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VIRGO 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

Forecast for Virgo in 2010

August 24 – September 23

Lucky Numbers: 17, 27, 28

Lucky Dates: 17th of March, 25th of April, 23rd of September

For the first half 2010 you may feel weighed down with lots of things twirling around your mind, juggling this and that constantly.

After July Saturn leaves your sign giving you the opportunity to sigh with relief as pending responsibilities shift from your shoulders a little. You’ll still need to keep an eye on things of course, but it won’t feel like such a burden any longer. Give yourself some credit for how you’ve handled things and for securing solid foundations for yourself and loved ones.

Mercury pushes you to research and/or study and you may feel inclined to investigate family histories and things that have interested you for some time now. You’ll be collecting information as you go along and will revel in what comes to light for you.

Mars brings action into your family and domestic areas with issues coming to the fore to be dealt with once and for all. Certain issues may need to be hashed out and sorted. 2010 could be a year of letting go of old relationships and finding new ones that are more rewarding.

Around August you may wish to redecorate by simply painting here and there or adding new soft furnishings such as throw rugs, curtains and cushions. You’ll be looking to enhance your living environments.

In October a young family member will pleasantly surprise you with an achievement of some sort that makes you feel very proud. Make sure you tell the child of your feelings as this will benefit the child in numerous, long-term ways. Set a positive example.

Saturn is in charge of your money zone making you focus on your expenditures and budgeting skills. You’ll be looking for a holiday or get-away in October or December, and you’ll be glad to have that bit of extra savings behind you. Well done Virgo!

2010 is a high energy year and this should see you looking to your own physical condition. Maybe some regular exercise and a look at your diet is in order to jump start your own energy stocks. Let go of self-defeating habits. Focusing on yourself as a whole will have benefits all round.

Look to some relaxation exercises when feeling stressed.

Enjoy your year Virgo ...

Love and Light


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