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Real Change can happen, If you want it.

Updated on November 14, 2010

Somethings wrong..

The thing about today’s society is that it is changing at a drastic rate. The direction in which it is going, is far from where it ought to be in this day and age with a the knowledge that is floating around. Our society is headed down a path that is dangerous. With all the immorality taking place in television, entertainment, and the different influence through music, one can only hope that people will begin to wake up and see what it is these influence and their impact are having on the direction our culture is truly taking.

            To think that a lot of what people see, people in turn do in fact imitate. The fact that people may see the rise in crime, and the boldness individuals are having in committing these crimes, and are not able to connect these with the influence that people are being raised up around boggles my mind. Monkey see monkey do, right. Better yet see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?

What is missing?

Where is the moral code so to speak that we once had in our society? I know that some places are still small enough where people still wave, and may even know your name or possibly your family. Places that up hold a standard and have values. Such places that the community acts like a community. Knowing one another, interacting with one another, and even may be willing to help one another in their time of need.

            Instead of having such amazing places to live, one can find that a majority of people in today’s society are all consumed in self, pleasure, and the so called American dream. It’s as if everybody is racing around to see who can get the most things and don’t mind what they have to do to get it or who they step on in the process. To think they are all racing around to get some where and accumulate all these things, but truly don’t know where they are going and in the end may not even realize that they cant take those things with them. “Who ever dies with the most toys wins” Author unknown

You choice, its yours to make.

Sad truth is that, if they don’t know Jesus, the never really ever began the race in the first place. Sorry folks thinking you’re a good person doesn’t cut it, and doing all kinds of amazing stuff for others wont get you far either. A lot of people in today’s society believe that when they die that they will go to heaven. Mean while living here on Earth in which God created, these people wanted nothing to do with God. Now let me ask you a real question. How is it that people can think that the God who created the Heavens and the Earth would welcome them into His Heavenly Kingdom, when while they where here on Earth they wanted nothing to do with Him? In the end they will all see how many times that God presented an opportunity for them to know Him and His son Jesus Christ whom He sent to show the way to Salvation through Him so that they may be saved. All I can say is please if you do not know Jesus Christ the son of God, instead of always rejecting Him, turn to Him today and receive what He has done for you and me. Talk to Him, He is waiting for you.

            When one opens up their life to Jesus Christ, they will begin to see a true change. You will in time begin to even view things differently as well as even think differently. The direction in which you where once headed like everybody else whom comes to know Christ will be changed. You will be place on a different path. This path is one that leads to life, instead of the path that leads death and destruction that awaits those who do not know Christ. What is amazing that you to will know where you are headed and have the assurance of God’s word and He reveals Himself to you. He wants to be your friend, and He did what He did on the cross for you and me.

            It’s that time, time to wake up. Chose life and not death, and be willing to dare to be different. Read the bible. Join a church, where you to can experience love in a community that is involved with one another, and care about you and each other, and want you to experience all that God has for you. Real change takes place when you experience the presence of God. Real changes can start with one at a time. May God Bless, all of you who read this! And may God’s spirit move in each and everyone of your lives in an amazing way.


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