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Religion is the only thing that stands between Peace and Harmony on this planet.

Updated on November 13, 2015

Dare to Dream of Peace and Harmony

Dare to dream BIG
Dare to dream BIG
White doves heralding peace
White doves heralding peace
children's fairy tales from a magic book
children's fairy tales from a magic book | Source

A reality check for 2015 and beyond

Getting a grip on a reality for modern times requires a few minor adjustments to what we are taught as children and what we teach our own:

  • The 'sins' of the world are man made.
  • Peace and Harmony have fallen along the wayside.
  • Profits, Gold, and Greed are the new idols of the world.
  • Judgment, hatred and intolerance are the new religious credos.
  • Humanitarianism seems to have been lost somewhere in the past

Are peace and harmony really attainable, or just a dream (fantasy)?

  • The evil in the world today has nothing to do with God or Satan.
  • It is a manifestation that emanates from the twisted minds of mankind itself.
  • Man has always looked for external reasons to explain its own short comings.

The corruption within

All organized religions today are inherently corrupt; and that corruption is being used to further political agendas.

This is not to say that the individuals that make up the religious entities are corrupt within themselves; but rather, what the entities themselves have become is, in and of itself, corrupted.

The greatest destroyer of all, is the all powerful and prevalent force we see so visibly today - the all consuming Greed. This is not a new concept by any means. The lust of man for wealth, power, and control has been around since time began and has been the motivating factor that is ultimately destroying itself.

No religious or governmental entity can sustain itself indefinitely based on these flawed and self limiting fundamentals.

The underlying causes

Superstition, fear, guilt, a sense of hopelessness, and indifference, all lead to complacency; and these are all that are needed to fuel the proliferation of greed.

It does not take an entire community to promote this evil.

An idea, or desire, that consumes one individual, or a few, can perpetuate the destruction of an entire nation that easily and readily succumbs to that superstition, fear, hopelessness, ignorance and indifference.

The corrupt leaders count on this very complacency from unsuspecting individuals, to freely take what they have not earned or deserve without any consequences.

They learn quickly how to manipulate honest, decent people by distorting facts, instilling and fueling fears in the name of a "creator" that is non-existent, ambivalent, or at best, unimpressed, or even amused by it all.

Politicians and religious leaders that 'use' their religious and political influences, to create fervor in order to disguise their own personal agendas, are the most evil of all.

Agents of change

Man must make a concerted effort to change society
Man must make a concerted effort to change society | Source
will YOU be the new super hero of change?
will YOU be the new super hero of change?

Becoming agents of change

It really is O.K. for each of us to have, and explore, our own thoughts, to exercise our own ability to reason, to rationalize and seek the truth.

That truth which comes from actively seeking knowledge, learning, and consciously developing our insights by, and with, discussion with others to understand how they feel and think. Never by mandate of church or government.

This is the main combatant against greed.

For over 2,000 years humanity has been at odds with itself and controlled by a book (or books) of fairy tales. Superstitious "stories" created by a few to instill fear and to gain control over the masses. And it has worked well to serve their own ends. There is no entity that punishes individuals for their thoughts, beliefs, or non-beliefs. No hell to burn our soul in for an eternity. These too are only the manifestations of a few, to instill fear in us, and maintain control over our lives.

The founding fathers of this great nation (America) were wise enough to create a constitution that separates government and church. The evil in this world would have us change that basic right of "equality for everyone" and incorporate their religion into politics, simply to re-capture some lost control.

Religion is akin to cancer. It is an invasive, self perpetuating disease that permeates our society to is very core. People fighting over who should, or should not, have equality in this country or in this world, is a perfect example of the extensiveness of this disease within and throughout our society.

Who deserves equal rights?


Energy is the driving force of all things, but without motivation it moves nothing
Energy is the driving force of all things, but without motivation it moves nothing | Source

Redirecting our energies

Can we even imagine what kind of a wondrous world this would be if all this lost and misdirected energy were re-directed into creating a society of knowledgeable, rational people who seek advancement, betterment of mankind, love and equality for everyone, not just a few select, wealthy, and vastly self serving, greedy, narrow minded and controlling individuals?

There are wonders beyond our imaginations, and limited beliefs, waiting to be discovered. A universe filled with untold numbers of galaxies, worlds, great unimaginable wonders to be discovered and explored: (not exploited).

There are Wondrous inventions to benefit all of mankind. An entire world here on earth to be discovered, explored and enjoyed by every person on this planet. And yet even this wondrous invention (the world wide web) is at risk of being ruined and exploited by a few individuals for their own personal gains in their attempts to control the internet, decide what you will be allowed to view, and limit your choices. (A sad commentary to our times)

These are the "sins" of the world. The "evil" we should be fighting against. New laws should be made to curb this exploitation by the wealthy and greedy, instead of trying to stifle humanity even more.

As a child i had visions of a society, (a world) so rich and wondrously benevolent that await each of us when i grew up. Instead it has been wasted, corrupted and exploited by the greed of a few (yes evil) people that duped us all and still do.

For every force in the universe there is a counter force. As long as those forces remain equal, peace and harmony will maintain itself. Our society mirrors those universal forces: the forces of good and evil. Not good and evil as in God versus Satan, but more simply the good of humanity versus the evil inside individuals in our society.

The evil, or goodness, does not lie within any group of people, any religious sect, or any one government. It lies in the hearts, minds and very souls of every person who resides on this planet. How these attributes are dealt with are up to the individual. We only have the power to make decisions regarding our own personal choices - not the choices of others.

Allowing the suffering, grief, strife, starvation and subversive attempts to take away basic human rights, should not, and must not, be tolerated.

People who use, or rather abuse, their powers of persuasion to disrupt harmony, spread hatred and bigotry, promote lies and hatefulness for their own gain must not be allowed to continue or be given any credence at all.

We do not have to mention individual names to see who those evil disruptors are. All one has to do is look at the news and they will be easily identifiable. The louder the voices, the greater the evil.

The more "quiet indignation" by people who feel hopeless and helpless, the more strength allowed to those evil doers.

Please take a minute to watch the brief video, a child singing about peace and harmony. Well worth the time. Thanks.

by: d.william 08/14/2010

A Child's View - Peace and Harmony

© 2010 d.william


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