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Personal Spiritual Happenings

Updated on July 31, 2020

Talking about spiritual circumstances

Meeting and talking to your friends and other people could be the best thing to do, if there are problems to solve, whatever those problems can be, it is helpful to see what other people think, sometimes they surprise you.
Meeting and talking to your friends and other people could be the best thing to do, if there are problems to solve, whatever those problems can be, it is helpful to see what other people think, sometimes they surprise you. | Source
My angels poem in Prayers of reconciliation, is a religious circumstances for writing this hub. You, angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation
My angels poem in Prayers of reconciliation, is a religious circumstances for writing this hub. You, angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation

My personal spiritual happenings

Welcome to our article (11), Personal spiritual happenings

May God guide and help me to write the right things?

Dear readers, in our previous articles we have talked about God existence and dreams. In this article we want to talk about our spiritual life observations.

Now, when we look at our religious life observations, we must agree that during our lives spiritual circumstances exist, and they will influence what we believe and do.

So, this article is being written to explain my spiritual observations, that can help us understand our religious needs; so, while we discuss our spiritual observations, we are looking for religious options that can improve links between religions, since existing religions were made to stay isolated, but today being isolated is not the best thing to do, so, it is better if religions can be modified.

Anyhow, these are the items that we want to talk in this article; we will be writing about my spiritual observations, as these spiritual circumstances exist; first meeting discussions; there is a time for everything; my friends reply to our religious talks and thinking about a new prayer.


Michelangelo painted God as a man

Man prefer to pray to God and would like to see God as his own imagine of course, even if one day God may turn out to be different, anyhow, this image here is how Michelangelo imagined God. He saw God as a powerful man.
Man prefer to pray to God and would like to see God as his own imagine of course, even if one day God may turn out to be different, anyhow, this image here is how Michelangelo imagined God. He saw God as a powerful man.

Spiritual circumstances happen

Dear readers, we have observed that spiritual circumstances exist, and we can be affected from them in different ways, it is so because I have been affected by them.

You see, I have written about ‘God exists because life exists’, and Cosmic Spiritual Dreams, because of my spiritual circumstances.

Now, what follows here has been born from these circumstances, which drive me to do these things. You see, my spiritual dreams and other religious articles, they are all driving me to write these religious writings.

You see, after that supernatural experience that I have written in “prayers for reconciliation”; I need to say that for a long time I kept that supernatural happening to myself, because when these visions happen, and you tell someone they think that you are going crazy.

Anyhow, in the end I concluded that I had to tell at least my most trusted friends, even if they would think that I was crazy, after all they were my friends, and if they think that I am crazy they will try to help me; so I did tell them.

And just as I thought, the first time that I told my friends about it, they were worried about what I had told them, and they did not know what to say, but then they said; If you believe that what you have seen and heard is true, then, we must believe you. Then they said, what are you going to do about it? And I said that I had to think it over.

Now, I do not know why my friends came to my rescue, whether they wanted to know more about my mental state, or for friendship sake, my fried Mark said: because you don’t seem to feel sure about yourself, we, (that is me and Gino) are ready to help you in any way possible, as we feel that you need some help, or at least we will talk about it, if you so wish, so that we can understand you better.

Then my lifelong friend Mark said to Gino: Would you be ready to help Frank, with this strange religious matter that is on his mind? And Gino said yes.

So now, I can call on my friends to have a good talk about these religious writings. But before I call this meeting with Mark and Gino, let me say a prayer of reconciliation to God Most High our Heavenly Father, so that I can be inspired and worthy to write these religious writings.


My Lord God, Almighty and merciful Father, to you I turn God-Most-High praying with all my heart, my soul and my mind earnestly; I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that may affect my soul; so that, I would become worthy to pray to you and my prayer would be heard and accepted, and so, become worthy to be your humble servant, and can write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will. Father hear my prayer and bless me! Amen.


Talking to my friends at the meeting

Dear readers, when we need help, it is wonderful if people come to help you, as my friends did in this case. Anyhow, we had this meeting, where Mark, Gino and three other friends came as they had promised. So, I said to them:

My dear friends, I can feel within my heart that you are my friends, because you have come to help me, on this decision that I am facing today of your own free will. Now, what I have in mind is not going to be easy for anyone of us; because there will be people that are not going to agree with our religious views, but I feel that I want to do it anyhow, and this is the time for me to start.

