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SAGITTARIUS 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

2010 Forecast for SAGITTARIUS

November – December 21

Lucky Numbers: 13, 23, 32

Lucky Dates: 3rd of February, 9th of April, 12th of December

2010 is the year to get your priorities in order Sagittarius. You will have lots of fantastic opportunities ahead of you, but you’ll want to be sure that you have everything as it should be, otherwise you may not reap all that is due you. Tie up loose ends, investigate thoroughly, be clear on your goals and desires, then take the appropriate actions to ensure that they come to full fruition for you. Put that bit of extra time and effort into all that you do and you’ll find it be well worth your while in many ways. Be concise and decisive Sagittarius.

The spotlight shines on your home and family life and it is set to be a happy and positive year for you with additions to the family, lovely celebrations, happy family times and reciprocated love all round. Relish them and look upon them as gifts.

Your life-life is set to get a boost as Jupiter moves through your romance and creative sectors this year, and this will bring you must joy. Things will expand for you in a bit way throughout 2010 so be prepared for BIG things to come your way Sagittarius!

Expansion and growth are highlighted for you and are key factors in your personal life. There may be some house moves up ahead for some, and some changes to living arrangements for others. Your home is very much in focus all through 2010.

Read some inspirational books or go and see movies that lift your spirit.

August is a particularly strong month for intuitive insights and messages. Take heed of the signs and follow their direction/s.

Your words carry great meaning, so use them wisely Sagittarius.

Financially, January may see things stall a bit so hold onto your pennies and don’t commit to anything of a monetary nature just yet. You’ll not be wanting to bring about unnecessary stress due to spending (or overspending) money that could be used (or saved) for better purposes. Make sure you have your financials in order if you are looking to apply for any loans, particularly up until June.

Your finances are set for a boost as you work diligently at your occupation, and influences look excellent for expansion in the income area of your life.

Make it a point to look after your health and wellbeing ... and keep it up Sagittarius. Rather than wearing yourself out and pushing yourself to your limits, consider your actions and decide to take time out for yourself when needed. Meditation would be a wonderful way for you to zone-out and connect with yourself, and you’ll be needing this given the activity coming your way.

Excellent results are headlined for you across the board in July and December!

Love and Light


Sacred Scribes

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