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My Story: How I Became An Atheist

Updated on April 14, 2022 | Source

Not A Believer

When people ask me, what's your religion? I tell them, well my family is Muslim but as for me I don't have one, they ask: What do you mean you don't have a religion?

And I reply saying: “ I'm an atheist, that's it " that's what I tell them and trust me you don't want to know how some people seriously over-react after they know I'm not a believer in neither God or religions, like what does that have to do with you? Or your business? Or your life? It's my life and my choices isn't it? Did I judge you or over-react for knowing that you believe in such theories and religions?

A Bad After-life?

People usually start to give me lectures about religions, they just think they're feeling sorry for me that I'm not a believer and that I might get torture when I die and they say we want you to learn and read more, we only advise you because we love you and we don't want you to get lost and have a bad after-life, I'm like after-life? Hmm seriously? Do you have any proof that this even exists? Nope okay so can you stop talking about something you don't have any proof for?

It's crazy that sometimes they don't want to understand that the only road I took to
have become an atheist was that I was already a believer when I was a kid.

I tell them, I've done that I've been there!
They think I've become an atheist for having ignorance about what religions are all about but the truth is that what made me as such was my excessive searches and the millions of articles and videos that I watched besides having lots of experiences.

If I just have the ability to write about this subject more I'd write 1000's of pages! | Source

When Theists Question Me

Theists usually ask me, what do you believe in? If you don't have a god how do you get hope and strength? Why do you think you're here living in this life? Who created this magnificent and perfect world?

My answers are:

I do have beliefs, I believe in humanity and in the capability of the human being to create and invent things, I believe in science and all that have to do with it, I believe in a better world, I believe there will be more people like me in the future and I believe that being good with others should come out from conscience and conscious and out of the ability and the intention of being as such but not out of having fear from being tortured in Hell or being greedy for what heaven might get me if I act good.

" If you don't have a god how do you get hope and strength?"
Well that's exactly my point! Actually the whole idea of creating God was to get hope and strength since no matter how strong us humans can be we would always need an extraordinary help from an outer world that we've created to feel more powerful and to feel that we have some super sources to lead us and guide us in our life.

The sad truth is that there isn't such a thing and I personally wouldn't depend on an
imaginary God to help me find out my way in life, the only person who can help me and guide me in my life is me, I'm the only one who is capable of building myself up and I get my strength from myself! Knowing that I can face things and go on with life on my own without relying on anything else.

"Why do you think you're here living in this life? "

Well, I think that's a question that neither both of us can answer, why are we here? I wouldn't just talk to prove that I have knowledge, I admit that I don't know the answer to this yet and I am myself trying to figure it throughout my life as well, however, I do believe that everyone is born for a mission in life, everyone has powers to make a change with and no one is simply born in this life for nothing!

"Who created this magnificent and perfect world?"

This is the most common question that I get asked and my answer is that I really don't know, science talks about the big bang but people ask again, who provoked this explosion?
I might have accurate answers to that if I only saw the incident within my eyes but until now I can't really answer that and >> us not knowing who created this universe doesn't give us the right to create an imaginary creature and call him God and put all the credits to it <<

"How do you get healed from sickness without God?"

I don't! my immunity system defends its way, again they ask " Who created your immunity system" the same answer again " I don't know " they then say " it's God " I answer again " How do you know God exists? did you see him? talk to him? hear him? " They answer "
We didn't, but we have beliefs that he exists so he does exist" they answer
and I'm like seriously? does that sound logical to you guys?
Have beliefs? well then can I have beliefs that spider man exist and thus he exists? They say, read God's books and you'll believe, umm really? Well then how about you read spider man's book or another ancient book about the existence of some other creature.

Science heals me, medicines can also heal me and those medicines are created by Man, they ask again : Who let all the tools for creating medicines available?
Again, I don't know it's all found in nature and I don't know who created nature so far and me not knowing who created it doesn't give me the right to start inventing a creature and give it all the credits, how many times should I repeat the same answer?

Do you believe in God?

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