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Why didn't any pre modern King persecute priests to secure their power?

Duaring the dark and middle ages, the church was really powerful, even threaten the power of a good King. The nearby Ottoman Empire, was really powerful, even able to defeat the whole Europe. Why didn't any European King thought of, secure their power, by swearing loyalty to be subject to the ottomans and then massacure the priests and when the Catholic Church attack, they got the protection of the Ottomans due to the King's loyalty to him. Thus, secure the King's power and independent from the church?


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Lolita Monroe (LoliHey) says

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21 months ago
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    peter565 21 months ago

    Just prove how Kings of that era are stupid and corrupt, otherwise, there would be those who sworn allegiance to the Ottomans, in exchange for Ottoman protection, against the corrupt church.

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