What I have in mind, it is about suggesting religious changes. Now, I must warn you. If you help me, because people may not like what I am writing, they will not like you for helping me.

Having warned you about what can happen. I feel free to say how I see this religious situation. I believe that it is going to take more than a few wise people to solve this religious situation that exists today, and whether this situation can be solved nobody knows. So, this question arises; in theory, are we going to be wise enough to suggest a solution? Or get it started in the right direction? So, humanity can solve these religious problems, about the atheists and the religious extremists, since they put the entire world in danger.

So, it depends on our wisdom and knowledge, and if our religious beliefs can be modified. But let us make it simple, let us believe that there is a god that listens to our prayers; because if we believe that there is a god, then it follows that if we believe in God and religions and pray God, then God will help us achieve what we are willing to achieve for the people sake, but we need to be wise ourselves, and at the same time search for wise people help.

So, let us talk about what is Wisdom and Knowledge, because it is something that we are going to need. So, hereunder are written our views about wisdom and knowledge.


The legendary Salomon wisdom

Salomon was a very wise man and in his life was able to solve many disputes, it is said in the bible that Salomon dreamed about God asking him what he would like to have most and Salomon answered wisdom and thus he became very wise.
Salomon was a very wise man and in his life was able to solve many disputes, it is said in the bible that Salomon dreamed about God asking him what he would like to have most and Salomon answered wisdom and thus he became very wise.

Our views about wisdom and knowledge

Our views about wisdom and knowledge

During our lives many issues arise, some of them are easy, other issues are not that easy to solve; for instance, today we want to solve these problems; but they are not easy to solve. So, how do we go about to solve them?

Now these religious issues are complex, because there are people involved in them, therefore, we must be careful, since we must not upset the people involved. Therefore, the only thing that we can do is to let our wisdom guide us. Now let us explain wisdom, in the shortest way possible. Wisdom is the mental capacity of a wise person, which when confronted with a problem can solve it better than the average person.

Now, let us explain wisdom another way; wisdom is the accumulated knowledge of all those events that a person has lived during his/her life; therefore, this wise person is capable of using this accumulated knowledge for his own advantage, or for helping other people when a problem arises, since this wise person can solve the problem easier than other people.

It is not known why, somebody can become wiser than somebody else, even though they may have lived most of the same events together. Anyhow, let us say that some people are better at assimilating their accumulated knowledge, perhaps by storing it at the highest level in their own mind, then, when the need arises, they can use this accumulated knowledge to their advantage.

Since accumulated knowledge can be stored at one level higher than our logic reasoning mind; it may feel like a sixth sense to the wise man that has it. The wise man knowing what he should do by intuition of his sixth sense, he uses also logic reasoning to make sure that everything is all right, this way he is able to back up his wisdom.

Anyhow, some people believe that there is a possibility that the wise person can tune into the cosmos, which can be an integral part of God of the universe and can inspire people? Just like when people were inspired in the Bible.

Anyhow, here we are talking about wisdom and not God. So, the definition of wisdom and where it comes from can remain a mystery to most of us, but that does not matter because we can use our accumulated knowledge to achieve our goals. Therefore, we are going to use our wisdom, together with our logic reasoning mind, to achieve what we want to achieve.

Now, it seems to me that the time has come to do something about this religious situation; so, let us see what needs to be done.


There is a time for everything

After my speech, I said to my friends, I hope you don’t mind if I say a few more words, and I said.

From our life experiences and observations, we have reasons to believe, that today we are approaching a time, when religious beliefs need to be modified, because there are religious problems.

I must say that things around us are continually changing, so, what today seems perfect as everything is, tomorrow those same things are out of place. Therefore, some adjustment is required to make them fulfil those things that were supposed to be fulfilled. Now, since we are talking about religious beliefs, we believe that religions are made to guide and serve humanity, so, any changes that we are suggesting should be made for the future benefit of mankind, so that, religions can continue to serve humanity, as they have done in the past.

