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TAURUS 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

Taurus Forecast for 2010

April 21 - May 21

Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 20

Lucky Dates: 24th of May, 16th of August, 23rd of December

The year 2010 urges you to contemplate learning and/or studying a topic that has interested you for some time now. This may be something that you have yearned to do but have not had the right opportunity to undertake or the right avenue to pursue. Jupiter, the planet of connections, helps you to find the right person (or people) at the right time and assists you to mix and mingle with the appropriate networks and/or groups.

Communication will be a key for you this year and the planet Mercury urges you to hone your communications skills and speak your truths. No one will know what you truly want from them if you don’t tell them clearly.

If there has been any family unrest or separation then August is the month to clear the air, make amends and re-unite.

Some new people will enter your life over the year and some old acquaintances will re-enter your life. Use your discernment here. Lessons learned in the past do not need to be repeated. Make sure your boundaries are clear and no one steps over them.

If you are in a relationship Taurus, you may consider taking it a step further into marriage or expanding the family with child this year. If single, your friends and acquaintances will expand your social set, inviting a new, fresh relationship into your life. Happiness abounds for you in your social sector Taurus. Enjoy them.

During April check the fine print and ‘terms and conditions’ if you are signing any important financial documents early in the year and consult a professional for valid and constructive advice and guidance. It will be well worth your while in the long term.

An influx of income is due in September to October, but use this money wisely. Look to investing it into something long-term and worthwhile rather than flippantly spending it on impulse buys.

Saturn gives you a bit of a wake-up call regarding your physical, mental and spiritual states and asks you to take time-out from busy schedules and routines and focus on loving and caring for yourself first and foremost. Make down-time and regular rest and relaxation an important part of your life and lifestyle.

Don’t make any promises you can’t keep.

Luck will be on your side particularly in the first half of 2010, and this energy is set to continue for you so make the most of them throughout the entire year. Make it a great one Taurus!

Accepting invitations will find you in perfect situations.

Love and Light


Sacred Scribes

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