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CANCER 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

2010 Forecast for Cancer

June 22 – July 23

Lucky Numbers: 36, 38, 40

Lucky Dates: 30th of January, 20th of May, 13th of September

January sees you setting your sights on achieving your deepest needs, wants and desires this year Cancer. The Universe will assist you, so be ready for positive outcomes.

Uranus brings a bit of a spark to the first half of the year for you Cancer, and you will have the choice as to whether to look at it positively or negatively. There may be upheaval for some, but this will prove to be a blessing in disguise as the perceived loss will actually turn out to be major gain further down the track a bit. Don’t kick up too much of a fuss if you can help it, as emotional stress may cloud your judgement. Trust that all is happening for a good reason, whether you know the reason or not at this time.

Some old lessons may resurface. Be prepared to deal with them once and for all.

This year you will be asked to let go of old, stagnant energies and fears that have been holding you back for some time now. Once you do it will be like shedding a load from your shoulders and you’ll be glad for the new sense of renewal.

Saturn steps into your sign in July focusing on your home and family life. There may need to be a new set of house rules put in place in order for everyone to co-exist without friction. Maybe some more one-on-one time is needed with a particular family member or loved one.

By March you may be fired up about a project or idea that may prove to be very financially viable. Don’t let insecurities or old fears old you back if you believe and know that your project is sound.

Be optimistic and see how wonderful things can turn out for you when you maintain a positive outlook. This energy will draw in good luck for you, especially from March/April onwards.

Read lots of books, attend seminars and workshops that interest you, and broaden your horizons. All and everything you learn in the period can be directed towards increasing your good luck all year.

Some travel, a holiday or possibly a residential move is on the way for you in August and December. By the end of the year you will have a different perspective about many things. Your new or different environment will re-energize you on all levels.

Leave comfort foods out of your shopping trolley this year and focus on health-ful, fresh, nutritious, unprocessed foods. In May you will be putting your new-found zest into action by joining a gym, walking regularly with friends or neighbours or taking up a new health regime that you’ll stick to.

Independence and freedom will be key elements for you this year Cancer and pleasing and looking after yourself first and foremost will be a high priority which will pay long-term rewards for you on many levels. Others may not be so happy with your choices … but then, they have their own choices to make in their own lives.

Love and Light


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