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How to Become a Real Psychic?

Updated on August 28, 2011

Practical Point of View

So I want to discuss with you my practical point of view about becoming real psychic. This hub is about my own experiences and I think anyone can do what I am saying next.

There is a time when I want to do a real magic. In one single day there are so many things that we must have to do in our life. Free time is very less to make our mind concentrated. We need some simple tricks to become a psychic.

The name of God and full inner confidence are the practical ways that I know about becoming real psychic. You can make your life better with this. Below I am explaining in details about these two practical ways.

The main key is to control your thoughts and emotions. With the total control of your own thoughts and emotions, you can do anything you want on this earth. Practice makes man perfect. You must practice with different techniques to control your mind everyday. Now we will discuss my experience about real psychic.

Name of God

I was really very inspired with the hollywood movie "Next". In that movie Nicolas cage knows that what is going to happen in next 2 minutes. I am feeling very much grateful that I have experienced that superpower myself. Actually I want to do a real magic so one night I started up with taking the name of God. I have managed that for 3 hours. Next day in the morning I know that what is going to happen next with full confidence. That was my inners intuition. That was a great experience. Super knowledge helps you on your way. Remember to hold on in your mind what you want and the image of that thing while you are asking something to your God. Your mind will deflect, that's the nature of mind. But hold on to your determination. That's the way I know about becoming a real psychic. I have experienced that personally.

Full Confidence

Another method is to fill your mind with full confidence. If you know about the law of attraction, you may know that everything is within us. You can control the things happening outside by controlling your inner thoughts and vibrations. Remember the working nature of this universe that everything is inside you and nothing can happen in this outside world, if you don't want it to happen. Just hold on to the thought what you want making absolute clear in your mind what you want. Now every thought that you don't want, don't think about that. Think about what you want. Live in this moment with the full confidence. Don't care about the future. Because you know that future will represent what is within your mind at this moment and at this moment within your mind there is a thought of what you want. You will have a great experiences within your life.

This is difficult to control your mind. But remember these words, "If you can hold on to the thought of what you want, you will get what you want in real, if you can't then you can't."


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    • profile image

      greeneyedwitch 7 years ago

      oh snap..relax guys... know that you are all the magic you will need

    • mymagicview profile image

      Rohan Jagtap 8 years ago from Maharashtra

      I am agree with you.

    • profile image

      iampsychic 8 years ago

      being psychic takes a whole lot of some seriously hard work and practice.   geez -_-