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Interesting Dream - Coincidence or a Past Life link to the Titanic?

Updated on March 28, 2010

Several years ago I had the following rather interesting dream experience and strange coincidence. Or maybe it was a link with a past life?

Please read it and then let me know your thoughts...

(To set the scene, I was living in France at the time, with my now 'ex' husband.)

Red Wine
Red Wine

I had this dream early in the morning

We'd actually had some friends staying overnight, after having come to our home for a meal.

It was one of those dreams where you've dreamt that you've woken up, but in reality you haven't!

I dreamt that our friends had got up early and were going home.

Being too tired (and a bit hung over from the copious amounts of red wine that we'd quaffed the night before) I couldn't be bothered to get up, so I just called out "Goodbye" from my bed, turned over and went back to sleep.

In the dream my husband came to wake me, saying that he'd promised an elderly couple, who lived down the road, that I would "pop in" for a cup of tea and a chat that morning. I didn't feel at all like visiting these people, but he insisted that I should, so I went, allbeit rather grudgingly

They were a lovely couple and really pleased to see me

We were sitting down with our cups of tea talking and I couldn't help but notice that the old lady kept turning around to the space to one side of her, smiling and talking to it!

After a few minutes she turned to face her husband and said to him "Do you think she can see them?" Her husband replied "Why don't you ask her?".

She, however, turned to the empty space and said "Can she see you?" She paused for a moment then said "Will you let her see you?"

Then she turned to me, with a big grin on her face and asked...

"Can you see them?"

I looked to where she had been looking and concentrated. Gradually something started to appear. I focused my eyes, as if I were trying to look at one of those 3D pictures, slightly to the side and 'beyond' the space and suddenly I could see "them"!

There were two little girls, aged about four and six years old. They had long, dark hair, in ringlets, tied in two bunches. They wore fairly long, dark, pinafore style dresses and I could see white collars and long sleeves. I thought they looked as though they were dressed as children would have been dressed at around the turn of the 20th century.

"Yes!" I cried out with excitement "I CAN see them".

The old lady was thrilled, her husband just smiled, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

At that point I woke up. When I found that my friends hadn't left yet I realized that it had all been a dream. I was really disappointed.

It had seemed so real.

I soon forgot about the dream

We had some other friends coming that afternoon for a visit, with their four children, so I had lots to do.

We had a very pleasant day and in the evening, while all eight of the children (we've got four too!) were playing in the bedrooms on their computers, etc., the four of us adults were sitting in the living room chatting in front of the television.

It was the first night that the "History Channel" was broadcasting on "Sky TV" and they were featuring a documentary about the sinking of the Titanic.

There were interviews with survivors and with relatives of those who had died, as well as with various historians and experts. As I looked up at the TV, mid conversation, there on the screen was a photograph of two little girls who looked exactly like the two little girls in my dream!

I just could not believe my eyes!

All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end.

I had to explain to the others about the dream that I'd had that morning. Had my dream been a premonition? Was the dream recalling a past life? Who were the girls? May be I'd been one of them?!

The others really didn't know what to think...

So? What do you think?!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my dream and found it both interesting and entertaining? You are welcome to leave a comment and share your thoughts and please feel free to rate this story (preferably 'up')... Thanks!

If you are looking for more information and books to help you interpret your own dreams, please click here.


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    • profile image

      Denim 3 years ago

      It's a plauesre to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

    • profile image

      Ekaterina 3 years ago

      I simply want to say I am just all new to blngoigg and truly enjoyed this web page. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You certainly come with awesome stories. Cheers for revealing your website page.

    • CrystalStarWoman profile image

      CrystalStarWoman 7 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England

      Thanks for the comment Garnetbird (sorry for the delay in responding) and what an interesting story! Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Garnetbird 7 years ago

      I believe in precognition/a few days before meeting my half sister and her husband (we had been raised apart and had not seen one another in 20 yrs) I had a dream. I saw Linda in the same white hat,. looking like Natalie Wood with a husband who looked a lot like her real husband. When I met them at the plane I was surprised to see how accurate my dreams were. She even had a lovely white sun hat on. Good hub.

    • CrystalStarWoman profile image

      CrystalStarWoman 8 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England

      Thanks for your comments Ramtulip and Nell - it's all VERY interesting! Dreams are so fascinating...

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 8 years ago from England

      Hiya, I have had dreams like this, and the only way I can explain them is the fact that they are precognition. The family you were visiting was just background if you understand what I mean, the main characters were the children you saw on the TV. You saw ahead to the programme! that is what I have always thought when it happens to me. interesting hub. cheers nell

    • ramtulip profile image

      ramtulip 8 years ago from india

      the children refer to souls from higher energy levels.that is they are more spiritual than you and that's why the old women asking u whther u can see them,says that whether u have the spiritual capabilities to look beyond the visible and through steady concentration u could be see them says that if u can focus your soul and mind on anything u can enter the subtle world related with that space and time and bring back information to earth plane.

    • CrystalStarWoman profile image

      CrystalStarWoman 8 years ago from Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, England

      Thank you! I will try to make time to publish some more of my dreams - I have had some very interesting ones over the years and used to always write them down... I shall have a look through my files...

      I admit I have been lazy of late and got out of the habit of recording my dreams, but your comments have inspired me to start again. Thank you :)

      Brightest Blessings, Kaz x

    • double_frick profile image

      double_frick 8 years ago

      OMG real real real. :)

      you are obviously awakened so i would expect many of your dreams are "real" in one way or another. as in experiences with higher planes or ON higher planes, prophetic/psychic, past life experiences, etc.

      good times.

      i loved reading your dream! MORE dreams!