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Nibiru Planet X Polar Shift and the New Paradigm

Updated on October 18, 2015

Survival Shelter

Now this is a pretty fancy shelter but gives someone the idea of how a finished shelter might look like .
Now this is a pretty fancy shelter but gives someone the idea of how a finished shelter might look like . | Source

Life After the Pole Shift

Many people haven't even accepted the fact that a Pole Shift is in process let alone contemplated what life will be like after a Polar Shift. In this article Nibiru Planet X Polar Shift and the New Paradigm the author will ponder and explore how this apocalyptic cataclysm will affect humanity on a daily basis.

The evidence that the planet Earth is now experiencing a Pole Shift, to this author is overwhelming in its diversity. From the increase in the Earth Wobble which is melting polar ice caps and raising ocean levels to the increase in extreme weather events, volcanic activity and earthquakes, the sheer volume of natural disasters should awaken even the most skeptical in our society that the Earth is under going fundamental changes.

Be that as it may, how will the ultimate Polar Shift affect life on this planet as we know it?

Besides the most obvious repercussions such as large loss of life on a global scale, how will the geographical upheavals, large scale flooding on all continents and destruction of the global power grid affect humanity mentally and physically?

Consider the fact that most of humanity will be returned to a pre-industrialized state of living, hunting for food, gardening and farming for crops, rebuilding homes and structures without power tools, traveling by foot or horseback, communicating by word of mouth or snail mail, using animal skins for clothing or sewing, basically rebuilding society from scratch.

When one contemplates these changes in a society used to having everything done for them by machines or service oriented professions and having communication at ones fingertips, the scenario is frightening to say the least.

Will the sight of so many fellow humans corpses demoralize individuals from even picking up the pieces of their shattered lives and struggling to rebuild or create a hopeless feeling many simply cannot overcome

  • When confronted with the choice between starving to death or eating what you can catch, would you be able to eat insect, rodents, cats or dogs, let alone killing them and preparing them for a meal?

  • Would you even be able to start a fire without matches or a lighter?

  • Do you possess the skills to build a shelter with basic hand tools or none at all?

  • What moral decisions could you live with when those around you are dying from illness, disease or injuries?

  • When food is scarce and the choice is who lives and who dies based on resources available would you have the moral fortitude to make those kinds of decisions?

  • If you are confronted with killing another human being in order to protect yourself and your fellow humans, family or otherwise, would you be able to do so?

  • Would you be willing to walk long distances to find better resources knowing that the journey alone could lead to your death?

All these questions and more will be facing humanity for those that do survive the Polar Shift and if people do not begin to contemplate these questions now they will be in for a real shock when confronted with them later. Because of cognitive dissonance many people would prefer not to think about these kinds of moral and philosophical dilemmas and understandably so!

Try to consider a Polar Shift as an opportunity not an world ending event.
Try to consider a Polar Shift as an opportunity not an world ending event. | Source

Simple Things

The most basic conveniences that we now take for granted will become arduous chores such as washing your clothes, personal hygiene, cooking dinner, finding shelter, being able to sleep, starting a fire, providing clothes and food for your family and the list goes on and on.

That being said many people confronted with these tasks based on how easy it was before will simply give up, become catatonic and lose the will to live. Think now about how many people you know that when confronted with surviving in a hostile environment would have the ability, determination and desire to struggle on with life.

I know many grown men that have told me they would rather eat a bullet than to try to live in a world without the basic comforts afforded them now. That the handguns they have bought for self protection they would use to end their own suffering. Based on my own philosophical ideas about God and the world I live in I find that attitude completely unacceptable, not too mention selfish.

On a lighter note, I cannot tell you how many times I've used the single man's laundry solution, throw away your underwear and socks and buy a new six pack of socks or tighty whities, ahh, you gotta love America!

I feel that every obstacle put in ones life is an opportunity, provided by God, to show the Divine Creator of All what you have learned and how you can help your fellow human, basically a learning experience.

That being said not a lot of people have dealt with the amount of demoralizing experiences I have nor the absolute mind boggling choices that I have witnessed in my fellow humans. Mankind can be incredibly cruel and exceptionally compassionate in the matter of just a few minutes, the range of emotions that we have the capacity for is truly staggering in its diversity.

