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Trust The Word of One Who Knows

Updated on January 14, 2017
The need to wake up to the power of self and Trust the Word of One Who Knows . . . yourself, is Now!
The need to wake up to the power of self and Trust the Word of One Who Knows . . . yourself, is Now! | Source

Star Hawk

Creating comic book characters in Illustrator is a lot harder than in looks, but it looks cool!
Creating comic book characters in Illustrator is a lot harder than in looks, but it looks cool! | Source

You Can Have It Both Ways

Being the nutard that I am, I only use scientific concepts when they fit my paradigm, some folks seem to have a problem with this, for some reason they claim I can't have it both ways, but in my world you can.

I mean, I agree with evolution but it only works so far back and then it has some holes in the theory, which is why I believe the human race had some help evolving.

Science works to a degree but isn't infallible, I think Einstien and Newton created concepts that worked for their day but as more is learned their theories must be adjusted, which everyone seems to have a problem with.

I think that most children 'know' the truth and are conditioned to either go along with the lies to get along or become ill adjusted and ostracized from society.

The problem with evolution is that no one knows when or even how life started, but most 'scientist' agree that we evolved from single cell organisms that learned to reproduce while existing in a primordial soup. Darwin himself never even used the term evolution and yet is credited for creating a paradigm based on this term.

Although anthropologist have been searching for over a 150 years for the missing link, none of them have ever found even a complete skeleton of Homo erectus let alone, The Skeletal remains that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this link exists.

Evolution is a theory not a fact.

A recent 2007 Gallup Poll shows that only 18 percent of the public in America whole heartedly agrees with the 'theory' of Evolution. While more people still believe in creationism, a growing number of us subscribe to the theory that we have been created in the image of not God but those that genetically altered our evolution.

I believe that Homo erectus was genetically modified into the modern humans that we are today. That this effectively sidestepped our natural evolution and created a race capable of communicating and reproducing on their own in order to serve those that created us for the the specific purpose of becoming their slaves and or a food source.

These geneticists are still here running the show, what better way to hide than in plain site, the only difference between them and us is life spans. Consider the fact that those that run the World are able to think in terms of centuries, not decades and you begin to see how we have been so thoroughly deceived.

Consider the fact that more than 90 percent of the World's population effectively works for a very small number of the overall population or group of families.

Is this real of Photoshop?

Creating space images are easy and can be done in 15 to 20 minutes, so manipulating space photos or retouching NASA images is child's play for a professional.
Creating space images are easy and can be done in 15 to 20 minutes, so manipulating space photos or retouching NASA images is child's play for a professional. | Source

In the Immortal words of Starhawk

In the Immortal words of Starhawk from the pages of Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy come the words 'Trust The Words of One Who Knows'! Do I presume to know all there is to know, NO, but one thing I do know 'beyond a shadow of a doubt' is everybody lies.

Human beings presume too much and because of our limited perception of the World we live in and the pathetic advances we have made in 'science', we pretend to understand the Universe our Planet presides in and the true nature of our origins.

We don't know Jack!

Let's face it folks, depending on who you talk to we can't even prove beyond a shadow of a doubt we have landed on the Moon. We have no better understanding of the nature of our origins than when Darwin published On The Origins of Species, which the modern theory of evolution is based.

When your average citizen can jump on a shuttle to the Moon or Mars and actually walk around on it with a clear un-obstructive view of Earth then I might begin to believe anything science has to say.

When I can visit a museum and view for myself a complete skeleton of the definitive link of modern man to apes, then perhaps I will be convinced the the theory of evolution has merit, until then save the drama for your momma.

When 'we' ( that would be Johnny Joe Average Citizen ) can get on a submarine or ship and visit the bottom of the Ocean or the North Pole, then I might actually believe all the so-called experts, but until then it is just lip service.

In my opinion (and anything I write is my opinion, unless otherwise attributed) science is a joke and is proven wrong daily. So when I read articles quoting science I just laugh, it's like quoting a Politician, who cares, . . . everybody lies.

Here is a concept most of the sheeple don't seem to grasp, scientists live off grant money and live quite well compared to JJC ( Johnny Joe Citizen ). This grant money is used to conduct research by groups hoping to prove an agenda and every group has an agenda. So if a scientist comes across information or evidence that is contrary to what he hopes to prove, it gets discarded in favor of information and evidence that will prove the groups agenda. The grant money continues, he or she gets to continue to pay his mortgage and eat, the group is happy and JJC never knows the difference.

Until science isn't funded by Pharmaceutical companies, Big Oil companies, the Government or the Church, I ain't buying it . . . period end of story!

Just ask Virginia Steen-Mcintyre how working for the United States Geological Survey works out for you, if you try to report anything that disagrees with their antiquated version of history. Here is a group that is quoted often in our history books that we teach our children as the truth, that refuses to allow any information that disagrees with there pathetically outdated view of history. This concept is what I refer to in my world as Beyond Stupid!

The agenda of science is to keep the average human in the dark about almost everything that would lead them to discovering the true nature of the human species. Consider what is required to join the ranks of the scientific elite. Years of study which most often requires a large sum of money to pay for it. While learning only what is accepted and taught by the rank and file you're attempting join, whether you agree with it or not. Then years of research on any given subject reviewed by your peers and if deemed worthy and accepted then and only then can you become part of the scientific elite.

