see a pair of slippers. "That's odd. Those aren't the slippers Aimee had on last night," I thought. I did recognise the slippers, but wasn't sure where from and I reached down towards them.

When I caught sight of my hands I was horrified.


There was no wedding ring on my finger. There were, instead, two ruby rings, similar to the ones I wore. Also my nails were painted a dark red/pink and were a different shape. They were my hands, but they weren't my hands. During that instant, within my feeling of horror, I had a rush of thoughts! "Where am I?" "When am I?" "Am I still married?" Are the children the same - or are they older?" "Is this the future?" Am I in a parallel universe?"

Then I heard my daughter Lucy call out to me "Bye Mum, I'm going to school now!"

I woke up.

I was in my bed, in my room and in MY body.

I have never been so relieved to wake up in my life!

I have since told several people about this experience and there have been differing ideas as to what happened. Have you got suggestions? Was it just a dream? If so, what did it mean?

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my dream and found it both interesting and entertaining? You are welcome to leave a comment and share your thoughts and please feel free to rate this hub (preferably 'up')... Thanks!

If you are looking for more information and books to help you interpret your own dreams, please click here.


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    • profile image

      palgup 4 years ago

      I too have had multiple experiences in which I woke up in my room but it was different, everything was at wrong/different angles, upside down. But I was so scared each time that I never got out of bed, and wished the experience to end and it did.

    • CrystalStarWoman profile image

      CrystalStarWoman 5 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England

      I know what you mean Cornelius :)

    • profile image

      Cornelius 5 years ago

      Wow- interesting experience, thanks for posting!

      I had a most amazing "dream" about 3 years ago and, to this day, it still occupies my thoughts. I wonder where I was, how I managed to get there, and who the people/beings were with whom I eventually spoke briefly before returning to my bed early that morning. Though I have no way of proving it, I am completely convinced that we actually do travel during our dreams. I believe there is far more to our existence than is apparent to the eye after my experience, just wish I could decipher it all and travel at will.

    • CrystalStarWoman profile image

      CrystalStarWoman 6 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England

      I'm in the UK and dont get HBO - so I have no idea who you are referring to. If you knew me, you would know that I am a very open and honest person and can't tell lies (it's like an illness)! You are of course entitled to your opinion - but your opinion, left here as someone completely 'anonymous', someone who hasn't the courage to express themselves openly, doesn't mean an awful lot...

    • profile image

      DP81555 6 years ago

      You see, I'm not a close minded person, but the fact that you owned one of those crystals before the dream even took place proves to me that you were already focusing your thoughts on these type of things. As you focus your thoughts on things such as this, you eventually had a dream about it. Plus, you look like that batshit crazy woman on that new HBO show enlightened.. so let's not take you exactly at your word.

    • CrystalStarWoman profile image

      CrystalStarWoman 6 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England

      I'm so sorry, my life has been pretty hectic these past few months, a bit of a rollercoaster ride, and I haven't logged in here for quite a while. Just popping in to say "Thank you so much for your comments!" and for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    • profile image

      KG1000000 6 years ago

      Wow. Very interesting dream and thanks for sharing it. I have just woken up from an afternoon nap (exhausting week) where I believe I may have astral travelled! There are some similarities with your story above, in that the room i was in in my dream changed when i re-enterered it... i felt scared as it wasn't logical and i felt i needed help... the next feeling I had was a firm belief that I could fly... so I tried and I did... i flew at such a frantic pace through buildings and people. I honestly thought I'd died! i shouted out in the dream to a man and his son "what year is it?" and he shouted back 2016 - with a slightly worried look on his face- must have thought I was barmy! I was conscious I wanted to get back... so I did... I woke with my hands numb - pins and needles and my dog licking my hand to wake me. Gosh!

    • profile image

      avatar409 6 years ago

      That is a pretty trippy dream. I have heard about people having multiple clones in different dimension only slightly different from our own and it sounds like you have possibly visited one of these. Crazy to think that you could have gotten stuck there. I too have seen some things that have made me wonder about the power of our consciousness and other dimension hiding under the surface. I think our minds are much more powerful than we think.

    • Jack E Pitt profile image

      Jack E Pitt 6 years ago from Bilston

      I agree it is a great subject and although I've had many a lucid dreams I'v never experienced an astral one, bit jealous too x

    • CrystalStarWoman profile image

      CrystalStarWoman 8 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England

      Thank you for your interesting comments - it is such a fascinating subject, isn't it? :)

    • double_frick profile image

      double_frick 8 years ago

      wow, that is fascinating!

      i personally believe that much of our dreams are real experiences of alternate realities, some of which are almost indiscernible from the one we currently live in and others are vastly different.

      i've felt that i've lived full lifetimes in one night, while dreaming, time is such an illusion and so in the short time we sleep in this world could be multiple lifetimes in another.

      what's really creepy, and i've heard of this happening, is this happening and the person never "wakes up" as in they simply wake up in a parallel reality. like in the movies. true or false? i don't know, but definitely interesting.

      thank you for sharing! this is one of the coolest dreams i've heard of, even though it scared you i'm a bit envious of your experience. :)