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Religion: A Pathway to Salvation or Destruction?

Updated on October 20, 2013

Religions' two choices - childish fantasy

The Pearly Gates to Heaven
The Pearly Gates to Heaven
The Fiery Gates of Hell.
The Fiery Gates of Hell. | Source

A Pathway to Salvation or Destruction?

Learn the difference between spirituality and religiosity before it is too late. Help to stop the mental abuse of children being subjected to such intense fear, guilt, and hatred way before their age of reasoning. This cycle of fear and empty promises must not be allowed to continue to replace reality.

It is amazing to me that we have unwittingly created a world with a cultural way of life based on a delusional fantasy.

It is very disturbing and emotionally draining; sapping and depleting all logic from our minds and souls.

It is thwarting any and all, progress toward world peace and freedom from oppression.

It is so beyond my comprehension how an entire race of supposedly intelligent beings can blindly make themselves subservient to mythology designed specifically to control their thoughts, and their very lives.

The sooner humanity realizes the error of its ways, the better off this world will be for it.

I am talking about organized religions as they are today.

PLEASE do not confuse the concepts of 'religion' and 'spirituality'. They are NOT one and the same.

Mankind cannot exist without spirituality to put perspective on, and rationalize, our very existence. Whether it is real, or perceived, is of little relevance. For most people, in order to justify one's existence, there must be a level of belief in the existence of a sentient Creator. The odds of randomness of our present and intricately complicated physical existence are as great, or greater than the belief in a Creator, or Creators.

We must get a grip on reality and logic in order to accept and understand the subtle differences between "spirituality" and "organized religions".

The few that 'benefit' from organized religions will fight to the death to maintain the status quo. (see the news regarding the Middle East revolutions). The dictators are massacring the amassing rebellions in a fight to the death to preserve their control over the people while the rest of the world does nothing but stand idly by and watch it happening.

Government agencies, religious entities, and the individual factions of followers, of both, would sooner censure the truth than face their own mortality with reality and logic; and lose control over their own implanted beliefs, or their control over the lives of other people.

Reality is a relatively subjective concept, that is true. But those who would project and force their own particular views of reality onto others are the greatest cause of world dissension.

The massively abusive brainwashing must cease, before any kind of healing can begin.

Please view the attached video with open ears, open eyes and an open mind. After viewing it we cannot logically justify what society is doing to its children - in any religious, or in any governmental context.

Justification cannot be made by quoting of scriptures of any religion that are in themselves basically flawed in the first place.

We must shed the fear in our hearts and minds; and embrace a Creator of higher intelligence and design, than the one we are being forced to accept today by our own exposure to past indoctrination techniques.

Just because we were taught repetitively that something is real - does not make it logically so.

Stifling the mind is NOT knowledge, or progressive growth fodder for the soul to grow and develop in the way it was meant to do.

We are spirits on a mission of growth and the forces that thwart this growth is an evil we must overcome. Evil will hold us back from learning the truth about the 'soul's journey' we are all on.

Stifle the individual, stifle the masses; and feed the evil that would stop our soul's progression to where it is meant to go.

Jesus, and other Gnostics, knew the truth, but their teachings were altered for selfish and unholy reasons. Grossly twisted to continue the promotion of, a legacy of, chaos, sorrow and hatred - with that all ambiguous promise of rewards after death. All to insure continuation of that control over the lives of others.

If there is a universal war between good and evil - the evil is winning. For that war is simply LOVE versus HATRED. The hatred in this world today is destroying the love. There is a fine line between the physiology, and psychology, of love and hate, but the outcomes are resoundingly different.

We must make our choices and live with the consequences of that choice. Are we going to choose 'Love' or 'Hate'?

We can realistically reverse the cycle by stopping the perpetuation of hatred from one generation to the next. Repeating the same errors over and over is a trait of our current societal mentality.

It can change, one person at a time, one generation at a time.


  • Spirituality is the view that the spirit is a prime element of reality, and an integral part of the human body (our soul).
  • Religiosity is excessively, obtrusively, or sentimentally religious.
  • Religiousness is relating to faithful devotion to a set of religious beliefs, or observances - or scrupulously and conscientiously faithful.
  • Faithfulness is steadfast in affection or allegiance. Firm in adherence to what ever one owes allegiance and implies a firm resistance to any temptation to desert, or betray. Or even open your mind to other possibilities, or possible change.

We must be able to distinguish the subtle differences between these terms and their basic implications of control over our own personal life choices.

We can chose to continue our hatreds, and intolerance, in the name of our religious beliefs, or we can chose to spread love by example of our individual spiritually progressive beliefs. Beliefs that openly embrace love, acceptance of life's diversity, and not judging others based on our personal beliefs.

Blind Faith is no longer enough. This is the mistaken dogma for sightless people, unable, or unwilling, to discern or judge for themselves. It gives no regard to rational discrimination (dissemination), guidance, restrictions, or choices.

Having an unfounded belief in anything , or anyone , does not make it real, true, factual, right, just, positive, or good.

We must learn to think for ourselves. Being brainwashed as children is emotionally and mentally abusive and takes away the natural, logical ability to reason and reach a valid conclusion about our beliefs; or anything else in our life learning process that in anyway impacts, or questions, that negative information implanted so deeply into our subconscious minds.

I, for one, do not want anyone to take that freedom, or ability, away from me again, as was done to me as a child growing up in Roman Catholic environment.

It has taken many years to undo the damage that has been done, and even now, flashbacks of gloom and doom creep into my subconscious.

These 'flashbacks' only reinforce the reality of the damages that were done to my impressionable childhood psyche.

No child should ever have to endure this abuse by religious entities that have taken way too much liberty in making decisions for, and implanting guilt, fear, and hatred into the innocent minds of our children.

And neither should we as adults.

THINK what we are doing, or allowing others to do, to our children!!

They will suffer those damages the rest of their lives.

Here is a perfect example of the concept that: "abused children will someday become the abusers".

Mental and emotional abuse is as damaging and devastating to a child's mind as physical, or sexual, abuse is.

by: d.william 06/06/2011

There is none so blind as he who will not see.

1st Step to Healing - Recognizing Religion for What It Is

© 2011 d.william


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