Anyhow, we believe that there is a time for everything. You see, today I feel that there are things that need to be done; because I believe that this was the reason why that supernatural event happened to me. You see, I was aware that the world’s religions clashed with each other’s, and that it was time for somebody to come up with new system.

So, I was asking myself, what we can do, to improve this religious situation. Now, because I found myself in this religious dilemma, I did some research and read a few religious books, and after reading and thinking about what I had read, by pure human logic reasoning, I have formed my own religious beliefs.

You see, before everything was different, and it was a lot harder to do anything about religions; but today we are advancing rapidly in all fields of knowledge, thanks to the computer and other electronic devices that bring knowledge to the people like myself. So, we are now entering the age of knowledge and REASON, and everything that in the future will not stand to our logic human REASON, will be rejected by humanity.

Wanting to act on my own

Now, having reached this stage, and believing that there is a time for everything, and this is the right time, to start doing something serious. I was looking at the progress that we humans are achieving today. Therefore, I was looking for positive signs that humanity was doing something about religious beliefs, to rectify this religious problem that we have today. But I was shocked to see that nobody was doing anything, which could improve the existing religious situation. While these ideas were on my mind and I was working on them, the tragic event of 9-11-2001 happened, and this got me thinking even harder.

It was for this reason that I said that I should try something myself. Now, having started with this thinking in my mind, I started to write a few articles, to see if I could come up with ideas on how to achieve something useful, therefore, I had written some of my religious beliefs when that supernatural encounter happened. Therefore, I have reasons to believe that it was because, I had written those religious articles that the supernatural encounter happened to me.

You may ask why I started writing. And I will tell you that deep within my heart my soul and my mind, I was feeling that I had to do something about these existing religious beliefs, because in my mind, I felt that humanity had left them become overdue.

Now let me ask you this: Do you think that by pulling our knowledge together we can suggest to the world how to improve the present religious situation, so that violent things that happen in the name of God and religions may be avoided in the future?


Let us start saying what we have in mind to do:

We would like to set the stage for the entire world to see

When you read these pages, we hope that you would agree

That here we are trying to find a way to save all humanity

While we are praying God, who may be willing to save us for eternity

For this reason, I am going to pray God to help me.


My friends answer


After I finished my long speech, my friends talked among themselves, and after a while Gino came to me and said: When we look at the way you feel about today religions, we know that we must help you; beside we are interested in your religious writing project.

You see, we have been thinking that to make things easy for everybody involved, we have decided that I (Gino) and Mark will speak for all our friends, when we think that you should know our views on any religious subject. So, it is easier for you to keep records of what is being said.

Then I said: I agree with you that I must keep records of the most important things that are being said, otherwise I will get lost in the jungle of what is being said.

And they kept talking to me about religious possibilities, when they realized that the only way to achieve that, was to modifying existing religious beliefs. But they were worried about it, so, they wanted to hear how I was going to explain my religious beliefs in such a way that they would be agreeable to God and the rest of the community?

So, I said, I know that what I have in mind at this point of time is not going to be easy to convince anyone; and for this reason, I am thinking hard what to say or do next. So, I am going to pray God for guidance and help, because I need help.


Thinking about a prayer to God

That night I started thinking how I should pray God for help, and be allowed by God to write my own religious theory, as close as possible per God’s will.

After a long time, I came up with a possible acceptable prayer. But before I write my prayer, I want you to know that the prayers within these articles will be prayers directed to God, since in our spiritual theory, God is the highest and most holy of all existing entities.

My prayer to God:

With my personal concerns I come to you praying God Most High, Master of the universe and eternal life giver of all living things, I am praying thee for forgiveness of my sins and reconciliation to thy eternal life force, I am praying and hoping that in your mercy, you would forgive me all my life sins, hoping then, that my prayers would be heard and accepted and be your humble servant and serve you by writing this religious theory.

Father hear my prayer forgive me my sins and bless me, so that I can be your humble servant and serve you by writing these religious writings per your will, Amen.

I believe that I have said enough in this article, so, see you in our next article; Prayers of Reconciliation, where we are going to write more prayers.

May God bless us all.


© 2010 Francesco Menchise


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