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Mars, Venus, and Moon in Sagittarius Explained!

Updated on February 22, 2016

In my hub, Sagittarius Ascendant & Mercury Explained, I talked about Ascendant/Rising and Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius. In this hub, Planets in Sagittarius Part 2: Mars, Venus and Moon, I will be talking about mars, Venus, and moon in Sagittarius. Again this does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Sagittarius (some similarities may apply however). If you do not know your Mars, Venus, or Moon sign, you can run a natal chart (for free, type natal chart in google and plug in your birth data.) For my sun sign in Sagittarius hub click here:


Mars in Sagittarius

Your Mars is in Sagittarius, in the planet of action, sexuality/sexual expression, and energy. Mars in Sagittarius is a fairly decent position for Mars to be in. Remember that Mars rules the sign of Aries. Mars in fire signs (and earth signs) are generally good positions for Mars to be in

Sagittarius is a fire sign, passionate, explosive, and strong. Sagittarius here is energetic, with scattered energies and interests. Mars in Sagittarius person sign is oftentimes driven to activities that allows them to be independent, and activate the restless and fearless explorer in them. Activities like horse-back riding, hunting, scuba-diving, mountain-climbing, and camping. Mars in Sagittarius is very interested in out-doorsy activities where its nothing but them and nature.

The Sagittarius mars person is also interested in activates that international and multicultural twist to it such as tantric and yogic traditions yoga/chaka, traveling/backpacking, and cosplay, among other things. Not to mention they are big party animals, aka the ones that will drunkenly yelling YOLO (you only live once) at a rooftops at 5am in the morning. Wherever the party is at, Sagittarius mars person will appear to larger than life.

Mars in Sagittarius (cont'd.)

The Sagittarius Mars person energies is very scattered and all over the place (typical of mutable signs). It could be observed that they have too much energy and that they don’t know what to with it. So they do everything and move on relatively quickly.

Mars also governs sexuality and sexual expression. Mars in Sagittarius is the sex explorer of zodiac. Sagittarius is fearless and is one of the few mars signs that will try it all (other signs include Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio). Sagittarius don’t necessarily have high stamina (get bored easily) but they have a fireball in them. Like a wild horse (nay!!!!) they very independent and cannot be tamed (Miley Cyrus sag reference). Psychedelic love shack in an exotic and remote location, high off of sacred native mushrooms, quite a mythical experience.


Venus in Sagittarius

Venus is all about love and how we act in relationships. How we are as friend, lover, parent, etc. Venus in Sagittarius is not the best Venus position. Remember Pisces is exalted in Venus. Water and earth Venus signs are ideal elements for Venus to be in. Fire and Air Venus signs are not as strong.

Venus in Sagittarius is a fire sign so they are naturally passionate, energetic and aggressive in love. Even so, since Neptune is all about love and sacrifice, Venus in Sagittarius can be seen as too emotionally selfish and not receptive enough.

Sagittarius Venus person may be seen as too independent (not in the Aquarius detached antisocial, social weirdo, or in the Arian combative warrior way). Again Sagittarius is the explorer of the zodiac, and they set their arrow far and ahead. Their need for adventure means they need a lot of freedom to explore. This in turns makes them frighten and non-committal (scared to be tied down), and unavailable (literally and figuratively). They might enjoy the idea of a new adventure (aka a relationship) but their capricious and fidgety ways sends them galloping away like the centaur that they are.


Venus in Sagittarius (cont'd.)

Also Sagittarius Venus person everything is fun (fun, fun, fun!!!). They enjoy new things, new situations and new people. This doesn’t make them promiscuous (though they can be) but more flirtatious. Even so, light-hearted flirting can turn into something new and exciting really quick.

Even so, Venus in Sagittarius is open minded and fearless. Several international love affairs with foreign lovers, they are not afraid to cross ethnic, social and “taboo” lines and conventions.

A jupiterian in love, they have an all or nothing gamblers approach in love and relationships. The Venus in Sagittarius person loves taking chances (oftentimes it’s beneficial) and their abilities to transcend differences is quite remarkable.


Moon in Sagittarius

Moon is Sagittarius, which is are ruled by Jupiter. The moon governs emotions and the moon as a planet represents how we react and relate emotionally. The moon is at home (dignified) in Cancer and exalted in Taurus. It is in detriment in Capricorn and in the fall in Scorpio.

Moon in Sagittarius is a fun, playful moon. The person regardless of age who will laugh too loud, eat and drink too much. When they dream, their dreams are big, cheerful optimists at heart. They are restless and they are constantly moving and doing things (traveling, eating, partying, laughing, exploring, etc).

The negatives of Sagittarius moon is that they can be considered too reckless and irresponsible, thinking they can do it all, too much, too soon and too fast without thinking of the consequences. All the while their blind faith can be seen as foolish and unrealistic.


Moon in Sagittarius (cont'd.)

Also a thing to mention is that the Sagittarius moon’s anger is also scattered (almost non-existent and they wish to escape intense and uncomfortable situations. This freaks them out and they will usually run away. If they ever to get angry expect random bursts of anger that is mostly laughable.

When they do explode they don’t intentionally seek out to hurt anyone (most of the time anyway) and they don’t have insanely huge egos (their changeable nature doesn’t stick to being a douche for long).

This doesn’t keep them down long and they are quite intuitive and use Jupiter’s guiding powers, to guide them into the right behaviors.


Even so, Sagittarius light-hearted, easy-going, jovial attitude is quite admirable no matter what placement. Overall this concludes my Planets in Sagittarius Series. Thank You!

What planet (s) do you have in Sagittarius?

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