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Levitation Dreams - have you had any similar experiences?

Updated on February 17, 2010

I had the following dream quite a long time ago, but I still remember the feeling of excitement as though it were yesterday!

I dreamt that I was lying in bed awake with my (now ex) husband asleep beside me. It was very dark but I had a strange feeling and I knew that I must look into the corner of the room, by the window.

There was someone standing there!

It seemed to be the spirit of a child or teenager. I couldn't make it out very clearly and I was too scared to really look at it (although I wanted to). I woke my husband and the spirit immediately vanished.

In the dream my husband went back to sleep, I looked again, to the corner of the room, and now there were two or three spirits there.

I yelled at my husband to look but they disappeared again.

I'm not quite sure what happened next but then I found myself in another room in my house.

Suddenly I was pulled up off the ground!

I was yanked off my feet in an ‘up and backward’ movement, by an invisible force, which had seized me by a spot between my shoulder blades.

I was hanging in the air horizontally, with my legs floating behind me, as though I had levitated.

I thought "Wow! What's going on?!"

I wasn't really afraid at all. In fact I was tremendously excited and it had certainly got my adrenaline flowing!

I called out for help and my husband, and my father, came running to the doorway, where they stopped rather abruptly. They could not believe their eyes! There I was - just floating in the air!

They each got a hold of one my arms...

Tugging with all their might, they pulled me back through the doorway into the hall, where I came down to earth with a bump - and we ended up in a pile on the floor!

I felt strange and excited. I was thrilled that my dad and my husband had witnessed the whole thing and thought that they'd just have to believe in the paranormal now - they couldn't deny what they'd seen with their own eyes!

I wanted to go back into the room, to see if it would happen again, but was beginning to feel a little uneasy and a little scared.

At that point I woke up.

I was feeling scared, but excited. I snuggled up to my husband for reassurance - although I didn't wake him.

I was very disappointed that it had only been a dream because I want so much for my dad and my husband to experience some paranormal 'stuff' for themselves - they are such skeptics!

I wished that it could really have happened.

I kept thinking what an interesting dream it had been and that I must write it down, but fell back to sleep.

I then spent the rest of the night having several mixed-up dreams in which I was telling people about the first dream - so I didn't forget it - and was able to write it all down when I awoke the next morning!

A couple of weeks later I had a similar dream, but not as enjoyable...

It was a night of very muddled dreams. In the middle of the night I dreamt that I was (now - as an adult) in the living room of my childhood home, standing by the bay windows - the curtains were closed.

I felt "something" very dark and malevolent come through the curtains. It lifted me off my feet and THREW me with great force across the room, slamming me into the wall opposite!

I was absolutely terrified. I woke up immediately, feeling very frightened indeed!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my dream and found it both interesting and entertaining? You are welcome to leave a comment and share your thoughts and please feel free to rate this hub (preferably 'up')... Thanks!

Copyright 2010 CrystalStarWoman (Karen Bourner). All rights reserved.

If you are looking for more information and books to help you interpret your own dreams, please click here.


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