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To Be Human: WTH is my purpose?

Updated on December 19, 2013

Live in Gratitude

Gratitude is in your step, demeanor and your way of being. It is not something you remember when something good happens. When you are constantly connected to the flow of breath into and out of your being you know gratitude. The moment when you understand, out of all the elements, sperm, egg and delivery, you were given life; the ability to exist, you know gratitude. You then have the ability to look in the eyes of another human, an animal, feel its skin, and perceive its existence and experience your own emotions from it. You can see a sunset that will literally take your breath away. Gratitude is the wisdom needed to experience joy. When you experience gratitude you are excited about future possibilities, because you are excited about the possibilities in this moment.

Ask yourself; What am I doing right now? What is my main concern or goal in life right now in this moment?

If any of your answers include to survive, it’s possible, you have yet to find your purpose. Surviving has nothing to do with purpose, it's more about the fear of living without. If you fear losing what you have, it will be hard to focus on anything else.If you want to free up some energy to focus on your purpose, live in gratitude.

Do you see the being?
Do you see the being?

Life is Majestic

Most important, know you have a choice in it. Not only a choice, but you are the only one that can determine your purpose. Do you feel like you must go on an infamous quest or spiritual journey through starvation, swordsmanship, spiritual evolutions, passion and pain? Of course! We’ve heard those stories, (see My Human Our Spirituality & Religion.

When you get right down to it, yes, you will experience those things. However it’s up to you to recognize them. The fantastic magical moments in your everyday life is the secret hiding place for these experiences. You may be missing the opportunity to appreciate the magic happening all around you, if you are looking for televisions definition of magic. Your experiences will not look exactly like the next humans.

Your own inner vision or imagination is your souls magic. Magic radiates from the soul. It's not external. Just as love, strength, and courage are only possibilities of what is inside of a human. When you see an example of that human being strong, then you know what's inside them. The external action is only an expression of the fire burning in a passionate soul. What is your passion? Can you see it when you look around you?

To Serve Others & Ourselves

Like with everything in nature, we are here to support each other. How can you contribute? Out of all the yous, you could’ve been, you made it! Then again, so did everyone else. We all exist to in some way, help each other with living and enjoying life while we do the same. Is there something in the way of you feeling connected to humanity collectively? If you feel as though you are already contributing the whole of “us” then challenge yourself to contribute globally, then universally. We can all grow.

What is it that you desire to do? Before you think of your answer, breathe and expand your imagination. Keep in mind, no sage, spiritual guide nor preacher can tell you what that is. You have to do what moves your soul, and not just what invokes your emotion. Just about anything can be used to stir up emotional energy. We are sensitive to each other and emotion is how we learn, (see My Human Our Emotion).

You must make your own decision, but you can take a look at your history and gain some inspiration.

"Ignorance has a beauty..."

History: A Visit Not a Home

You can take a week (if you need a time frame) and gain much knowledge of who you are and where you come from. Between history, leaders, followers, triumph, and magic you will walk away feeling powerful and exhilarated! That is what history and mythology is intended to do. It tells a story, you feel the emotion, and you move in the direction of your purpose. We live in what is called, The Age of Information for several reasons. How assessable information is, thus knowledge, is one of them. If you don’t know and you care to, find out. It's that easy.

We've learned many options of occupations such as lawyer, doctor, or teacher. These titles are not enough to satisfy a human spirit anymore. Not to say that I subscribe that it ever was. When we are in the position of the titles, they never seem to be quite what we desire. We are lawyers locking away those that should be free, doctors pushing poison instead of medicine and teachers teaching from bought theories instead of from their own wisdom.

To hear the voice of your soul, spirit, or highest self, you must drop the titles to understand the language being communicated to you. Your highest self is concerned with revelation not occupation. We all have to define ourselves.

Would you eat it or not?
Would you eat it or not?

Listen To Your Intuition

Open your heart to feel love and give compassion. Get to know what is going on right now and feel how you are connected to it. Start with your needs. You live on a planet. You need it. You live among other humans and they have all kinds of needs. Many, you share with them. Take some interest in your own personal community, the world community, or your own body. It doesn't matter if you take an interest in your own body or the community first.

