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Could Jesus be Lucifer and when he say he is son of god, it isn't the Christian god Yahweh?

In Egyptian mythology, Set brother of Osiris(King of god), murder Osiris, crowing himself king. Later Osiris' son Horus defeated Set the cruel King and exile him to the desert and become the King of gods, assist by his mother the angel goddess Ishtar. Later in middle east and Rome Set become known as Yahweh and Horus became known as Lucifer. Horus born on 25 December (virgin till Horus) announce by an eastern star, child teacher by 12 baptist at 30, got 12 students, walk on water, perform miracle casting demon out and healing sick with touch. (Statue of Ishtar & baby Horus vs Mary& baby Jesus)


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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3 months ago
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