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Questions for the Universe Part 1

Updated on January 8, 2022
lovetherain profile image

lovetherain is a seeker on a strange path and tends to philosophize everything, from the strange and odd to the mundane.


Fractals, Patterns, Free Will, and Evolution: What is to become of the Human Species as a Being?

Fractals are smaller patterns that fit into and resemble larger patterns. Like in a hologram, where each tiny section is a representation of the whole. I believe the entire universe works this way. I also believe free will is the result of this fractal pattern in the universe.

A tree is a good example of the way fractals work. There is a trunk that branches off into smaller and smaller branches, finally ending in leaves that also resemble the whole, with a mini trunk and branches in each leaf (the stem and veins).

I believe everything follows a fractal pattern. Things might appear to be predestined but only appear that way. There is actually choice along every branch in the pattern, as long as that choice conforms to one of the branches. There are natural laws, that can't be broken. But there is room for choice, as long as the choice conforms. The choices combine to make up a fractal smaller or larger than a similar pattern.

Everything is energy, and anything can conform to specific vibrations. As long as the vibration conforms to the pattern, it will exist. If it doesn't conform, it causes disharmony, and will be forced to conform, or be destroyed. There are only a certain number of patterns for the elements, and no more or less. All may exist, but no more.

All evolution is, is matter conforming to the patterns allowable by the fractal nature of the universe. Matter vibrates into the correct form. It isn't a predestined form, but it is a predestined pattern. Free will comes in when we are aware that there ARE choices. We can choose a branch, but only a predetermined one. But there are many branches. There are not an infinite number of branches, so there are not an infinite number of choices. Therefore, free will is not absolute, and not exactly "free". It is the ability to choose black or pink, but maybe not green. If there is no pattern for green then that choice can't be made. It can be tried but will cause disharmony in the trying, and pain and suffering. The pain and suffering happen because the choice is being forced back into pink or black.

The more self-awareness a piece of matter has, the more choice is available to it. This also means that more "bad" choices can be made with more self-awareness. There must be a purpose to free will. It's about making the right choices or suffering the consequences. It's not about judgment or punishment, but about becoming aware that there ARE right and wrong choices in any given situation. If we hurt others, we hurt ourselves. If we hurt ourselves, we hurt others as well.

Humans as a species is a larger fractal of human being. The choices we make affect the species, which is a being unto itself, or in the process of becoming a whole. This is the result of the long series of choices made by all of life in the past up to now. Each of us is helping to create the Human Species. What will we become?

What is Life? Are We Just DNA Propegating Itself?

The theory goes that DNA hasn't changed for the billions of years that it has existed on Earth. How anyone could arrive at that conclusion is anyone's guess. But if true, then why hasn't DNA changed? Everything alive has DNA, with the same four base pairs, and the same configurations.

What if DNA itself is the true life, and we are all just carriers for the DNA. Like vehicles for the propagation of DNA molecules? Evolution might just be a way for DNA to become aware of itself. A way for the Universe to become aware of itself is through Life.

The simplest forms of life are basically just DNA molecules that have wrapped themselves in a cell wall. Where do their instincts to divide and create more of themselves come from? Their instincts to eat? They don't have brains. We are told our basic instincts come from our nervous system or chemical reactions in our brains.

But what about the lower forms of life who don't have brains? Their instincts have to come from somewhere. It must be from their DNA itself. The DNA is life itself and must have the urges to grow and eat and reproduce. It has to come from somewhere.

What if DNA is the Universe's way of growing and becoming aware? Through the evolution of DNA into higher and higher forms. The patterns must already exist, and the DNA is just following the pattern. The laws of nature.

Maybe we aren't ourselves, but carriers of life and DNA. It is living through us, with its own agenda, we are unaware of. The agenda of the Universe, no tour agenda. We are happily unaware that we are pulled through this existence only to carry DNA into a higher form, with a more and maybe different awareness.

Is God the Universe Becoming Aware of Itself?

Is God the Universe becoming aware of itself? I ponder these types of questions all the time. I have had many experiences involving "God", or what I thought was God at the time. What really happened, I still don't know.

What I don't believe in is the Christian God or any other type of religious belief. I am an agnostic, although I've run the gamut of beliefs throughout my life. I believe SOMETHING exists, but I don't know what it is. I believe SOMETHING is going on, but I don't know what that is either. There are patterns I can sometimes make out, but nothing is ever very clear. I know the Universe is mysterious, but there are clues to those patterns. In the Earth and moon and sun, in mythology and religion. In the cycles of time and nature. In the patterns of growth and life.

The Egyptians associated the powers of nature with numbers and called their "Gods" Neters. There was the 1-2-3 trinity describing the relationship of duality (yin and yang), four was form and space, five was life, seven was growth. They built their temples and Pyramids to reflect the powers of nature.

The Christian cathedrals of the first millennium were built for the same purpose, to reflect the powers of nature through number and proportion. These have been lost over the years, and we no longer understand the real laws that govern nature.

But perhaps the cycle has come again, and the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Man, will bring back this knowledge through intuition and growing awareness and consciousness. The Sphinx was a representation of the two most important ages, Leo and Aquarius, the Lion and the Man. It might have been left as a marker for us to figure out the Precession of the Equinoxes, and when it began, so we would be able to figure out when the Age of Aquarius would begin, and that this time was an important one for the consciousness of human beings.

Perhaps our intuition is the Universe telling us things we need to know. About the laws of nature through number and proportion especially. About how everything is a vibrational pattern, that fits into the fractal nature of the Universe, and that we as humans play an important role in the awareness of the Universe.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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