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How to Change the Way of Thinking?

Updated on April 24, 2012

Power of Mind

Now I know the benefits of the law of attraction. So, I know control of your own mind is very important in that process. It seems difficult at first, but as soon as you come out of your regular thought process, your new thoughts become your habit. And this is the time when real fun begins.

There is a vibrational frequency range of every person. In simple words we call it as one person’s ‘nature’. So many things happens in our life, but the emotions are always get maintained within that vibrational range. Suppose one happy person. Something bad happens with him. Obviously he will be sad, but not for a long time. Because his vibrational frequency range do not allow him to stay unhappy for a long time. A person with happy nature can not stay unhappy for a long time.

Happiness | Source

Think About Happiness

We find it difficult to change our self, because we can’t easily come out of our emotional range. There is only one way to get over unwanted emotions and nature. "Think about happiness", feel the happiness, even if there is no any reason to be happy. Consciously maintain the good emotional level for a long time. Practice until happiness becomes the part of your life. When happiness, enthusiasm become your nature (vibration range), then unwanted feelings and bad thoughts will not bother you any more. You will find the reasons to be happy everywhere around you!

Decide to change yourself in this moment. Do anything that feels better to you. OBSERVE YOURSELF! If you are not feeling good at one place, then move to somewhere else. If a song is not matching with your happy emotional level, play another! Do anything that will make you comfortable. Whenever you feel sad without any reason, then you are really wasting your time for no reason. Don’t waste your time for no reason. Use that time for creating something beautiful. ‘No Reason’ is not a reason to be unhappy. Make yourself happy consciously just for 20 minutes and then automatically your mind will maintain that happy emotions for a long time.


Practice makes man perfect! Life is just the outcome of our own thoughts. I know it's been difficult to change the way of thinking. But we have to do something! We can’t live like this all the time. Satisfaction is the main purpose of life. If you do practice daily for a month, you will change the way of your life forever. And one moment will come when feeling unhappy will become difficult for you.

Whenever your mind feels sad, change the way of your emotions. It really works… If you believe God and science both, and don’t know what is truth? Don’t get confused, because ‘science behind God is TRUE’. Power of God really exists. Just believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve what you want! Have A Nice Day!


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