New Paradigm

Could the Pole Shift be the opportunity to rebuild our civilization and ascend to a higher spiritual level?
Could the Pole Shift be the opportunity to rebuild our civilization and ascend to a higher spiritual level? | Source


When I ponder the obstacles mankind will face I wonder how the lack of communication and doubt many will face never knowing what has happened to family and friends located in other parts of the world. Consider the fact that even communicating with someone that lives fifty miles away would be a major undertaking without a cell phone and you begin to understand how this might affect your mental state.

To travel fifty miles by foot would require that you at least take enough water to make the journey, let alone food, protection from the elements and hostile survivors and have a very good sense of direction. Would anyone be willing to risk their lives after surviving a cataclysmic event to find out the fate of a friend or relative?

The fear of the unknown prevents many people from even making small decisions today, how would this affect any choice one would have to make not knowing what to expect or what they might find. When confronted with the very real possibility that making a fifty mile trek might put you in an even worse situation than the one you're in currently, many might lose the desire to make the journey.

To me the unknown is what makes life exciting, however the majority of humanity does not share this curiosity. So I wonder how not knowing what has befallen ones loved ones will affect the human psyche. However what I have noticed in humanity is the propensity for survival in even the most harshest conditions and the incredible ingenuity that mankind is capable of, this gives me hope for the future.

It also makes me wonder that perhaps, because of our inability to communicate via cell phones if humanity might learn to use our telepathic abilities and create a new way of communicating, just a thought?

Building A Temporary Shelter

Clean Energy

Could alien civilizations help us rebuild after the Polar Shift with new clean energy sources?
Could alien civilizations help us rebuild after the Polar Shift with new clean energy sources? | Source


When considering how mankind deals with even minor natural disasters, many humans don't even consider basic survival techniques believing that they will be provided for, rescued or that eventually things will return to normal.

  • How many of you reading this article even have a stock of seeds to plant a garden if the you had to tomorrow or in the near future?

  • How many of you have the tools to plant a garden, if the need arose in the next couple of days?

  • How many of you have a survival pack right now that you could easily get to incase of a cataclysmic event in the next hour?

  • How many of you have enough non-perishable food and water stored to last you even a few days if the electricity went out in the next few minutes and lasted for days, even weeks?

  • Does anyone remember Michele Obama telling Americans they need to start planting gardens in her husband's first term in office?

  • Why do you suppose she said that, was she worried about rising food prices or something she was unable or unwilling to share?

  • Has anyone noticed the fact that food prices have risen dramatically in the last few years?

  • Has anyone considered how the extreme weather in other parts of the world and here at home will affect food prices in the near future?

  • When you consider a world in which transportation becomes very limited, have you considered how big cities or remote communities will be provided with even the basic resources let alone luxury items such as fresh food, gasoline, electricity and other common necessities?

  • When food and water become more valuable than gold or money, what becomes of those of us that depend on wealth to provide even the simplest of necessities?

  • What good is a healthy savings account when you can no longer access it because your ATM or internet service no longer functions or allows you to access your money?

  • What will become the new currency, when cash is used to start a fire or line your shelter or clothing for insulation?

  • What will you do with your rifle, shotgun or Glock 9 mm, when you run out of ammunition, will you lug it around with you hoping you find some more?

These are just a few of the considerations folks will face in the near future as Nibiru Planet X Polar Shift and the New Paradigm becomes a reality. Even if the above mentioned turns out to be less than the worst and mankind faces only a few of these problems, how will we be prepared to deal with them even on the short term will define how we create a new paradigm as we move into the future!

Of course if billions die, as is projected, I suspect even those in power will find the playing field fairly more level. Certainly those of us with pre-knowledge and preparation will have an easier time adjusting and adapting to changing conditions and hostile environments but everyone will essentially be in the same boat if the power grid goes down permanently.

Envisioning a New Paradigm

Envisioning a new paradigm in our minds eye would create an strong emotional foundation for tomorrow.
Envisioning a new paradigm in our minds eye would create an strong emotional foundation for tomorrow. | Source

New paradigm

Have you ever wondered if we could start over how different our world would be, knowing what we know now?

