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Close Encounters of the Independence Day Kind

Updated on April 5, 2015
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MUFON UFO Journal author (March 1995, June 1996). Self published on UFO Window website from 1997 to 2002. Hubpages articles began late 2011.

Darned Aliens Crashed Our 4th Celebration!

In "Independence Day", the blockbuster movie of 1996, mankind, lead by the United States, fights for survival against powerful and nasty aliens on the 4th of July. Twelve years later there was a less dramatic, non-Hollywood style invasion of UFOs on July 4 and occurring in real life America for four consecutive years.

In past hubs I have described two different cycles that are a little over a week in length. One, which we will call cycle A, lasts about 3.5 hours longer than our week and the other, or cycle B, lasts only about 11.4 minutes longer. As theorized in an earlier hub, I believe that the first cycle corresponds to alien technology that is visiting us from 3,000 years in the future and the second cycle corresponds to back-engineered technology that we developed and is coming to us from around 150 years in our future. The reason behind this theory being that the length of our day is slowing on average by almost 2/3rds of a second every year (and visitors from our future would be operating on a longer day or week).

Cycle A is also the cycle that relates most to the peak in UFO sightings that occurred on July 4th from 2008 till 2011. Our weeks fit evenly into 13 week and 52 week periods that almost fit into 3 and 12 average length months. Our 52 week period lasts 364 days or just one day shy of a 365 day year. For Cycle A, 51 of its weeks is 8 hours more than 52 weeks (or 364.336 days). Thus, a peak on Friday July 4, 2008, will occur a year later on Saturday July 4, etc. In February 2008, before the July 4 peak, there was a leap day or a 29th day for that month. This year there will be another leap day in February. When that happens the peak in early July will shift to a day earlier, but since the cycle peak advance every 8 hours each year it would seem that the July 4 peak repeats again like it was in 2009 (so we may have a similar July 4 in 2013). It may be worth noting that one of the biggest UFO sighting days was also during the first major wave in the modern error (on July 4, 1947).

Cycle A has been responsible for the biggest daily peaks in UFO sightings ever. For example, there were peaks in four great waves on the following days: July 4, 1947, July 28-29, 1952, March 15, 1967, and October 16-18, 1973. All of those dates correspond to peaks in Cycle A.

Cycle B was responsible for a peak in sightings on September 19, 2009 (nix that; a missile launch actually caused that spike), January 1st of this year and in 1995, and for the biggest peak on July 4th that occurred in 2010 (but also that date for the year before and after), when both cycle A and B were very close to peaking together. My next estimate of when they will peak in unison is on the first weekend in June of this year. Since that is within the effective 4.75 month range that extends before and after the 3.19 year UFO crash cycle peak (January 26th), I am expecting a fairly good day for UFO sightings (however I now feel that the weekend of March 2nd to March 4th looks much better in part because it is closer to the 3.19 year cycle peak, is at a usually more active sighting period of March rather than May or June, and almost coincides with when the planet Mars comes closest to earth in its orbit which often accompanies UFO sighting increases).

I have recently been testing my ability to predict earthquakes (see some of my earlier hubs) and have been getting disappointing results. The best I seem to be able to do is give general trends in periods of years rather than days. For daily predictions I am averaging results about twice what would be expected due to chance alone when I am aiming for more like 3-4 times greater than average. When it comes to UFOs however, the more I refine my proposed cycles, the more confident I become. The peaks for both cycles A and B are fitting the past sightings peaks in a more consistent manner (especially cycle A). Due to that and my near certainty that I nailed the periodicity for the 3.19 year cycle (which was sorted out back in 1996), it is my belief that UFO activity should be higher than usual for this time of year (during the next few months) with the biggest day of the week for sightings occurring on Saturdays and Sundays for a six week period centered on June 2nd and 3rd (or the weekends for most of May and June). However, the weekend days should be strong before that period also (especially Fridays and Saturdays; particularly on March 2nd and 3rd).

Unfortunately, although I think I have the 'when' part of the equation pinned down, I really haven't looked at the 'where' angle. So I am unable to give any possible locations of where this peak is likely to occur. I will leave you with a map that I modified from a screen shot using the *U* UFO Database and presented a couple of years after my similar prediction for higher than usual UFO activity during the first few months of 1995 (there was an actual peak in UFO activity back then as well). For a more recent display of UFO sightings, you can view a real time map derived from MUFON's UFO report database at

© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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