Astro Holy Vision-Faith Healing

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    astro637posted 8 years ago

    The Spiritual hunger in America is gradually increasing .& one of an American writer has rightly said''......''Americans are not satsfied by material achievement alone''....They wanted to practice their own religions & stake their spiritual thirst.''
    I humbly believe that the science of Astrology works in this spirit.
    But with this we all are chidren of God.God remains within us.Although we are born equal ,but not in the mind & the spirit .For Our present Life.,Our
    earlier Karmas (Action) & the resultant fruits of the same play an important part.
    Six Enemies namely Action-Anger-Greed-Attachment-Pride-Jealousy.,within us are the guiding force for our happiness or otherwise of the same ,& this can be controlled -achieved -mastered only by the spiritual process.
    I trust ,the science of Astrology world certainly establish a Ray of Hope &subsequently a Right type of Diversion to make our Life Happy & peaceful.
    With the Doctors' Help & Guideline,in the health problem Faith Healing would help you to cure & make you comfortable in this repect.This calls for complete self -surrender to the divine & in the language of religion,it represents a conscious turning to God or to its other spiritual path,as God is everywhere & remains in the heart of every humanbeing.
    This immediately reminds me the powerful expression of Lord Jesus (Mathew,7,7-8)
    ''Ask ,& it shall be given you,seek,& ye shall find,knock ,& it shall be opened unto you''.
    ''For everyone that asketh ,receive ,& he that seeketh findeth & to him that knocketh,it shall be opened.
    I sincerly pray that may 2009 be turning point in the Global environment to make the life peaceful for the entire Humanity.
    Rohit Parikh