See results

Solutions and Conslusions

All that being said, what if any solutions can we draw from these considerations and projections? Obviously being prepared will offer the survivors a better chance of continued existence, albeit not as comfortable as before.

Working together and sharing resources will be essential to rebuilding our civilization but wouldn't now be the time to consider how we could rebuild in such a manner to improve our spiritual and environmental condition?

If we were to envision a brighter future even after a global cataclysm, a new paradigm, would it include the institutions and systems that don't encourage a unified humanity. Could we not eliminate the prison system, pollution on a global scale, the damning of rivers, the need for a finite power source (oil), the creation of a monetary system, a class system, the need for borders and countries, the hoarding of food and resources?

Could we not treat the planet in a different, more environmentally friendly fashion that would ensure that all could enjoy and reap its bounty? Could we not envision goals as a one unified civilization in which we could see ourselves as one species, sharing the wealth for the benefit of all mankind?

If we could see a global cataclysm in a different light we would see that Nibiru Planet X Polar Shift and the New Paradigm as an opportunity for all mankind.

Mankind's evolution as a species has always been about in the way we think of not only ourselves but how we treat each other, our planet and the Universe we live in. Would this not be an opportunity to throw away the old outdated, lingering prejudices and create a new paradigm that would allow us understand our place in the Universe and our role as an evolving species?

If we see this as an opportunity it opens up a whole new way of thinking, communicating and living and could give us the freedom to choose a new way to live in harmony with nature and our fellow human. We could outlaw such outdated concepts as war, money, prisons, and privilege and work toward a better tomorrow for all of us. We could build a new civilization based on the sharing of all knowledge and by doing so open our minds and our hearts to embrace love, not hate.

We could invite alien civilizations to help us achieve these goals, by sharing new clean power sources with us, perhaps even learning how to telepathically communicate with each other and them.

Just think if everyone on this planet knew what everyone else knew, how that would change our ability work together, to trust each other and to move together towards a brighter tomorrow. If we can envision a new paradigm now before the cataclysms of tomorrow we can set the emotional foundation of our thoughts in a positive frequency and build on them as we rebuild our world.


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yes, I'm hoping to use the Japan quakes as a barometer for making any moves out West, I too believe that paying close attention in late March, early April will be paramount.

      Stay in touch and remember to send me a link if you don't see a comment soon on your recent article . . .

    • Beth 53 profile image

      Beth J. Benson 

      8 years ago from Richmond, Va.

      I will check it out tonight, I still have some to do on my last article. As far as where we should be, there seem to be a lot of things lining up to push people one way or the other. Pay attention and you will know. Turkey and Japan have not happened yet, so there is still time. I think we have till May before we have to hunker down, at least I hope so, there is still some things I need to accomplish here. I'm planning a trip to the beach at the end of march, after that next time I see oceanfront will be pretty close to my front door!

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I went to a local archery shop here TN and got my new bow (700 shots old) tuned up and got a lesson from a pro, which really helped. Going on vacation out West (skiing for 5 days) in two weeks and just hope I don't get separated from all my survival gear by a the New Madrid Fault Zone adjustment.

      I'm seriously thinking of just moving to the Rockies permanently, my family lives there but know that I was brought to this region for a purpose, gotta have faith but its hard.

      The weather is really getting crazy, but I just published a new article that has some good videos on it you should check out, they're short but good! Here is a link

    • Beth 53 profile image

      Beth J. Benson 

      8 years ago from Richmond, Va.

      There is so much to comprehend about all of this, and so much to accept that is horrible. The fact that the government has kept the scientific community from sharing because of mass histerity. But then you know that you have had time to digest this and are resonably thinking and reacting, yet there are days that you are driving and realize you are contemplating different escape scenarios rather than your next turn. Then you think about someone who is not as strong as you....Would they have wrecked? The scenarios are scary. I am starting on a new article tonight with all of your good advice in hand(thanks again). Let me know what you think after it's done. All of the questions you have asked are what I have asked myself in trying to prepare. I hope people pay attention. Love and Light, Beth


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