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Sixth Sense & Dreams: Fire Signs ( Aries - Leo - Sagittarius )

Updated on November 14, 2014 | Source

Sixth Sense & Dreams ( Fire Signs )

In general, people born with fire signs ( Aries - Leo - Sagittarius ) have a sharp prior sense for things and a futuristic vision.

Fire signs do really care about whatever related to the spirituality and God, including his angels. They have strong beliefs to religious matters.

"Fire traits " are the traits usually given to people born with fire signs.

People who have fire signs can have a very strong prior sense to expect what would happen in the future and their dreams usually indicate somethings that will happen in the nearest reality and future.

Fire signs dream a lot about sexual dreams, knowing that this is a normal feeling for them. The only problem they have is that they do give and consider a big importance for their bodies, although these signs dare to do many things and are known as strong signs, you would still find them sometimes shy and hesitant relating these things.

People born with fire signs are known to dream more than any others, they always feel the need to sleep. You would find them dreaming even when they take short naps.


People born with the Aries sign would get some dreams about enemies because they fear them and fear reacting to these, they also fear their recklessness.

On the other side, Aries loves logic and diplomacy and you would find him/her using these two for treating others and for solving issues and things.


Leo might get a lot of abducted dreams and most of their dreams talk about their emotions and actions.

They try to explore what souls have hidden inside them and they love to know the secrets and the mysteries of life.

Sometimes they accomplish in their dreams what they could not achieve in reality and that's how you would find them satisfying their ego and pride. | Source


They see their friends in some of their dreams as they're known for giving their trust to anyone they would meet thinking that people can be the same as they are - good and honest - but then they get shocked and surprised by the realities and situations that happen.

Did You Know?

- Our DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid ) is the one that can regulate our sleep times and the times in which we wake up at, there's no wonder why a lot of people wake up at 8 am for example everyday without an alarm even if they have been awake for a late time in the prior night.

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