Sounds like a secret society doesn't it and in many ways it is.

However I used to believe in it also, until I came to the epiphany that everyone lies, the Government lies, Politicians lie, the Church lies, large Companies lie and Johnny Joe citizen lies . . . hey even me the Greatest Human That Ever Lived (that is sarcasm folks, work with me) lies! For all you know I could be lying to you write now (pun intended) . . . gee what a concept!

Do scientist lie . . . is a scientist human? Then yes, they lie all the time!

I don't generally give advice but in this instance it is necessary . . .

. . . Everybody lies, so Get Over It!

I know this may come as a surprise to many, but even my own Mother lies . . . I know, I know crazy, huh!

Here is the thing, some folks are quite good at it and are even paid to do it on a regular basis, just ask any reporter or journalist if he has ever fudged the truth. Ask a lawyer if he has ever lied and he may just laugh in your face. Ask a politician or a lobbyist if this is a concept they endorse and if their lips are moving you already have your answer. Anybody that starts a sentence with the words 'trust me' should be treated as a viral infection, simply back away slowly and when you have assumed a safe distance, turn and run for your life.

Perhaps your wondering at this point what this article is all about, well being the all enlightened soul that I am, I'll spell it out for you.

Everything you have been taught or read your whole life up until you started reading this article is a LIE! Total fabrication, you might as well believe in the Matrix, which is much closer to the truth than most people realize!

I chose to take the red pill as a child and have had to face the painful truth of reality my entire life. However I wasn't even aware that I had the choice to make, I simple could not understand why I was being lied to. My spiritual and educational awakening came when I learned to Trust the Word of One Who Knows, myself and I have never looked back since.

Because of this awakening I no longer require proof from others, I simple ask myself, sleep on it and awake with my answers . . . The One Mind is a power that all sentient beings share and can access when we teach ourselves to Trust the Word of One Who knows.

The truth is so incredible fantastic that it doesn't surprise me that more people do not accidently stumble upon it, as it requires such a huge open mind and such a large wide ranging plethora of knowledge and history, that most people simple do not have the time or motivation to acquire it.

When we begin to listen to that small voice inside all of us we begin to learn to Trust the Word Of One Who Knows . . .

Get Off Your Knees and learn to Trust the Word of One Who Knows . . . Yourself!

I have found that most people have an incredible fear of being wrong and when this happens it creates a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder known by social psychologists as Cognitive Dissonance in which the fight or flight instinct is triggered.

This person then may deny the information and censor it from their World View or argue the point endlessly and illogically growing more and more emotional.

I have found that the best way to learn and to grow is from your mistakes.

This can be a painful process and sometimes must be repeated over an over again until one is willing to find another way or the truth. Most people require proof but only look for it in their own limited perception of reality.

Only until a life threatening event or one has reached an emotional or spiritual bottom, does any of us gain the perspective necessary to open our minds and our hearts to new possibilities. When this happens we gain the insight to change our perceptions. Once this occurs and we have a spiritual or educational awakening can we begin to practice and learn a new way to live, think and perceive the World around us.

Learning to accept this awakening as a gift or second chance requires resolve and commitment and a willingness to accept the past as an educational tool that has brought us to this moment. Relearning all that we know, while practicing critical thinking with an open mind is not for the weak of heart. One will quickly learn that any and all obstacles are simple put before us on our path to the truth as a test of our resolve and commitment.

Climbing the mountain of truth often allows us glimpses of breath taking views of our World, however it has many false summits and the way is difficult at times. Gaining wisdom through knowledge is its own reward and is well worth the effort. By learning to trust our God given instincts or heart we will realize that proof is unnecessary and we learn not to wait for others to provide it for us.

All of us have this power inside us to find what is true by listening to our heart, so I ask you to get off your knees and learn to Trust The Word of One Who Knows.

A Real Sea Dragon

Until recently I thought Sea Dragons were mythical creatures, but they do exist in the Great Barrier Reef near Australia.
Until recently I thought Sea Dragons were mythical creatures, but they do exist in the Great Barrier Reef near Australia. | Source

Commissioned to paint a Sea Dragon

When I was first approached to paint a Leafy Sea Dragon, I thought for sure the customer was joking as I had never heard of one before and thought she was talking about a mythical beast that roamed the deep.

Well, when I googled it was I in for a surprise . . . There are many different species that range from eight to fourteen inches and live off the coast of Australia and New Zealand. They basically look like a large version of a Sea Horse, with incredibly colorful camouflage.

I created this painting in Corel Painter 11 and this painting was done completely on the computer. I offer this painting to my readers not only to show that until we research a subject on our own there is much we simple do not know about our own World, but also to show how any photo or image can be easily manipulated on the computer to appear real.

Before you go to sleep tonight tell your consciousness to allow you to remember what is important to you, what you wish to learn and it shall be done.

Pictures of Space, Planets and even events can easily be retouched to appear real. The holographic technology the military uses is thirty years more advanced than anything the public has seen. Hollywood special effects are far more advance than what we see in movies or on TV.

Learn to listen to that little voice inside you when it screams at you that this is not real. Open your mind to new possibilities before you judge an event or picture and Trust the Word of One Who Knows, because it is really just a part of you waiting to be heard.

Be Honest

Do You Trust the Word of One Who Knows, do you listen to that small voice inside?

See results

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