I’m aware that many humans believe, you have to love yourself to love others. My suggestion is, not to get stuck in a non loving position. Let your human experience flow. When you take steps in any loving, connective, inspiring direction, you will again meet yourself. You may even be in a better position to love yourself, having practiced loving on others.

When you quiet your mind, you can feel where you are needed.

There then also exist within you, a desire to fulfill it. You know what you need. Therefore, you can know what you have to offer as well.

Growth & Accomplishment

When you are following your purpose, the energy you had for empty entertainment will diminish. Fill that space with meaningful, honest conversations with actual humans face to face. Read books about what has called out to you and watch documentaries. After getting into some detail about the topic, you will begin to see what you have to offer to the betterment of it. This is where inspiration comes from. After doing a small amount of research, you will find that something has sparked your soul or at least peaked a deeper interest.

Your explorations may even begin to pull your resources or make you want to change your career. These are all growth opportunities. You decide how far you will go into anything. When you are participating in actions that call out to your soul, you feel a sense of gratitude and joy in your moments. This is the nature of self actualization; when you can look at your life and see the impact you are making on the world. These strong feelings of accomplishment are made by steps in the moment, not boulders in time. You make decisions from your soul and you feel the joy from them. That joy is then carried into whatever you find yourself doing. You help it grow.

It will take courage to move in the direction of your soul.

Taking actions that makes your soul feel nourished can cause some outside conflict. You may not yet be in an environment where humans are living their truth. Those that have not yet felt the freedom in which they exist in, still attempt to hold others to their limitations. When you are your authentic self, you give others an example to use for themselves. Stand strong.

Nothing Compares to You

Empower yourself. Never compare your journey with another humans'. Keep in your mind what your goals are. You may even want to write some affirmations. Here are a few I've written to get you started.

  • I decide who I am.
  • I choose in each moment, my next action.
  • I am intelligent.
  • I understand the language of my highest self.
  • I follow my passions.
  • I live my truth.

If you are to be the best you, there can be no comparison to another.

How can someone be more successful than you when your success looks completely different? How can a "nice" car compare to a day of not judging yourself harshly? They don't. We must learn to create our own visions of success so can we can stop falling short of it and being completely unhappy while trying to attain it.

Your Purpose is Your Choice

Have you found your purpose?

See results

Be Open to Receive

Stay grounded, yet be open to the infinite possibilities in every moment.

I find it beneficial to drop the idea that something bad, negative or difficult is happening in my journey. Everything that happens is for my benefit. I learn with every interaction. Therefore, I focus my energy on how to continue my flow. Later, I usually discover how important it was to have picked up the wisdom in those moments.

Humans have been researching past lives, spiritual lineages, ancestry and God’s chosen people so long, I think we forgot the intention of our (re)searching. Your whole bloodline, spiritual lineages and history have come together in a beautifully constructed expression, (you) inside of this very moment. Breathe that in.

Feel the magnitude of what it took to get you here. Then do something about it.


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    • Kukata Kali profile imageAUTHOR

      Kukata Kali 

      5 years ago

      Thank you for the compliment :) You would probably dig my other hub on spirituality and religion too. If you check it out, please let me know what you think.

      Whether folks identify as religious or not, I think we all know we are here for something. Even those following God's will, have made a choice to do so. If your intention is to reach your highest potential, then you could call that your purpose if you wanted to. Collectively, we need to loosen the grip on outside control and gain the awareness that we have a good amount of control over our own lives. I can appreciate your love for life and your intent to keep it flourishing. That is just beautiful~

    • mintinfo profile image


      5 years ago

      Your writing has a pace that forces the mind to ride a subtle wave of self reflection. I began reading it in a rush but by the end my mind was on the wavelength that inspired deep thought.

      Purpose, we all seek self purpose. If you are religious than your purpose is defined for you, be obedient to god's will so that you will live forever. If you are non religious like me you will be one who seeks to define your purpose.

      I am a believer in Life therefore my purpose is to help Life to flourish simply by living and achieving to my highest potential. All a plant knows how to do is live but unlike a plant I have a brain and the perception of freewill. Perhaps Life excluded me from knowing my purpose because of I did I may choose not help it knowing that I am only being used. Ignorance is therefore bliss.


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