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Scope: Responding in Fact

Updated on April 17, 2008

This Hub will describe an effective approach for determining how to respond to situations in life appropriately, in accordance with Fact. It builds on the concepts expressed in Marbles and Matchsticks, which should be read first.

Many times people in our lives, and life itself, will hand us situations or choices that suck, and which require a response on our part. As we've seen, these fundamental nature of these sucky situatons is just a rejection of Universal Love, a rejection of Light, and a choice to pretend that Evil actually exists. And often, these types of situations leave us stumped for a way to respond to them, particularly one that is appropriate to where we ourselves are.

Let's build on the model in Marbles and Matchsticks. We'll take that branching model, with one matchstick at the bottom and a plethora of branches the further up you go, and we'll use it to illustrate the choices involved. Let's say that the one matchstick at the bottom is Universal Fact, the one true state of total love in Eternity. It's beyond Space, it's beyond the illusion of Time, it is the pure grace of Universal Truth - the True State of everything that was ever Created. We'll assign it a level of Truth (or, level of Fact) of 1. Every successive row of branchpoints above that gets away from Truth to some degree, so the next set of branchpoints would be 2, above that 3, and so forth. The incremented numbers refer to a degree of deviation from Fact and Love (since Love is the fundamental Fact in Creation). So let's say you're living at a branchpoint of 4 in your life. Someone comes along and pulls a really boneheaded bit of lovelessness on you. We'll suppose that it's at some much higher level of deviation from Love, say at level 8. What do you do?

Often, we would fight it. We would disagre with them and respond in anger, rejecting or taking offense at whatever they've sent your way. Unfortunately, if we do that even if we're rejecting whatever it is, by responding lovelessly we've rejected Love just as they have. So while we've rejected the specific form of their choice, we know that their choice was really just a choice to reject Love and Fact... and now we've taken part in it that same choice ourselves. We know that making a Choice against Love will define our own experiences in Creation, bringing us a world of suck. It will reshape our reality, bringing us nothing but suffering - because suffering is what we've chosen when we've left Fact and Love, and branched off into fiction. So if they respond with a magnitude 8 deviation from Love, and we react by rejecting it that same amount, now we're both on a branchpoint at level 8, eight degrees of separation from Love. Like signing a contract with them, we've now responded by entering into a sort of agreement with their Choice, and that contract has some bery binding terms. We've shared their Choice for Lovelessness, and in doing so we've accepted the suffering and misery into our lives that their Choice involves. Ew. And God forbid we retaliate by escalating the degree of Lovelessness, responding with a Choice against Love at level 9 or 10. When you think about it, that's what so much of the world has been doing throughout this timeline. Person A commits a loveless act, Person B responds even more lovelessly, and Person A is then left to respond to that choice. A world of hurt for both of them - and Person C is left to learn from those awful choices for suffering, perhaps to grow up making the same kinds of choices because that's what everyone around him is doing.

Looking at it this way, what do we do when someone throws a Choice at level 8 at us? Well, being at 4 ourselves, we can take a second and realize that their Choice is a Choice for lovelessness, which doesn't really exist. We can remember that they're only at level 8 temporarily, because all branchpoints away from Fact are, necessarily, fictitious states of being. We can do our damnedest to respond at level 4, where we were; or even try to respond at 3 or 2. Those are our only options, since to react to something that's unreal doesn't make any sense. So the name of the game is to respond in accordance with the most Fact and the most Love, because anything else is unreal - though the world has continually Chosen to claim otherwise, and give us a whole host of reasons why responding at 8 or 9 is something that makes sense, something that works, and something that we want to do. It's like a skyscraper, the world. Someone adds on a second floor, and everybody moves up there. Then someone adds a third, and whoosh! everyone's now even more deviated from Fact and Love. Next thing you know, everybody's on the 10th or 20th floor, so far removed from Fact and Love that everyone's miserable. This hardly makes sense, and anyone who looks at it can see that. So why not go down a few floors? If you're waiting too long for the elevators, take the initiative and use the stairs. But get down as far as you can; nothing else makes any sense. In doing so, you'll be aligning with Choices that will exemplify themselves in your life, reshaping it into something joyous and something that makes life worth living. Spiritual people throughout the timeline have talked about the importance of nonretaliation, and of not responding in kind - but who'd have thought that it could be so powerful? It can make our existences Perfect, and after all, the Choice to build levels of deviation from Fact is itself a fiction. It was never done, but in an illusiory state of existence. The world, for example.


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